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".. Maybe." he said as he jumped from the roof and headed to the street below.
2/23/2013 #121

A smirk still on her face, she followed the red gargoyle, the other two right behind her.

"WHat are we waiting for??" She said, looking around the corner from the shadow of the building they where hiding in.

2/23/2013 #122
The red Gargoyle stood in the middle of the street as one of the yellow things came towards him, "Yo, taxi!" he yelled as the human had. Instead of slowing down for him, the driver screamed as he turned the wheel and veered sharply to the right, ramming a firehydrant with the front as he rushed out of the vehicle and ran down the street.
2/23/2013 #123

The female could see the disappointment in the red gargoyle's eyes.

"Hey its alright, i don't mind walking. Gives use a little better view from the ground." She said trying to cheer him up.

"This city if magnificent." Goliath said as they landed on one of the twin towers.

"Yeah, Me and Beck have lived here are whole life's." Crysta said looking at the view. Though she admired the View, she was happy to be in a pair of strong gargoyle arms, if not, she may have fallen to her death.

2/23/2013 #124
Beck nodded in agreement "Yeah, but I wanna get out of here at some point in my life. Maybe make music. I dunno, something that interests me." she said.
2/23/2013 #125

"Beck, we almost forgot the most important place to show them. You know, where we carved our names in the tree when we where ten."

2/23/2013 #126
"I can't believe we could forget that!"Beck said in shock as Giovanni stared at her in question, "When we were ten, C and I used an old pocket knife I found in my dads drawer and we carved our names into this tree. The same one we met under when we were, what? Six?" she asked her best friend.
2/23/2013 #127

"Oh yeah, Man it does not seem like 11 years have past already." Crysta said as they where once again in the air. they soon landed in the middle of a big park, with trees and living creatures all around.

2/23/2013 #128
"Do you remember where it is?" Beck asked as Gio set her on her feet.
2/24/2013 #129

"Yeah its right.." Before she could finished Goliath, along with the other three gargoyles, let out a loud roar. About 15 guys in armor with guns surrounded them

2/24/2013 #130
"These humans again!" Revis shrieked as they started to close in on them
2/24/2013 #131

Two of the armed men came up behind the two girl, and pinned their arms to their side.

"Oh Hell no!" Crysta used her free legs to kick the guy in between the legs, causing him to let her go. Turning on her heal she realled back her arm, and threw a power punch at his face. She smirked when she heard a cracking noise come from his noise as he fell to his back, passed out.

2/24/2013 #132
Beck licked her lips for a second before using her leg to hook behind the man's leg and pull it forward, making him drop to the ground and let go of her arms, ultimately freeing her. Turning around, Beck kicked him with a powerful force to his side, "You shouldn't have even come." she glared.
2/24/2013 #133

"This Way, Quickly!" Goliath knocked down three guys with his tail. Grabbing Rev's hand he ran up a large rock, jumped off and glided low to the ground dodging gun fire

2/24/2013 #134
The twins scooped up the girls as they ran along with their leader.
2/24/2013 #135

Once they where in the clear the gargoyles landed, but started to get drowsy and sway a bit.

"What is wrong with us?" Goliath asked as he stopped Rev from Falling over. Upon closer examination the girls found At least one Dart in each of their arms.

2/24/2013 #136
Beck pulled the dart out of Gio's arm and took a closer look at it, "They must've put some sort of poison on The darts before they shot." she realized
2/24/2013 #137

"What is this?" Antonio walked over to Goliath and Pulled off a small circular blinking thing.

"It Looks to be a tracking Device of some sort." Crysta took the Device from Antonio. "What should we do with it?" She looked to her friend Beck

2/24/2013 #138
Beck licked her lips again as she looked to a dog in the tunnel that was digging through a trash can. At first, she had a plan, then decided something else. Taking the device from Antonio, she held it up for everyone to see, "They want a fight, right?" she asked as she casually let her fingers drop the device. Raising one boot clad foot, she slammed it down on the tracker, "Now, their trail's dead and they'll have to get a fight somewhere else." she said.
2/24/2013 #139

Crysta smiled at her friends boldness, but it faded when she caught Antonio from falling over.

"We need to keep moving." She saod as she begun to walked in front of the group.

2/24/2013 #140
Her friend nodded as she slung Giovanni's arm over her shoulder as they started walking.
2/24/2013 #141

Half way threw the park Goliath Looked to the sky to see the sun Rising.

"It is to Late." Goliath slowly walked over to a grassy area and sat under on of the trees, The Others fallowing.

"Guys this is no time to Be Resting. Those armored guys could be any where around here." Crysta said as she stood next to Beck, Watching as the four gargoyles crouched in front of them.

"What the..." She could not finished her sentence as she and her friend watched the gargoyles entire body turned to solid Stone.

2/24/2013 #142
"Ya know," Beck grimaced as she tapped the stone figure of Giovanni, "a little warning would have been great." she deadpanned.
2/24/2013 #143

"Did you hear that?" Crysta said when the sound of approaching foot steps reach her ears. Looking threw the bushes, she saw 5 of the armed men's from before.

"Great Their going to find us. WE need to lead them away from here."

2/24/2013 #144
The brunette looked at her friend with a question in her eyes, "How do you propose we do that?"
2/24/2013 #145

Jumping out of the bushes, Crysta Put her pointer finger and thump into her mouth, creating a loud high pitch whistle. Which grabbed their attention right away. Grabbing her friends hand, the two girls began to ru, leading the group of men away from the gargoyles.

2/24/2013 #146
Beck looked behind them to see the five men on their tail, "Nice. Mind if I add to it?" she said as she took her hand away from Crysta's and started running in a different direction, through the trees, with three of the men following her.
2/24/2013 #147

"MEET ME AT THE OLD HIDING SPOT!!" Crysta yelled as she ran tawords a bunch of tall tress

2/24/2013 #148
Beck didn't bother to yell back, she knew Crysta would understand, besides, they always met at the old place when they got separated, so it wouldn't make a difference. She continued to run before she came at a stop at the edge of a platform with tables and umbrellas littered all over it. She looked behind her when she heard someone shouting, and she rushed forward through the maze of tables, only to stop and crouch under one when the three following her came into view.
2/24/2013 #149

'ok. 3 years of gymnastics don't fail me now.' Jumping onto a thin, but strong, tree brand, Crysta swung herself into a hand stand position, just when the two armed men were right under her, she swung down, kicking them both forcefully in the middle on the back. Causing them to go flying a few feet. After two full swings, she let go of the branch, doing two quick back flips in the air, landing perfectly on her feet. Seeing a pair of cuffs on each of them, gave Crysta a great Idea.

When the two men awoke they found to be hand cuffed to one another, their backs to the tree while their arms where slightly wrapped around the tree. "Have fun Boys!" She yelled waving the keys to the cuffs in front of them she for throwing them into a far away bush. Not turning to look at them again, she took off running to the small boat house to wait for Beck, hoping she was alright.

2/24/2013 #150
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