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"C'mon out, girlie. We just wanna talk about yer friends, that's all. We don't wanna hurt ya." Beck looked up over the edge of the table with accusing pale green eyes as they slowly edged closer to her table. One man made it. The brunette had to inch her way slowly to the other side of the circular object when his legs came into view. Getting an idea, she slowly pulled one leg back and swung it forward with such force that the man fell backwards, his gun falling onto his stomach, leaving him winded. Picking up the gun, Beck stood up fully and aimed at the other two. She wouldn't hit them straight up, just fire a few warning shots. She shot out two laser beams at the tables nearest the men, making them go up in flames as she flung the gun away and made a break for it, heading to the boat house where she was sure Crysta was waiting for her. She always got things done faster than Beck.
2/24/2013 #151

When Beck was close enough, Crysta grabbed her arm and pulled in the boat hour, just in time to miss the shots fired at her. Crysta and Beck sighed in re-leaf,that is till the smell of gas filled their noise.

"This is not our day." She said when she saw gas pouring out of three gas-containers. Not thinking Twice, Both Girls jumped into the lake, just as the boat house exploded into flames.

2/24/2013 #152
The girls started swimming in the direction of a dock where they could tell some people were walking on top of it.
2/25/2013 #153

"That was a close one." Crysta Whispered, once the two armed men had left. Climbing out of the water She took a hand full of her Dark blue tank top and rang out what water she could. Ding the same to her Mini skirt and Hair.

2/25/2013 #154
Beck aimed out after her, shaking her head like a dog and sprinkling Crysta in drops of water.
2/25/2013 #155

"Be thankful I am in no mood to hurt you." Crysta said once again ringing out her cloths as they begun to walk to where the stone gargoyles where.

2/25/2013 #156
"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hit you!" Beck laughed as she walked after her.
2/25/2013 #157

Once they got to the spot where they had left the gargoyles, both girls sigh happily to see they where alright.

"So What do you think it's like turning to stone." She asked sitting them to the Antonio, while knocking her nuckels in his stone arem, seeing it was really solid stone.

2/25/2013 #158
Beck looked up at Giovanni's stone face as she bent down to lean against his knee, "I guess, it might be like how I sleep in class." she finally responded.
2/25/2013 #159

"We might as well get some sleep our self's, It has been one eventful night and morning." Cryst put her arms behind her head, as she laid her back onto the grass. going into a light sleep.

2/25/2013 #160
Beck tried to get comfortable up against Giovanni as her eyes slowly shut and slight snores started leaving her.
2/25/2013 #161

After hours of sleep, Crysta finally awoke to the sun setting in the west. 'How beautiful.' She was quickly brought from her thought when a loud cracking of stone was heard. Turning her head, her Violet eye widening at the sight of the cracks along the stone gargoyles. Seeing her best friend still leaning against Gio, she quickly got up and tackled the once sleeping girl to the ground, just as the gargoyles stood to full height, braking from their stone sleep.

2/25/2013 #162
Beck shook her head to rid herself of the last of sleep as she looked up and saw the Gargoyles staring at them with puzzled expressions, "What?" she finally asked.
2/26/2013 #163

"So that's your secret, that's why you told us to meet you after dark." Crysta said as she stood.

"You staid with use all day, Both of you?" Goliath asked with a raised rigid brow.

"Well yeah, We couldn't let those guys find you, so we took care of them." She smiled.

2/26/2013 #164
Revis smiled gratefully at the two, "Thank you both. We surely would have perished like our family years ago." she said.
2/26/2013 #165

"We must head back to the castle. We will meet you two on the same roof top a couple hours before sunrise." Goliath said as he and the other gargoyle climbed a tall tree, getting the hight they need, and jumping off and gliding tawords the castle.

"We have some research to do." Crysta said as they begun to walk out of the park

2/26/2013 #166
"Goliath!" the red Gargoyle shouted happily as their clan leader and the Italian Gargoyles came into view, "Where have you been?" he asked as they landed.
2/27/2013 #167
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