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Finished and Gone

If Square ever decided to make a movie including real people, who should play for who? Here's some:

Cloud Strife: Sergio Canales from the Spanish soccer team.

Aerith Gainsborough: Audrey Tatou

Genesis Rhapsodos: Gackt (duh!)

12/25/2010 . Edited 12/25/2010 #1

Well, naturally Gackt would Genesis, but he also did the modelling for Cxloud, and he looks ok, but he can't be two people, so that doesn't work.

You could do some 'cheating', and just get the bst cosplayers to play the character, as some of them are really really impressive, not just at looking like them, but acting like them as well.

12/26/2010 #2
Finished and Gone

Gackt I think kinda too old for Cloud. A cosplayer is good idea though, only problem is, most of the good Cloud coplayers are girls! XD

12/26/2010 #3

Yeah, he was always better as a Genesis anyway, 'couse he was also the model for Squall, and Alucard, but he's not to do with FF, but he was definely best as Genesis. And I suppose a lot of the cosplayers are, I hadn't realised that at the timeXD That would be interesting. But there is this Kaname guy, and he is really good. But maybe not feminine enough? Cloud does look sligtly feminine.

if Lightning were in it she might be Ali Hillis, her voice actor, as apparently voice actores are partly chosen on appearence, but I don't really believe that.

Also, I have just found this for Vinnie, it works better than I would have thought.

12/26/2010 #4
Finished and Gone

That Kaname guy did brill with the hair and outfit but I'm afraid he's just not feminine enough! XD

What about Chad Michael Murray? I never liked him but he does give out that 'Cloud Aura'.

OMG, Johnny Depp for Vincent is da best! That's a brill choice. I think Lightning's voice actor does have a bit of a resemblence but Lightning has more model-ish features.

What about this for Aerith? The girl is an Indian actress.

And Tifa's voice actor Ayumi Ito for Tifa? Since most of Tifa's facial structures is based on her.

12/26/2010 #5

That's what I always thought about him, he was really good, and the hair was amazing, as that's where most of the cosplayers go wrong for Cloud (understandably though), but he never was soft(?) enough, he always had an angry sort of look. But that is a good idea though, I've always kinda liked Chad, but I havn't actually seen him in anything for ages, but now he's older that was quite a Cloud look, good find^ ^

Sanam is actually quite good, I think it might work. I've always struggles to put someone as Aeris, she was just so pretty, but I know that she was modelled on Bilinda Butcher, the lead singer of My Bloody Valentine, but I never really saw the connection.

Tifa's is really good, I think she works well.

Sephiroth, I've just been thinking, is going to be hard, as when he was designed in Advent Cildren they said that they gave him a really long, thin face, that you can't actually find in reality. This is really random, but what about ?

12/27/2010 #6
Finished and Gone

Omg! David Bowe looks alot like Sephiroth, it's scary!!!! I always thought Chad had that Cloud-ish charisma. ^^

I found another random cosplayer for Cloud who I think is good.

Sonam does look very pretty. The only thing is, she's 6ft tall!!! XD I don't see any resemblance with Bilinda Butcher and Aerith either.

I think Anne Hathaway is pretty good for Lucreica/ or Aerith.

12/27/2010 #7

Ah, ok, that's quite tall. Maybe not then. And that is really weird, earlier today I also thought of Anne Hathaway being good as those two, probably because I saw an advert for Love and Other Drugs, but even so.

I know!XD Who'd haev though that Bowie could be Sephy? Strange, but they do look really similar in those pictures. Oh! Barret as Mr. T, do you think?XD

That is quite a good cosplayer, but is he an actual cosplayer, or just there to advertise the wig? Which is amazing btw.

12/27/2010 #8

I know of a cosplayer called Strifehart who is PERFECT as Cloud.

I disagree with the Gackt idea, because I'm not a fan... and his English probably isn't good enough for a Hollywood role.

And why would they make a live action FFVII movie? Hollywood directors ALWAYS butcher video games when they movie-fy them.

1/14/2011 #9
Finished and Gone

I've seen Strifehart's cosplays, they are well done BUT he doesn't look anything like Cloud. Cloud is very feminine faced and maybe an italian actor would suit his role, Strifehart just doesn't have that charisma.

Ziyi Zhang played Sayuri in Memoirs of a Geisha with very little English but she still managed to play the 'Hollywood role' well. :P It depends on the actor not on their vocalbulary. :P

This thread was posted as a means of suggestions and a way for fans to come together. If you don't want to discuss about a live FF7 movie, then move off to another thread. :P

1/15/2011 . Edited 1/15/2011 #10

Generally, yes, they do ruin them. But, we would just have to have the right director, like Christophe Gans, he was a massive fan of SH, and a as a result the film was actually pretty good. if ff7 was made into a film, the director would have to be a fan, or it would not work, and he would get more hate mail from the many, many fans of the series than any director ever, so if they made it, they would make it proberly.

And Gackt may not have the best englsih in term of accent, but he can speak the language really well, and his accent isn't too bad. But the fans know and generally like him, so they wouldn't have anyone else to play the dear Genesis. And Strifehart is pretty impressive, but I do still think he is also not feminine enough. it's one of the biggest problems, how to find a feminen enough person who doesn't actually look like a girl.

1/15/2011 #11
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