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Yeah, I know some people think this is shallow...but whatever. Who, do you think, has the best outfit/hair/shoes etc?
2/5/2008 #1
Fenrir's Angel
Okies I separate them in sections like this. Hair goes to Cloud. Outfit goes to Vincent Shoes goes to Vincent again. Weapons goes to Sephiroth. I can't think of anything else!><
2/5/2008 #2
See No Dum-Dums
Outfit? Rufus! Mwahahahah! Weapon? Rufus and Sephiroth. Is a tie. Shoes? Never noticed anyone's, save Vincent's. So, there. And hair? Cloud's hair is bizarre... but my two cents goes to... *drumroll* Sephiroth! How the heck does he fight with such looooooooooooooooooooooooong hair?!?!?! ;P
2/5/2008 #3
Alrighty! [u]In-Game[/u] Guys: Outfit- The Turks! It's so business-y! Weapon- Hm, probably...Sephiroth! It's so long and shiny! Shoes- Hm...I dunno...Rufus, I guess...cuz they're, uh, normal looking? Hair- CLOUD! Definitely! Girls: Outfit- Aerith! It's so pretty and pink, but she seriously needs to lose those boots. Weapon- Yuffie! It's cool, but I don't know why! Shoes- Elena! What can you not love about black heels? Hair- It's a tie between Aerith's and Tifa's. I like Marlene's hair, too. [u]Movie: [/u] Guys: Outfit- It's a tie between Cloud (cuz it's cool, black, and leather-y) and Rufus (cuz it's business-y, and I like black and white!) Weapon- Hm, probably...Cloud! Shoes- Probably...Cloud! (he's winning a lot, huh?) Hair- CLOUD (no duh), Reno, and Rufus! Girls: Outfit- Yuffie, cuz it's so cool, and the colors look nice on her, Tifa, cuz she looks cool in it, and Aerith (even though it's the same dress, but her choker necklace is tied differently). Shoes- Yuffie! What can you not love about white tennis high lace-up boots things? (Wow, that made no sense) Hair: Three way tie between Tifa, Yuffie, and Aerith!
2/8/2008 #4
Okay, you got to love Cloud's hair, i know it's a total cliche fangirl thing but *drool* oh yeah, and reno is the only hot guy who can pull off a licorice red mullet. also reno's uniform but i'm pretty sure he can make anything look hot so that doesn't really count.... I love tifa's outfit in the movie and yuffie's shoes (i saw this emo girl at my school with knee high hightops and i practically tackled her legs screaming "Yuffie shoes!!!!!!!!!" yeah.... people think i'm weird....) they are just way too cool. weapon? hhmm.... that's a tough one! i mean, yuffie's 'big ol dealy' (that's what i call it cuz i can't remember for the life of me what it actually is) is pretty sweet. but cloud kinda introduced the action world to the multiple sword thingy so that kinda rocks too... oh yeah, i know this isn't a topid but Fenrir=pure hottness. oh come on, who doesn't think motorcycles are like the hottest things on earth? ok, rant's done with... i'll shut up now...
2/8/2008 #5
(Im copying your layout Cammy XD) (In game) Guys: Outfit- goth/vampipre dude *.* Weapon-TEH BUSTER SWORD PEOPLE END OF!! Shoes- Vinnies... there pointy Hair- CLOUD!!!!!!!! >< Girls: Outfit- Aeris!!! (minus teh boots) Weapon- Aeris!! Big stick you can hit people with AND summons aeons O.o (I know you can do that with any summon materia but...) Shoes- Yuffie do not ask me why... Hair- Aeris! I would lovemmy hair that long... or maybe Yuffies... sutck between them two >< Movie: Guys: Outfit- Cloud! Weapon- Comon it has to be Clouds, like a million swords in one peoples!!! Shoes- Vincent still gets ma vote Hair- Cloud and Zack (cause technically he IS in the movie) Girls: Outfit- Ya yuffies is awesome though you cant beat Aeris' dress (is her necklace/choker thing tied differently? O.0) Shoes- Tifas cause they kinda look like converse (well to me anyways) Hair: Aeris or Yuffie!
2/8/2008 #6
I have come to the conclusion... That Shulua Rui from DoC HAS THE COOLEST SHOES EVER!!! Ok, I'm done!
2/12/2008 #7
Hmm... I think... Hair: Vincent Clothes: Reno Shoes: VINCENT! General good looks: Reno
3/8/2008 #8
x - painted.flames

-steals layout of certain previous posters-

Males - FFVII

Outfit - Rufus', because he's the only one I remember making me think, "Ooo, sexy outfit." xDDDD

Hair - Sephiroth's. Beause no man can have hair like that and be completely straight. ;)

Shoes - Uhhh . . . NANAKI'S! 8D 'Cause, 'cause, he dun have any. 8) I would've said Vincent, but . . . his shoes confuse meeeeeh. D: How does he WALK in those things, much less run and jump around?!

Weapon - Sephiroth's. It's six feet long. SIX. FEET. LONG.

General Looks - Well, you couldn't really tell with those graphics o.O but I'd have to say Reno. :3

Personality - Cloud. Physco guys are awesome.

Females - FFVII

Outfit - Aeris'. : It's purtiful. xD

Hair - Tifa's. Epically long ponytails are awesome.

Shoes - Uhhhh, didn't really notice.

Weapon - Aeris'! It's a stick you can wack people with! It's so much like Kingdom Hearts! The only difference is in KH it's a stick with points! 8) ('Course, I'm being hypocritical 'cause I say I don't like Cid 'cause his weapon is a stick, but that's mostly 'cause I was mad at him for taking over when Cloud was *spoiler*. I really, really wanted Vincent or Nanaki to be leader. xD I was hoping I'd get to chose.)

General Looks - Tifa. Aeris' is just a little too outlandish with her fancy hair and pink dress.

Personality - Aeris'. :3

Males - FFVII:CC

Outfit - Genesis. Red leather is awesome.

Hair - Sephiroth's, for the same reason as in FFVII. :)

Shoes - Uhhh, Angeal's? o.O -didn't notice-

Weapon - See above.

General Looks - Cloud. Because he's so cute and squishable. Seriously, he's, like, the epitome of cuteness. xD

Personality - Zack. 'Cause he's so fun and wild and over the top. :3

Females - FFVII:CC

Aeris, Aeris, Aeris. xD Because I have yet to play FFVII:CC(I'm sorta lacking a key ingredient; a PSP) and to my knowledge she's the only leading female. Besides Cissinei, but I don't like her that much. x___X She's too friendly with Zack, in my opinion. Zack already has Sephiroth, Cloud, and Angeal, he doesn't need another lover. xD

Males - FFVII:DoC

Outfit - Vincent.

Hair - Vincent.

Shoes - Vincent. (Epic duh)

Weapon - Vincent.

General Looks - Vincent.

Personality - Vincent.

Females - FFVII:DoC

Repeat above, except replace "Vincent" with "Yuffie".

Males - FFVII:AC

Outfit - Kadaaaaaj's. :)))))) Reno 'n Zack 'n Cloud are nice and all, but no one looks as sexy in black as Kadaj does. :3

Hair - Kadaj's. It's perfect for doing sexy hair-flippy thingies with! 8D

Weapon - Kadaj's. Double-bladed sword of awesomeness is awesome. :)

Shoes - -ignores this-

General Looks - Cloud. -le gasp- Not Kadaj? D: I feel like I'm betraying him. It's just; Cloud was so effinly emo-tastic-looking and everything, and . . . I don't know. I found that appealing. xD

Personality - Kadaj. :3

"But, he's, like, totally gay!" says my friend.

And that's why I love him. xD

Females - FFVII:AC

Outfit - Yuffies. :3 It's pretty cool.

Hair - Tifa's. It was so pretty!

Weapon - Ermm, wasn't Yuffie the only one who actually had a weapon? x___X

General Looks - Tifa's, for the same reasons as in FFVII. :3

Personality - Tifa's, 'cause Aeris' didn't exactly get one. x___X

Strangely, though my answers have been almost all Tifa, I like Aeris more than I do Tifa. x___x


Also, long post is long.

7/30/2008 . Edited 7/30/2008 #9

Outfit goes to Cloud AC

Hair....sheesh, hmm. Yeah, Cloud. I love his hair.

Shoes? They all had such freaking big feet...I think I liked Yuffie's the best

Best weapon - Vincent. Cerberus is the coolest.

Thats all I can think of.

1/31/2010 #10

Outfit, I'd say Rufus. He's got definate style, though Vincent's shoes are pretty awesome too.

Hair... Sephiroth, of course, though I think Yazoo's actually far prettier.

10/1/2010 #11
Finished and Gone


Best Hair: Has to be Cloud!!!

Best Outfit: Reno, it's cool and contrasts his ludicrous personaility.

Best Shoes: Geesh, I can't believe no one realises Genesis' beautiful, gay shoes! I'd love to wear them. :P

Best Accessory: Sephiroth's sword...


Best Hair/ Outfit/ shoes: Aerith from one of Amano's drawings ;)

12/19/2010 #12
Guardian Keymaster

steals layout of certain previous posters-







General Looks-Rufus







General Looks-Aerith







General Looks-Vincent







General Looks-Lucrecia







General Looks-Zack







General Looks-Aerith







General Looks-Zack






Weapon-Tifa fights with her fists

General Looks-Aerith


6/10/2011 . Edited 11/12/2012 #13
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