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Here's the whole reason I joined this forum. xD I didnt see a plot bunny thread so I started a new topic.

Basically, I just had this idea in my head and it won't go away. I've seen no fics about it, but I did read one that came reaaaallly close to this being the outcome.

Okay. The idea in a nutshell - Cid Highwind is Rufus Shinra's older brother.

*waits for tomatoes to come flying at her*

It was an idea that was planted into my head after reading this one fanfic by someone I don't remember. It was about..something Vincent and Cid having crossed paths earlier in life or something. And Vincent watched as Cid's uncle was killed or something. Cid's mother was dating President Shinra for some years but after the death of her brother they broke up or something. I'll have to look for it. In the fic, Vincent was relieved that Cid wasn't related, because the way things worked out, it was a close call.

But that got me thinking about the What If scenario...

Here's the idea in simplified story form.

Once upon a time, there lived a family on the Western continent of FF7's "Planet." The area they lived in was densely populated and famous for Chocobo farms, flight technology, and most of all its airship superiority. Within this state-like region, the Highwinds lived in an estate. They were a well to do family, quite powerful in the region, and consisted of two parents, a son, and a daughter.

The son grew up to be one of the best pilots in the fleet. He went on to command the fleet under the authority of the then much younger and not quite dead President Shinra.

The daughter grew up to be the attractive spokesperson for their region, something of a leader and definitely a politician. She was outspoken and brave, and she supported the airship fleet and some of Shinra's power. However, her criticism of some Shinra policies earned her a small red flag and in earning this flag she also gained the attention of President Shinra.

President Shinra was not a good man. And he was notoriously (though the fact was not well known) promiscuous. However, he was at an age that he was already, and wisely, thinking about the future of his company. He had lawyers and department heads and whatever else urging him to wed and produce an heir to the company. Well. He found young Ms. Highwind to be beautiful, and, according to some sicker people, "genetically and politically compatible" to him, considering her health, looks, and social status.

He and Ms. Highwind then began to court and eventually dated. From her new position as Mr. President's official girlfriend, she found she had some power - if not over the President, then over other people. For some time, they operated as a decent political couple.

Until her brother was killed. There was some scandal, or some battle, and young Mr. Airforce commander Highwind was killed, murdered, or assassinated or something. On top of this, something on the political scene was happening (perhaps the Wutai war thing? Perhaps another uprising or problem Shinra had in its past could be tied here?)and the President and Ms. Highwind broke up, the President moving on to "greener" pastures while the lady returned home.

She found she was pregnant with the illegitimate son of the President soon after. She named him Cid, and raised him for 8 years as a gentleman, even though his unruly behavior and obsession with airships and space made him difficult.

But then came a day when Mr. President Shinra decided she was suitable for him as a wife, and asked her hand in marriage.

Ms. Highwind was devastated, cornered and unsure what to do. But Shinra had already been working on taking over the world well before this and Ms. Highwind's home was no exception. He was buying out the rights to the Airship tech and starting a program to make the latest line of airplanes (or something). He was also buying the Highwind estate right out from under their noses. Shinra would have what he wanted.

Ms. Highwind then said yes, and said good bye to her family. She left Cid in the hands of her parents and with great reluctance went to join Shinra. Cid, on his part, believed his mother had been kidnapped or killed, and his grandparents never relieved him of this idea. As the Western region fell apart and split into small towns, the Highwinds fell from power and became poor. They moved to a central part of te continent, then, to what would later be known as Rocket Town.

Meanwhile, in Midgar, Ms. Highwind took the name of Shinra and adapted to a completely different identity. She was never happy, very tragic situation she couldn't help. Eventually, she had another son, named Rufus, who would be the official heir to the Shinra throne of power. She loved her second son dearly, but Ms. Highwind never told anyone about her first son (And President Shinra never told anyone about Lazard either apparently. ._. ) in order to protect him and keep him as far from the dark city of Midgar as possible.

The years passed, and Mrs. Shinra grew ill. It is unknown how she died, but within a decade of Rufus's birth she had passed. Her contributions to the company were little, but she did attempt to start programs to help those in the slums and pushed to instate laws or something or anything that might prevent Shinra from controlling everything in the world with no checks on his power (perhaps these programs and actions earned the President's ire?) . But more importantly, she planted the seed in executive's minds o start a space program, and she pushed for the program to launch on the Western continent. Rocket Town would soon be born.

After her death, the story of FF7 continued as normal. The End!

And that's where the actual plot ideas come in. 8D

What if Cid found out? What would he do? How would he react to finding out his mother's story? And what happened in the West and to his family's power/Uncle/etc? what does he do with this new knowledge?

Or what if other people found out? what if, while searching Shinra tower early in the game, (The part where you search the library?) Cloud found pieces of that information, but nothing fell into place until years later?

What if the Turks and Rufus found out post-game, pre-DirgeofCerberus and didn't say anything, but took to finding out if it was the truth? what would they find? How would Rufus and Cid, two very dissimilar guys, be alike? Different?

What if no one found out but Cid and Rufus had to work together at some point post-AC? They and the people around them notice things in their behavior and background that are too similar to be coincidental or they don't add up.What happens then?

If Cid Highwind is Rufus's older brother, (and in the context of the story, Cid would also be older than Lazard. Or younger, but then Lazard is dead at this point.) that would make Cid, in theory, the head of Shinra. xD Oh boy. I srsly doubt Rufus would let anything come between him and his seat on the throne, but still. The concept is there. Lots of story ideas there...

Gah. These scenarios have run through my head the last couple years, but while I did some math, some research, some background checks to find out if this scenario was plausible within the canon, I never got around to writing it.

I needed SOMEWHERE to put this, just to get it out of my head.

What do you all think? And would anyone wanna take on the challenge of putting the plot bunny into serious effect? xD I can see these ideas panning out into anywhere from a oneshot to a twoshot to a whole series. I dunno. I think the possibility is there and I would love to read it, especially if it was an honest-to-God serious take on this idea and kept everyone IC and everything. *_*

In fact, I'm thinking of making it a challenge or contest and offering free artwork to the author that does the idea the most justice. xD Not sure though, or where I'd post a challenge/contest like that. -_-

Anyway, there it is!

7/16/2011 #1

'*waits for tomatoes to come flying at her*' Not gonna happen. It actually does fit in wit the cannon, I thought yoo did really well there making sure, and it is also quite plausable. Considering all of the other crazy events that happen in the compilation, something like this is more like Eastenders, and could have happened. After all, as yoo said, Lazard happened. And we never see Mrs. Shinra. And Rufus and Cid are both blond... sort-of. The 'What-Ifs' are the bigger problem. How would these people react if they knew? I don't think Cid would have any feelings towards Rufus that are like family love, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't know. If others, like the Turks, found out and didn't want to say is also interesting, as they would have to store information. As long as Elena didn't see him it would probably be kept as a secret.

As for someone writing it up, I could give it a try, but it would basically be the story yoo already set up. The what-ifs I don' think i'd do, becasue I wouldn't know how they'd reat, and I would want them to be IC CId might just start yelling some more then usual and ask for some more tea, but I dunno.

A very interesting concept though, and well thought out too.

7/16/2011 #2

Thank you very much! I've had time to think about this. I even contemplating writing it, but as usual with my ideas, I come up with more background than actual plot! D:

What you said is exactly right. If someone found out, it woudl be shocking, yeah, but that alone wouldn't carry a story. Fics that focus solely on 'reactions' to things tend to be poor unless there's a twist or something.

No, I guess what I'd want in a fic like this is a solid storyline bigger than just the reactions. Like, if I was to write it, I'd have something come up, like Rufus is trying to rebuild Shinra but in doing so, he runs into political brick walls he didn't realize his father had left behind. Some don't want ot give up power to Shinra again, others have agreements that need to be respected (something like laws, but I don't think FF7 has much of a police force besides the Turks), and still others might want to be a part of something big again, but need o be paid off or something. Not sure.

But anyway, after Rufus encounters these obstacles to his success, he has to work around them, so the story would focus on Rufus rebuilding the basis to his empire. Along the way, however, he delves into his family's history starting from his father's business dealings, to his mother's contributions to the company, to the state of the company back when Rufus was born, and then back into his mother's past. And then all that would lead to Cid Highwind.

At first, Rufus has no intention of going out of his way to tell Highwind because....well who would in his position with his personality? xD There's alo technically no reason to. However, it soon becomes apparent that they need Cid Highwind for one reason or another plot-wise. Perhaps something dangerous comes up and they need AVALANCHE to help them. Or maybe a new entrepreneur is in town and he's gaining popularity fast. Rufus thinks he's a threat but -

omg. Plot idea - After all that that I said above, Rufus finds out that there's a new big businessman in town. He's quickly gaining money and power, he isn't exactly a good guy, and he's in Rufus's way. Rufus then decides he needs to buy out a company that's bigger, but doing so is risky because if said business doesn't boom after he funds it, his investment would cost him a ton of money. Well the only organization that could rival the other guy's business is Barret's oil company, and the best way to access the oil fields and thus the business would be Cid's airships. o-o

So that's how Cid enters the story. The obligatory examination of how the two could be similar and different would come (because seriously, I'd like to know. THey're NOTHING alike in canon, but in fanon we can use what we don't know to draw lines between them. Like maybe Cid was taught to play piano or something else 'sophisticated' by his mother before she left, and then she taught Rufus later before she died.) and then maybe Cid finds out and he wants nothing to do with Shinra. But then the Business Tycoon Newb goes and attempts to rebuild and start up a few Mako reactors like a complete loon. So Cid's dragged back into it, there's some drama, some danger, deals made and broken, etc. And in the end there's a mutual respect between them. I don't think Rufus would get what he wanted with the oil fields, but he'd be fine with that. MAybe he takes over the Business Tycoon's business and runs with it with the intention of rebuilding a better Shinra (we'll assume he's learned his lesson about endangering the planet and hopefully no ruling the world with fear. Dumb. )

Sooooooo the story wouldn't just be about Cid reacting or whatever, but a bigger story and the whole brother thing would come into play as a plot point, not as the entire plot alone. xD If I was to write the story above, I'd also have plenty of Turk stuff, because I love those four. :'D

So yeah...Physical Similarities - both blond, according to Advent Children. xD In the game, Rufus was so yellow blond and Cid's hair looked lighter. But in the movie, they're both quite light blond. Facial features.... Well, their eyes are light colored, both have fair skin. That's where it ends, as far as I'm concerned, but that's easily explained as genetic variation.

Character similarities in canon? Almost none, but one might argue that Cid's ability to organize and command his own fleet of airships, plus his leadership of Rocket Town, among other leadership qualities he doesn't wish he was born with PLUS his ambitious feelings towards space flight and his passion for flying could be similar to Rufus's passion and ambition for business and leadership. Other than that, what the author would have to do is come up with little details that make them more similar than they are in canon. Like the piano thing, or what they liked about their mother, or behavioral habits we don't see in the game. Maybe they cross their legs the same way, or maybe if Cid smiled like a gentleman instead of a 'chain smoking redneck pilot' he'd look like Pops or something.

I dunno... xD

Sorry for another essay. xD

7/16/2011 #3

Hey, no problem, essays can be more beneficial than shorter answers.^ ^

I agree though. It would have to be about plot more than just the reactions of people. Obviously they play a part, but they are not the plot itself. You coudln't get a long story out of it. Also, I suppose you could get two stories, you have a preual,which is centered on their mother as she courted with Shinra and stuff, and then the main one is this one you just described. Both could potentially be quite long, and I think they should be to have more effect, so wuld probably have chapters. I also think that it should have a lot of Turk action if that was the plot you used. Which, considering you just came up with it, is a veru good plot indeed. Rufus loves power and money, and he is most likly goig to do what it takes to remain the most 'powerful' and wealthy man in Midgar at the least, so his actinos seem plausable. And it's not like he wouldn't go to Barret and co. for help as he is ashamed of himself, he doesn't seem to feel shame. But you could definetly get away with having loads of Turks, since they are really al that remain of ShinRa. All the other employe's left, but the Turks are stil there being cool. The character similarities you pointed out were very good though. Both do deman respect, and both get them. They are both leaders rather than team players, but they know that you need a team. Both have power as well as ambition and passion for what they do. For how they act I suppose they could both like tea? Cid loves his tea. But the both of them having similar memories or likes from their mother is a nice little addition. What about this being part of what Cid was doing in 'On The Way To A Smile'? Though in reality I suppose it works better after Dirge, as you see ShinRa doing a little in Dirge, and I don't think Barret set up his oil extraction tha quickly, or that Rufus was that rich that quickly either.

Also, a random note(I really hope this doesn't sound condescending, as I know it could but I really don't mean it that way). In your fist post you said '...the Western continent of FF7's "Planet."...'. Just so you know, the planet is actually called Gaia.

7/16/2011 #4

Oh, the tea is a good one! Good idea!

Hm...In Advent Children, Rude speaks about how loyal employees are returning, so there may be a few contacts/employees/etc that would bulk Rufus's now-fledgling company up a little bit enough that more established companies that are reluctant to do business with him still cannot simply dismiss him.

Yeah, I'm thinking this happens either after DoC or as a replacement (depending on how much of the canon in that game the author would want to keep. It is to my understanding that the end was really out there. o_O ). Since the existence of the WRO (and, apparently, Rufus funds the WRO) and the accompanying canon might derail the story slightly. ORRR -

omg Plot Idea - Rufus funds the WRO with a ton of money, right? Well, Rufus has to make that money somehow and his reserves are going to run low in the next few years. He is also interested in doing what he must to get back on top. Let the WRO handle the planet stuff. He still wants to rule. Hence, he has drive and purpose beyond self satisfaction to build his company again. :'D The WRO can't do *** about it either, because Rufus has them in his pocketbook. That right there can be good tension in the story between himself and the world's new authority figure. As soon as they get word of Shinra's intended return, they'll be onto him. So he must act discretely and with care. But if he does run intohis old enemies, I don't think he'd hesitate in attempting to use them because, like you said, he has no shame. xD In AC when he had the audacity to ask Cloud for help rebuilding I was like "Woowwwwwww! lol This guy has almost no ethics."

PLENTY of Turk stuff. And I imagine they have a few other Turks as well, even if we don't see them. Having more Turks would take a load of worry and work off the main 4's backs so they can be available for the main plotline. I love these guys, I would love to see them as active protagonists in the fic. n.n

Oh it IS called Gaia? I wasn't sure what was being called Gaia, the planet or the lifestream, and then I wasn't sure if it was canon or not cuz I can't remember if it was used in the game or what. Thanks for clearing that up.

You know, all this brainstorming is making me actually wanna write it. -_-' But I already have other fics to work on. lol

7/17/2011 #5

Oh yeah, I had completely forgotten. i always took him to mean essentially just the Turks. But that is definetly a good starting point.

Wow, yoo think up pretty good plots pretty well. I was thinking as I read it though; he could have funded it, it does make sense. Reeve used to work for ShinRa, right? So he could easily still be in contact with Rufus, he is with the Turks at any rate. I alsways thought he got a fair amount of money pretty quickly for the W.R.O, most people are pretty poor after the whole meteor thing. Reeve could claim to get a lot of help from annoyemous funding, which I doubt anyone would take as being Rufus, he's not the most popular person. WHile everyone is essentailly distracted by setting up the W.R.O, he can be doing his own quiet thing in the bg. And then when yoo said '...there can be good tension in the story...' I realised that who is one of the top dogs for the W.R.O? Cid! A bit of sibling rivalry, do you think?

Yeah, they could have all the Turks from Before Crisis, that had all of them in.

I am also quite tempted to write it, i'm not doing much in the way of stories at the mo. Currently drawing a lot though. And playing games. I killed Sephiroth yesterday, and I re-started 10 today, as well as being in the middle of 13. I might write it out anyway, see what happens.

7/18/2011 #6


Thank you very much. I guess this has incubated in an ideabox somewhere. :'D

Hm. . . Well I got the idea from the Wiki. The Wiki for the WRO, and a friend who played DoC (I need to get my hands on it. ._.), say that it's heavily implied that it's Rufus who funds the WRO. I haven't played the game so I dunno just HOW 'heavily' it's implied, but it works for the story idea.

Exactly! THe WRO is doing its thing. It's helping people, its helping the planet, etc. And Rufus disappeared off the maps for two years, so he can do it again. I'm thinking that for the first part of the story, Rufus operates under the radar. Then, as things get involved with Cid or Rufus goes after the airships, or something, the WRO is alerted to his activities (Yuffie, perhaps, spies?) and that brings on tension. I guess that's when Cid is pressured into working with Rufus for some reason.

OH. I had another plot idea. :'D Putting two different plot bunnies together:An Elena/Cid romance. xD

After the events of DoC, Rufus Shinra is working towards rebuilding his empire. But in the middle of negotiations to buy out a long standing sister business that didn't fall after Meteor, Rufus learns that his late father had set up "fail safes" with other branches of his company to prevent a repeat of Rufus's previous treachery. One of these fail safes is that certain potentially-successful-and-well-financed factions of old Shinra partners won't sign over their names to anyone but the true heir to the Shinra corporation.

Taken by surprise, and yet...not a lot of surprise considering there was Lazard, Rufus conducts a major search for this true heir, delving into his father's history and being lead through a series of journals, recordings, and etc until he's lead to the history of the West and his mother. Finding Cid to be the true heir, Rufus takes action to secure his place as the heir of the corporation. He doesn't have Cid killed, but he attempts to solve this with the other companies.

The other companies are less intelligent and more ambitious than Rufus, though, and as soon as the CEOs find out about Cid Highwind's relations to Shinra, they attempt to cause some kind of uproar by slandering AVALANCHE and touting conspiracy theories.

So, while he fends off the WRO, crazy people, and trying to his best to get these companies and various rabid reporters under his control, Rufus needs to work with Highwind to clear their names and stabilize Shinra's company (after all, it DOES fund the WRO and without the WRO these nasty little businessmen could become a problem).

While this is all going on, though, Rufus is sure there will be crazies who will attack AVALANCHE members because of the theories going around. People feel betrayed, and poor, betrayed people are vindictive. So, he gives Cid Highwind a Turk of his own! This has a couple reasons - 1) to keep an eye on Cid, 2) to protect Cid, from himself if necessary, and 3) to spy on AVALANCHE and their business projects.

But who to send? :D Rude and Reno are the muscles of the top Turk team in the company, and Rufus will need Tseng as a consultant and as the leader of the Turks. xD Can't have him running around on the countryside. Instead, Elena is the prime choice, being one of the top Turk team members, one of the most trustworthy, and certainly no longer a rookie.

So, after all this build up, Elena prepares to deal with the one of the disagreeable men in the universe.

And so follows the fun pre-romance drama. Elena's determined to do her job as a Turk, and Cid is just as determined to not be babysat. Through their interaction we see Elena's short temper and ever so slight airheadedness. Cid is able to outwit her and other people, revealing he's more intelligent than he lets the average person know, and he has a sense of gentlemanliness that Rufus does not display. So, through her eyes, we see a man as respectable and taciturn as Tseng and Rufus (no doubt she'll be comparing), but with warmth and intelligence others don't expect. And through his we see a young woman who, despite her profession, is wistful, innocent, and somewhat socially inexperienced. And she's fiery too. xD I think a romance between them could work. :'D

That's like...half a plot but...well i don't have the rest of it riht now.

Problems to resolve:

- Cid is married = In the fic, it's revealed that his marriage is falling apart, and it's a sore spot for him. As time goes on, it becomes apparent to him that he married Shera out of a love that stemmed from gratitude (for all the stuff Shera went through from and for him) and deep deep guilt (for how he treated her. ) There is no love life although Shera seems interested in one, but Cid doesn't feel it's right that Shera's so accepting of him despite all his faults and how he treated her. It's not right for her, and he's thinkig it's not right for him either. What does accepting Shera's affections and devotion to him say about him considering their history? So, in the fic, he's uptight about that particular area of his life right now.

- Elena still has feelings for Tseng = Her feelings are strong, and so are Tseng's, but Tseng has some issues. He's so stringent and serious and professional that he can't open up and accept Elena with the open arms Elena needs to thrive in a relationship. To him, she's almost like a doll that can't be thrown around his hectic life. She's a pure soul he doesn't want to taint with his tough history, and an employee he just can't see himself bending the rules to be with. It would make work harder for both of them and strain their relationships with each other and possibly prevent them from doing their job right. Relationships aren't for Turks, much less a boss-subordinate. These things hold him back from making a move and Elena respects his space too much to take action herself. So while she feels a strong sense of loyalty and devotion to him, these feelings are capable of crumbling away in the story because if Cid is portrayed how I think he should be, she may find someone far more right for her. Cid has the capability asa character to have the same subtle traits Elena likes in Tseng, but he has much more to offer in terms of openness and friendship that Tseng cannot break his reserved nature to give.

This sounds really sad for Tseng, doesn't it? I'm thinking that he comes to terms with that he "fell in love with theideaof loving Elena" but he never thought an actual relationship could work out. So in time, he could grow to accept Elena not having feelings for him.

There. :'D There's more that's coming to me, but now I wanna write this one too. xD Oh boy...

EDIT: Wow, this is really messy. xD I reread it.

More Problems to Solve:

- Wouldn't Cid have AVALANCHE members supporting him and helping protect him? = With the rumors spreading, WRO doing their thing, and just general normal business-made-frantic from people suspecting AVALANCHE saved the world to rule the world or something. In other words, they're busy. They may show up in the fic, but I think Cid would chase them off. xD So that's where they are. Cid allows Elena to tail him, but only because he knows the significance of keeping an eye on te Turks and Rufus and clearing his name. Otherwise, he gets really ornery.

- ...I had another point in mind, or two, but I can't remember it.

7/18/2011 . Edited 7/18/2011 #7

Wow, that is impressive. To get so much plot from a wiki page, yoo must have a great imagination. And if yoo havn't played it, yoo should try to get a copy, it is a good game. At least it is in terms of plot, the gameplay is slightly lacking, and the end if a little cheesy^ ^ But yeah, it is implied that Rufus is there in the bg.

I like the plot direction, it works really well within the cannon. President Shinra worked hard to make ShinRa inc. so big, so it makes sense that he would hav put in place some fail-safes, and it allows a way for Rufus to find out his little family secret. Also the reason for sending Elena when there are better Turks is really well thought out, and I lik the idear of her and Cid spending so much time together.

I think the one thing i'm not so keen on is her and Cid actually getting together, I prefer a relationship forming that is like that of siblings, perhaps mirroring the type of relationship that Cid and Rufus should of had but never can(as Rufus is a bit of a tw@). Although, if someone wrote it and they liked the relationship idea then i wouldn't mind if it did happen, it wouldn't ruin the whole story or anything, as the way in which Cid and Shera falling apart and why Elena and Tseng can't be together are very valid points, and could easily happen. But I like the idea of the two relationships failing, but then when Cid and Elena become close they get to see it from the other gender's POV, which then helps them to re-build their relationships.

Other than that, they only thing I can think off is afterwards have the new ShinRa inc and the W.R.O work together, make and agreement or something, where the W.R.O moniter SHinRa and prevent them from doing anything that may harm the planet. In return, ShinRa get more employees and resources or something.

Let me know your other points when yoo remember them^ ^

7/21/2011 #8

Wow, it's quite impressive that yoo got so much out of one wiki page. But if yoo havn't played it I wouild suggest it, asit is very good, at least in plot, the gameplay is a little lacking, it gets a bit repetitive and stuff, and the ending is a little cheesy, but all in all it is still really good.

I really like the plot development, it is not only within the cannon but also plausable of ShinRa. President Shinra worked long and hard to make ShinRa as large as it bacame, so it would make sense for someone as intelligent and systematic to have in place several fail safes, and also to want to keep it within the family. It also allows there to be a lot going on behind the scenes while AVALANCHE are busy donig other stuff, and Rufus can descover about the relatinoship. Also this way we get a load of Turks being cool.^ ^ I supose at the end I would quite like the W.R.O and ShinRa to make a deal, where the W.R.O keep and eyes on ShinRa and make sure that they don't do anything that will endanger the planet, and in return the W.R.O give SHinRa workers or something.

I like the idea that Elena is the Turk to go, and the reasons for sending her are really good. However, the one thing that I am not as keen on is the romance between them. I would prefer a more sibling like relationship, where Cid becomes like an older brother, perhaps to mirror the sortof realtionship that he could have had with Rufus but never will? However, if yoo to someone else wrote it out and the relationship happened, it would still be really good. Also the reasons for the other two relationships to be falling apart are very valid, and it is a possible scenario. However, I think if they became close friends then they could help each other with the realtionships, as they would be able to see it through the eyes of the other gender, which could help them a lot. However, I think that this will play out to the preference of whoever ends up writing it, and either way it is a really good story.

Have yoo remembered what your other thoughts were?^ ^

7/24/2011 #9

Yeah! Exactly! I need that game! D8 ((I saw the ending on youtub and wasn't imprssed with the totally cheesy end, but hey.))

Thanks! The only problem to these failsafes is that besides Shinra, there is doesn't seem to be a "law." So there's nothing keeping Rufus from ignoring te "rules" of the whole heir thing. SOOOOOOOO I was thinking the following is a good rewording of the plan/plot:

- Before Rufus was born, or soon after, Mr. Pops the Pres contacted his most loyal partners in business (fresh water suppliers, vehicle building companies, hospitals, etc whatever) and drew up a plan should the company fall. Essentially, these companies promised to SELL their...well everything to the new President of the company, giving money and supplies to whoever the heir would be and allowing Shinra to then rise from the ashes on the backs of these other companies. The business partners agreed and signed over a bazillion papers in a promise to do this.

- The whole agreement depends on two things: 1) That President Shinra the Papa is dead. If he's alive, the companies would automatically be sold to him. If he's not alive, it goes to the named heir. 2) The plan only goes into effect if the company is completely dead - meaning, all money and property has been taken or withdrawn from official Shinra accounts. The new plan will start the whole company from scratch, allowing a fresh slate and, should the heir decide, completely new branding (to gain the trust of the public without ties to the previous incarnation of the company). So, with these conditions there, the Business owners all signed over their copmanies, and the papers were sealed away into the darkest corners of their attics.

- In the present, Rufus has already withdrawn all money and given all property to the WRO. He also spends the money on personal stuff, the Turks, a few bits of property, but none of it is in the company's name anymore. So the company is dead. The plan can then commence. Rufus is also only putting the plan into effect now because he is healthy, his plans are ready, and the other companies have, by now, bounced back from the whole Meteorfall deal. So now is the best time (and...i think he only recently heard of the plan, it being top secret ad hidden away from him, especially after his previous treachery. ._. ) He meets up with the owners and peeps from the other companies in relative secrecy. They pull out the papers to review them, make sure everything's in order and the last step is for each copany to sign a paper saying they're onboard with Rufus, the heir's, new plan for the company.

There's just one problem - while reviewing the papers, they find that somehow, the business owners all signed their companies over to a man named Cid Highwind instead of Rufus Shinra. o_O While Rufus immediately tries to contain the situation, one of te business owners backs out of the deal, grabbing his set of papers wit the intent to burn them and he runs to the press. He then leaks the deal and the info about Cid Highwind, making blind accusations that take the world by storm.

- Going back in time, to explain what happened, there's one reason - Mrs. Shinra. Mrs. Shinra was caged in Midgar. She could cope, she could deal, and she loved Rufus a lot. But Cid was her baby, and she worked to protect him and give him what she could from where she was. One of those things is the space program, which she made sure would be in the works even closer to her death. The other thing she did was make sure the fall of the company would ensure her son, and the West's, survival. So, finding out about her husband's plan, she hatched her own plan. After all the documents had been drawn up, and after all the talks were done, she switched out the old documents with new ones stating Cid Highwind as the heir to the company. There was no way she could think of that would bring about the fall of the company, but she worked to find a way. However, before anything could be done, she fell ill and died soon after, cause of death unknown. So that's how that happened, and this part of their histry wouldn't be discovered until later. Meanwhile, Elena is sent to guard Cid because of crazies. It sure doesn't look good, as it makes Cid only look suspicious, but he puts up with it anyway for various reasons I aleady mentioned!

PHEW! There.

As for your point on the romance bit - I agree. Actually, that's a very good idea, and since I liken Elena to Yuffie (they share some similarities) I can totally see the sibling relationship. Drawing lines between that relationship and Rufus and Cid's missing one is genius, and I can totally see that being the way their relationship builds! However, I know how pairings happen, lol, and I still don't like either canon pairing (CidShera, TsengElena). I think...if I was to write this...I would aim for a sibling relationship between Cid and Elena (oh the FUN with that I could have! xD ), but if their interaction has any "spark" to it, it could turn into a true romance. So I wouldn't plan on it, but it's possible. I still like it, though. xD It could be so cute.

But anyway...yeah. xD

Edit: lol, no I don't remember my other points. n_n They would show up better during writing or something, but I solved a few with the stuff above. :3

7/24/2011 . Edited 7/24/2011 #10

True, there is nothing to stop him from leaving it to his heir, but it makes sense that he would just feel and want to keep the buisness to his family. That is a good reason as to why so many people wouldhelp Rufus rebuild ShinRa, if they were previously bound by a contract before everyone heted them, then they would have to comply. And it also allows Rufus to learn it, and also the rest of Midgar, as it seems plausable that one of the other buisness owners would want to sell it to the press. The press would also be quite willing to write anything on Rufus, as he is unpopular anyway. And it is even plusable that it would be to Cid, as that is something a mother might do, do not only ensure the safety of her son, but also of the land where she grew up. Very good plot development, I'm very impressed with all these ideas of yours^ ^

That's fair enough on the pairing, if somthing happens, go with it. I was never massivly keen on the cannon, Tseng and Elena work together on dangerous missions too much, anything beyond comradship would possibly but them in danger, while with Cid and Shera it was more gratitude towards each other. Cid and Elena would actually be sorta cute together.

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