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Kindest Of Lies
Company dude: OMG if we name our products with the name of one of the most popular heroines of gaming history, we'll make millions!!! LOL yeah right. :) You never know, maybe they were thinking along those lines. XD
7/15/2007 #121
Might have been. If there was a shower company called "Sephiroth" I'd buy it (maybe the water is soaked in mako... hmm...). And on the back of the box would be a notice saying "Warning: This company does not accept responsibility for white hair, green/blue eyes, murderous intent, posession by malicious evil people, urges to find older brothers, random fits of smirking or sudden desire to kill people with spikey blonde hair coused by use of this product. Results may vary."
7/15/2007 #122
Kindest Of Lies
Heck yes. I'd KILL for a Sephiroth shower. :3
7/15/2007 #123
The Bloody Masquerade
I'd want one xD.
7/15/2007 #124
Kindest Of Lies
At least the side effects will elevate me from sheer normality. :) ...Or get me to jail. XD
7/15/2007 #125
SEPHIROTH SHOWER! WAAAANT! WAAAAAAAANNNT! *Throws a hissy fit* I'd so get a Sephiroth shower!
7/15/2007 #126
sepiroth shower? aww hell yeah! that would be cool! *random fit of smirks*
7/15/2007 #127
The Bloody Masquerade
[q]...Or get me to jail. XD[/q] But what if it made you super strong? Then they couldn't put you in jail XD.
7/16/2007 #128
good point... i dont think anybody could get you in jail really.... but heck it would be funny to see the side effects!
7/16/2007 #129
The Bloody Masquerade
It would be awsome and funny. I can imagine a load of people who have had the side effects from the Sephiroth shower, causing trouble xD looking for Jenova's head. XD
7/16/2007 #130
yeah.... killing people..... going "mother!"....... and so on and so on..... happy times... happy times....
7/16/2007 #131
The Bloody Masquerade
Oh god what was I on when I wrote that...
7/16/2007 . Edited 7/16/2007 #132
Kindest Of Lies
Oops I caused 5 billion dollars in damage escaping from jail... ^^; Now where the heck is MOTHER?!?! *walks like a zombie* SEPHY unit: I...I...I CONVERTED HER!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *kawaii evil laugh*
7/16/2007 #133
only five billion? bah your no fun! teehee! ^_^ that would be funny but kinda dangerous.....
7/16/2007 #134
The Bloody Masquerade
5 billion! Bad Fran. *has a weird urge to look for Mother* SEPHY unit: Mwahahahaha I've converted more of these humans.
7/17/2007 #135
Kindest Of Lies
*walking around like a zombie* Mother...Mother...Mother... SEPHY unit: *taking a sun bath* Yes, go look for Mother for me!
7/17/2007 #136
The Bloody Masquerade
Me: *shakes CLOUD unit* Where's Mother?! Cloud unit: Mother? Me: Don't play dumb with me! CLOUD Unit: *drools*
7/17/2007 #137
Kindest Of Lies
BARRET unit: Don' mess wid me, foo!! Me: WHERE'S MOTHER?!?! CID unit: Oh shut up you *** *** *** *** *** ***!! #%$#$^$^ Me: x.x
7/17/2007 #138
The Bloody Masquerade
Me: Where's Mother? Loz unit: ;.; YAZOO Unit: Don't cry LOZ unit Me: Me thinks I know who has Mother! KADAJ unit: Who???? *whispers*
7/17/2007 #139
KM: what you seek hides somewhere with a man that shares his name with a n*** ferret! *smirk* or at least his unit anyway..... thats my guess.... can i have a yazoo unit? kane: what the heck are you doing with the units? KM: *evil smirk* world domination....
7/17/2007 #140
The Bloody Masquerade
KADAJ unit: Ferret what's a ferret Me: Where's RUFUS unit? he has Mother! YAZOO unit: Up on that building *points* LOZ unit: I don't like heights ;.; all: O_o
7/17/2007 . Edited 7/17/2007 #141
Kindest Of Lies
CLOUD unit: I like to mosey mosey! I like to mosey mosey! I like to mosey mosey! I like to..! All units: MOSEY!! Me: O.o
7/17/2007 #142
Lady of Insainity
Me: *pokes CLOUD unit and puts staitener into his hair CLOUD unit: *hair and it falls down it's sholders* o_0 Me: I have made his hair like Sephy's ^_^ All: o_o
7/17/2007 #143
sepiroth unit: *starts singing loudly to sexy back by justin timber lake* im bringing sexy back! KM: yeah!
7/17/2007 #144
yes this is certainly on topic
7/18/2007 #145
The Bloody Masquerade
It's funny and random. :D
7/18/2007 #146
Kindest Of Lies
VINNY unit: I'm...too sexy for my claw, too sexy for my claw, so sexy it hurts. ;) Yup. It is super funny! And super random. XD *begins to tapdance*
7/18/2007 #147
The Bloody Masquerade
Me: Woo kadaj unit: I'm a barbie girl in a barbie world Me: ahhh barbies *runs*
7/18/2007 #148
Kindest Of Lies
DENZEL unit: Mom they have Barbies! *shudders* AERIS unit: Come on Denzel it'a just a doll. CLOUD unit: If they come to haunt you then I'l just sic my Ultima Weapon on them! DENZEL unit: I love you!! *hugs parents* Me: AWWWWWW!! KAWAII!! :3 ZIDANE unit: I! HATE! EVERTHING ABOUT YOU!! DAGGER unit: WHY! DO I! LOVE YOU?!?!?
7/18/2007 #149
The Bloody Masquerade
Me; RUFUS unit, give back Mother! RUFUS unit: I'm not RUFUS unt I'm a guy covered in a white sheet in a wheelchair KADAJ unit: sorry to bother you Me: *slaps head* Look he has Mother! *pulls sheet of RUFUS unit and grabs box* YAZOO unit: Let's go revive SEPHY unit *leave* RUFUS Unit: hehe the box is empty
7/18/2007 #150
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