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Yes, it is time to vote on the entries of SapphireXSerpent's Rufus/Elena challenge. One vote per person! Entries! 1.What I Never Needed by Tishannia Situation Used: Elena attempts to cheer Rufus up, for he thinks the Stigma is is going to kill him. Post-game, Pre-AC. 2.Illusions by Schemergirl Situation used: A blonde, staying late at night to finish paperwork, happens to bump into the young president. Post-AC 3.Brawlers by Akiraine of Gia Situation used: Rufus decides to go to the bar with the turks, and something happens... Caged by Sienna03 Situation used: One of her own creation... Please go to my profile for the links to the stories. Choose the story you want to win by selecting its number. Thank you!
7/20/2006 . Edited 8/14/2006 #1
*gasp* Voting time. *shifty eyes*
7/20/2006 #2
Hm. I shall read them and vote!
7/20/2006 #3
They are all realy good but I'd have to say #3.
7/21/2006 #4
Mituna Captor
Brawlers is my favorite. ^^
7/23/2006 . Edited 7/23/2006 #5
I have added a new story to the entries. Consider eading it, to see if you want to change your vote. It's called, 'Caged' and it's very good.
8/14/2006 #6
Oh thank you! ^^ BTW, I was wondering, when does voting close? I'll be a little on edge until it does...
8/14/2006 #7
I've moved the ending date to Auguest 25th. That okay? It takes a while for people to discover this thread, read each fic, and then vote.
8/14/2006 #8
Oh, gosh, that's fine. Thanks for even letting me enter; I know I was *way* over dead-line! I'll be sure to look out for future challenge dates. ^^
8/14/2006 #9
Sorry, but No.3. Wow, I was un-biased by the author. Yey!
8/15/2006 #10
carnival justice
It was tough, but I decided to vote for No.4. =)
8/15/2006 #11
Can I change my vote to #4?
8/15/2006 #12
Yes you can.
8/16/2006 #13
Just discovered the forums... yeah, I'm slow. Anyway, I'll vote for 1: What I Never Needed. Yes, I am aware that I'm in the contest too. I'm just wierd like that.
8/16/2006 #14
Thanks for your vote! seems 3 and 4 are tied, with 1 in third. Who will win?
8/16/2006 #15
My story feels neglected. Ah, well.
8/16/2006 #16
Oh, I like it! But, I can't vote. ==;
8/16/2006 #17
To Kingdom Come
((I don't know how to use the forums, so if I've done somthing wrong, please don't laugh ad me D: )) I vote for #4, Caged! It's soo cool.
8/16/2006 #18
Well, I suppose I'll vote for #3 because it would be unfair for me to go over the edge with her vote. Someone other than an author should break the tie.
8/16/2006 #19
Child of a Pineapple
I loved them all, but I'd have to say my favorite was #4.
8/18/2006 #20
N.T. Embe
I read through them all, and I'd like to cast my vote for Number 4, "Caged".
8/19/2006 #21
I guess this means voting closed then...?
9/7/2006 #22
Yes, voting is closed! Congrats Sienna! Now, if I could just remember what I said the prize was...
9/9/2006 #23
Oh, none needed. I *am* taking requests though! ^^
9/9/2006 #24
This is quite a fabulous idea to promote good writers. *pat pat Sapphire*. Btw, have you thought about Judging yet? *pokes you*-I've emailed you the test fics to your Hotmail/MSN account. :) Anyway, just want to say, this is almost like Genesis on the small scale. Good work and good idea! -Z-
9/11/2006 #25
To Kingdom Come
Well Done Sienna.
9/17/2006 #26
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