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Ever wanted to play your favorite fictional character? Voice act? Direct? Have your stories made into audio fics? Then Audio Fanfiction Library is right up your alley! All fandoms are welcome. Come on in and join us! (audiofanfictionlibrary dot angelfire dot com)
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Sauron Gorthaur

Hello and welcome to the Audio Fanfiction Library (that's AFL for short) forum. So what is AFL? AFL is a website where we turn fanfiction stories into audio fics in MP3 format with different people voice acting the different roles, directing the stories, and submitting their fanfiction stories to be turned into audio fics. It was created by the fanfiction authors, Lysana and Razzle, and is currently co-owned by myself, Sauron Gorthaur, and Razzle. We are hoping to expand the website by getting more people involved, and that means that we'd love to have YOUR stories, acting talents, directing talents, and anything else you have to bring! All fandoms are welcome. Anyone is welcome. So, if you are interested, check us out at audiofanfictionlibrary dot com.

There's a full guide on the website as to how it all works and what you can do, but here's a starter's guide for you.

WHAT: At AFL you have the option of taking voice acting roles, directing stories, and/or submitting/writing stories to turn into audio fics. We also welcome musicians, singers, and people who would like to make sound effects for the stories. All you have to do is PM or email myself or Razzle, let us know what jobs you're interested in, and we will get you set up.

WHO: Absolutely anyone! There is no "star" system. If you want to start out big and take on a main role, or if you feel more comfortable picking up some smaller roles first, just ask. Or if you would like to direct a fic or two, don't be afraid to step up. And if you would like your story turned into an audio fic, just let me or Razzle know and we will preview your story and get it set up. Whatever fandoms you work in, we'd love to have you.

WHERE: Go to audiofanfictionlibrary dot angelfire dot com and check out what stories we are doing and find out more about us! (Note that we are in the process of switching web designers. Soon we will have a Wix web address. Check here for updates.)

WHEN: Now! We currently have open roles in many of our stories, and we are always accepting new stories. We are also looking for directors for several stories. We'd love to see more people get involved in the near future - the more the merrier!

WHY: Completely for fun. Getting to work on projects with other fans, seeing your stories turned into audio fics, and getting to show off your acting and/or directing talents is a bonus :)

So, what are you waiting for? Come on and show us your talents. I hope to have you join the AFL team soon!

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Sauron Gorthaur

Here is a list of all the Audio Fanfiction Library Projects, along with their fandoms, that we are currently working on!

Rehab by Frotu (Lord of the Rings)

Marianne and the Song of Redwall by ifeelmad (Redwall)

Fair Olvin and the Giant Pire by Silvertongue90 (Chronicles of Narnia)

Voyager Theme Song by Lysana and Razzle (Star Trek: Voyager)

Healing Wounds by Inyri (Star Trek: Deep Space 9)

NightWarriors: A New Threat by WriterJJ (Darkstalkers) - This fic currently needs a director, too!

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover by rosalea12 (Doctor Who)

Transference by Michael Hall/coyotecyb (Warcraft)

River of Magic - by Patrick Mallard (Crossover: Doctor Who & Harry Potter)

Demigod Live! by CallMeBatman and Silvertongue90 (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

Knights of Noir by Prosp88 (Ultimate Spiderman)

Don't see your favorite fandoms in that list? Well, go ahead and submit some stories in your favorite fandoms.

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Sauron Gorthaur

And don't forget that you can also listen to the audio fics that have already been submitted! We currently have 97 completed and in progress audio files posted on the site in MP3 format in fandoms that include:

Beauty and the Beast, Dark Shadows, Doctor Who, Dragonfable, ElfQuest, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Inheritance Cycle, Inkheart, Norse Mythology, Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings, Marvel's Thor, the Watershed Trilogy, X-Men, and more!

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