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Ever wanted to play your favorite fictional character? Voice act? Direct? Have your stories made into audio fics? Then Audio Fanfiction Library is right up your alley! All fandoms are welcome. Come on in and join us! (audiofanfictionlibrary dot angelfire dot com)
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Sauron Gorthaur

There are three main jobs you can have at AFL. One of them is voice acting. If you are interested in voice acting, read through this brief description of the job.

Voice actors play the roles, including narrators, in the audio fics. The only requirement to be a voice actor is that you have the technology to record your voice on a computer and email the clips to us. We use a program called Audacity to edit the clips together. Audacity is free and available on the Internet to download if you need a program to record your clips on the computer. Most sound files, including MP3s, wav files, and wma files, will work for you to send us.

You may request any roles any number of roles you are interested in on the Current Projects page that say AVAILABLE ROLE. (There are also some roles that say UNLIMITED, and this means you may still request that role even if others have already asked for it.) You may also request any role that says PENDING, but this means another actor has also requested the role - in this case, the director will decide which of you gets the role. For all current projects, the director has the final say in who gets the role. This means that directors may want to hear an "audition" from you before they give you a role in their story. Sometimes directors will also have posted next to the role any requirements, such as accents, that they want for the voice actor. But don't be afraid to ask for any role that you like the look of and think you have the talent to play.

Once you have been given a role by the director, all you have to do is record the lines. Be as creative as you like (within any limits the director gives you.) When you are finished, you will send the clips to your director, who will OK them or will ask you to re-do them differently.) When the director is satisfied, then the clips will be sent on to either myself or Razzle to be edited together into completed audio files, which will then be posted to the site for you, and everyone else, to listen to.

The only thing we request is that you know your own limits. Please don't ask for a bunch of roles if you don't have the time to record them. If you have a lot of free time, ask for as many roles as you want though. There is no limit on how many roles (including roles within a single story) that you are allowed to play! As of September 2013, we have added time limits to all the roles, based on the size of the role to make sure the projects keep running smoothly. This is a team effort, and we ask that everyone respects the other members of his/her team by promptly turning in their lines within their given time limits.

If you have any special talents, like singing, playing an instrument, making sound effects, or anything else, let us know that, too. We'd love to have a few musicians involved, as well as singers and sound effect makers! You don't have to worry about "not being good enough" - it's all for fun, and you should feel free to inquire about any roles that look fun to you.

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Sauron Gorthaur

Go to our Current Project Page to see what roles are currently available and what ones might be the right fit for you. We currently have 11 stories being worked on and many of them are still in need of actors!

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