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Ever wanted to play your favorite fictional character? Voice act? Direct? Have your stories made into audio fics? Then Audio Fanfiction Library is right up your alley! All fandoms are welcome. Come on in and join us! (audiofanfictionlibrary dot angelfire dot com)
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Sauron Gorthaur

There are three main jobs you can have at AFL. One of them is submitting fanfiction stories. If you are interested in submitting a story, read through this brief description of the job.

This is the easiest and least time-consuming job you can take on AFL, but it's the most important! Without your stories, there is no AFL. Anyone can submit stories in any fandom they wish. Multi-chapter stories, one-shots, poetry, AUs, canon, or movie-verse - it doesn't matter. If you want to submit one of your own stories, contact myself or Razzle by PM or by email (my email is inspiredbyredwall at yahoo dot com) or reply to this thread. All the stories that are submitted are first read through by myself or Razzle. When we OK your story, we will then post it on the Current Projects page so that directors and actors can view it. If you are not interested in also directing or voice acting, then your job is done. Myself or Razzle will contact you when your story has been completed so that you can listen to it if you are interested.

If you are submitting a story that is by an author OTHER than yourself, you will have to take the additional step of asking permission of the author. There are absolutely no exceptions to this stipulation. If you cannot contact the author, then we are sorry - we cannot accept the story. However, if you do get the author's permission, you can proceed just the same as if the story were your own. You may send myself or Razzle the link so that we can read through it and OK it. You can also recommend a story through the "Recommend a Story" thread on this forum, and we will contact the author for you.

It is not required, but it is very helpful to us if, when you submit a story, you include a complete list of the SPEAKING characters in the story. This will be posted along with the story information in the Current Projects page so that actors can see what roles are available. To see what we mean go to tprojects.html to see how the current projects are formatted.

Fanfiction authors also get the first crack at directing the stories they submit, so keep this in mind as well. You are not required to direct, but when you contact us, please let us know whether or not you wish to direct. You also have first crack at playing any roles you want, though this also is not required. If you get an author's permission to submit their fic, please ask them whether they want to direct.

We are CURRENTLY ACCEPTING new stories to be made into projects. Your story doesn't have to be in "script form" to be turned into an audio fic, as Narrators are voice acting roles as well as the characters. If you have a story you'd like made into an audio fic, just contact myself or Razzle or reply to this thread. Feel free to PM me or shoot me an email, and I will reply to you as soon as I can. Don't worry about your story "not being good enough." Go ahead and ask about it, and there's a very good chance it will be accepted.

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Sauron Gorthaur

Any given author can have two stories currently being worked on as AFL Projects. Any author can have one story in the Current Projects and one story in the Extra Projects. Prioritized (Current) stories are worked on first with #1 being the highest priority story, while the unprioritized (Extra) stories are all secondary to the prioritized stories. That means any given director or voice actor should focus his/her work FIRST on the highest prioritized project that they are involved in. So, if you are a voice actor and are playing roles in Current Project story 5, Current project story 13, and two Extra Project stories, you should record your lines for Story 5 first, Story 13 second, and then the two extra stories last.

If you would like to submit either one or two of your stories for our Current Projects page, you can reply to this thread - please use the following form to recommend your own stories for our projects.




SUMMARY: *optional* (If the story is rated K or K-plus, the summary isn't needed. Please include the summary if the story is rated T, especially if the summary has details about what it is rated for. We don't currently accept M-rated fics.)

STORY TYPE: (Please choose from one-shot, two-shot, poem, poem collection, or multi-chapter.)

STORY LINK: (If possible, please include a direct link to the story you are submitting. Also note, stories don't have to be from Any other fanfiction site is fair game. If, however, the story is from a site other than, you must include a link to the story.)



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STORY TITLE: A Tale of Two Sorcerors - Part I: The Coup

STORY FANDOM: Aladdin/Aladdin TV series

STORY RATING: T (for some very mild sexuality and some magical violence)

SUMMARY: A Tale of Two Sorcerors is the story of the families Halabi and Anvari, and the changes they wrought on Agrabah, long before a streetrat married a princess. It is the full story of Jafar and Destane. It is a story about magic, sorcery, self-determination, the life of the mind, and one character's struggle with loneliness and the question of whether or not romantic love really matters. Here is Part I: The Coup.

STORY TYPE: Multi-chapter (incomplete, but I expect it will be finished this year, probably during the summer)


WOULD YOU LIKE TO DIRECT THIS STORY: Possibly. What exactly does that entail?



Jabril Halabi

Saddaq Halabi

Pareesa Halabi

the Sorceror Destane

the healer in the marketplace (and, possibly, his wife)

Adhemar Anvari

Sumeyra Anvari

Mayyadah Anvari

Maziyar Anvari

Malakeh Anvari

the sultan Talal Sayegh

his grand vizier

the diplomat to Agios Varvaros

the philosopher Bishara

the mathematician Kouri

a few co-conspirators of Jabril, Maziyar, and Adhemar (some actors could double up and simply do a different voice for these)

There might be a few more (I need to finish the document first; but I'll update you when that's done).

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OK, yes. I would like to direct, but do I need special software in order to communicate with actors?

My story is incomplete, but please trust me when I say it will be completed. I've already worked out the plot quite far into A Tale of Two Sorcerors, quite far beyond the contents of Part I. Real life time and brain constraints are all that is holding me back from finishing what is left to do on Part I.


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Aria Breuer

STORY TITLE: Pending Investigation

STORY FANDOM: The Lord of the Rings


SUMMARY: Sauron is under investigation, and he's not happy about it. Written for the Sauron Sunday challenge.



WOULD YOU LIKE TO DIRECT THIS STORY: Not right now. Sorry. *sheepish grin*


Here is the list of characters: Narrator, Sauron, and Manwe.

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Author Of Purpose
Story: the ash connection by I am Lu Fandom: Pokemon. Summary: - A string of violent attacks at the hands of a mysterious Pokémon has caught Lance and the G-Men off-guard. Little about the motive is clear, other than Ash Ketchum is somehow a factor. His friends and rivals now must confront an important question: Is he really the fabled Chosen One? Set during BW. Multiple pairings, including Pokeshipping, Contestshipping, and Ikarishipping Rating: T for violence, mild language, mild suggestive dialogue and scenes of peril.
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Hey, I see that you guys are not taking on any new projects this summer of 2018, but my friend showed me this link and I would like to throw my hat in the ring anyway with my own story, 12 Ninjas. A Naruto Time Travel story where the Konoha 11 plus Sasuke are sent back in time accidently when they only meant to send Naruto back to stop Sasuke from destroying the Shinobi Alliance in the 5th Shinobi World War. Their consciousness return to their 11 year old bodies half a year before they graduate. This story would definitely be a challenge since if would require either a large cast or a few voice actors with good range. If you could spare the time I would much appreciate it if you read my story and told me if this would be a project you might consider one day. Thank you and best of luck with your audio work.
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Sauron Gorthaur

Hello samuraipanda85,

Thanks for checking us out and leaving a project rec. Yes, we are currently working on a total re-haul of the website and working on ways to make the entire process run more smoothly. However, I glanced over your story, and we'd be happy to work on it in the future. I'll add it to the list of audio project recommendations that we've received.

Our biggest need for the website at the moment are more directors so that we can have more projects going at once, and that is one of the big things we plan on tackling as we redesign. We'll be back in touch with you with more information when we're ready to look at adding some new projects.



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Could you tell me more about what being a director entails in your projects? I might be interested in filling such a position. I have some experience in directing voice acting from creating my own animated films from college.
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Sauron Gorthaur

Directors make all the artistic choices for the audio project. If the director is not one of the site managers, they are assigned a staff overseer who is basically there to help out, answer questions, etc.

The duties of directors include:

- casting the roles in the project, either by searching for voice actors or putting out an audition request (we can help you do that) - making sure actors have scripts of all their speaking lines - giving actors any artistic direction for how lines should sound (accents, tone, emotion, etc.) - approving lines that get sent in or having the actor re-do lines differently - making sure actors turn in their lines on time (we have a one month due date for lines to keep projects moving forward)

If you are interested in directing, we recommend you try directing a short one-shot first before tackling a longer multi-chapter fic, just to get used to how we do things and finding actors/putting out auditions, making sure you get lines on time, etc.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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