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12/7/2015 #1

Scene was messing around on her Core Tablet as she sat on the curb of a sidewalk in the neighborhood she was currently living in. "Come on! Almost got it! No! Dang it! Now I'll have to start the level all over again!!" She said in frustration. A few people who passed by gave her weird looks before continuing on. "I swear, one day I'll beat this guy!" To explain, she is currently playing a multiplayer online game and can't get passed a level because one of the players kept beating her and sending her back to the start of it. ((i was thinking that player could be Bren or something))

12/7/2015 #2

Bren laughed as he was beating a player he was going up against "This is so fun!" He shouted as he kept on playing.

Cherise laughed as she watched and pulled out a magazine

12/8/2015 #3

Scene worked her way through the level AGAIN, but this time she picked up a power up that should help her. "You're going down this time!" She said and typed the same thing in the chat

12/8/2015 #4

Bren laughed and tapped the screen a couple of times

"I dont think so!" He chuckled and typed in the chat and used an even better power up (where is Scene at ?)

12/8/2015 . Edited 12/8/2015 #5

((Sitting on a curb in their neighborhood))

Scene let out a growl and had her character charge at Bren

12/8/2015 #6

Bren jumped

"Oh Crag!" He shouted and tried to protect his character

12/8/2015 #7

"Ha!" Scene said and didn't let up, her tongue sticking out in concentration.

12/8/2015 #8

Bren started tapping as fast as he could

"Who is this person?!" He shouted angerily

12/8/2015 #9

"Gotcha!" Scene said as she used her special move.

12/8/2015 #10

Bren pouted and put his Core tablet on the couch he had just lost

Cherise walked over to Bren "Can I try?"

Bren slowly handed her the Core Tablet and let her have a try.

Cherise started pressing random buttons.

12/8/2015 . Edited 12/8/2015 #11

Scene cheered as she had finally beat him and passed on to the next stage. "Finally!" She said

12/8/2015 #12

Cherise made it to the next stage and hoped she'd get to battle the person that Bren lost to

12/8/2015 #13

Scene was currently battling someone else

12/8/2015 #14

Cherise frowned and decided to go for a walk

12/8/2015 #15

Scene cheered again as she beat that person. "I'm making my way to the top now!" She said with a grin

12/8/2015 #16

Cherise sighed as she walked

"It's pretty nice out here" she stretched her arms and continued walking then she saw Scene playing on her core tablet

"Hi!" She waved to see if Scene would notice her

12/8/2015 #17

Scene looked up at the girl for a second. "Oh hey!" she said with a smile and turned back to her game. "What! No!" She said as the player beat her. "Dang it," she groaned

12/8/2015 #18

Cherise chuckled a bit

"And I thought Bren was addicted to his game"

12/9/2015 #19

Scene paused and left the game turning to her. "Who's Bren?" She asked curiously

12/9/2015 #20

Cherise thought for a moment and looked at Scene

"Bren is a core tablet addicted boy who feaks about almost everything"

12/9/2015 #21

"Heh, a true nerd huh?" Scene said as she stood up and brushed herself off

12/9/2015 #22

Cherise nodded

"Yep! You can say that again!"

12/9/2015 #23

"Nice, I'm Scene," She introduced and held out the hand that wasn't holding her core tablet

12/9/2015 #24

Cherise shook her hand and smiled

"Nice to meet you, I'm Cherise"

12/9/2015 #25
"Cool name," Scene complimented
12/9/2015 #26

"Thank you! Yours is cool too" Cherise smiled "So what game were you playing?" She asked curiously

12/9/2015 . Edited 12/9/2015 #27
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