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1. you can have up to 3 Cannon Characters 2. you can have 3 Oc's 3. keep everything k and t rated 4. I know your going to hate this rule have fun

3/3/2013 #1

Name: Scene

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Dirty Blond hair, blue eyes,

Clothes: Blue tattered jacket, with a green t-shirt and jeans.


Star Striker, a seal eagle, bear hybrid.

Electron, a electrical wolf.

3/17/2013 #2


3/18/2013 #3

Yay! Now we just need the rp.

3/18/2013 #4

kay Im on it

3/18/2013 #5

Hi there! I'm Frostlesskiss, these are my O.Cs:

Name: Lency

Gender: Female

Eye color: Reddish brown

Hair color: Long black hair

Age: 14

Clothes: Black tanktop with blue jeans.

Monsuno's: 1. Genevieve (Female white tiger with black stripes, blue core)

2. Neliel (Female white cheetah with black spots, blue core)

My second O.C:

Name: Julian

Gender: Male

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Black

Age: 14

Clothes: White shirt, jeans, red jacket

Monsuno: Shadow Reaper (Male black panther, red core)

Final O.C:

Name: Wilkin

Gender: Male

Eye color: black

Hair color: black

Age: 14

Clothes: Black T-shirt, jean pants, yellow jacket

Monsuno: Cheetah Flash (Male yellow cheetah with black spots, yellow core)

*Together they are team Wildcat, Lency being the leader. Can I join -

3/18/2013 #6

your accepted

3/22/2013 #7


3/23/2013 #8
Name: Felix Viren Age: 21 Gender: Male Appearance: He is incredibly tall, at 7' 9", with EXTREMELY long legs. He is pale and skinny with long white hair in a ponytail with long bangs and silver eyes with dark blue dapples. Clothes: A dark green turtleneck, faded jeans, a white and silver scarf, white and silver fingerless gloves, and a white lab coat. Personality: It is very dificult to get him angry, as he is incredibly lazy and would prefer to sleep all day. He does, however, work hard on things he's interested in. He is bitter and spiteful, and hates anyone with the last name "Suno". History: On "Age", that's how young he LOOKS. He was born in 1408 with his sister, Charlemagne. Very intelligent, he discovered a way to make himself and his sister immortal. He says he regrets it now, as it turned into a spiral of bad luck. His first wife was Chase's mom, and their child was stillborn. Disappointed, she left him for Jeredy. His second wife wasn't really a wife- just a random woman he met in the Lowlands. From this, Dax was born. His third wife had two stillborns, and was later murdered by Klipse. Finally, Felix left to work for S.T.O.R.M, and became a medic. Monsuno: Flametress- a black and silver Phoenix with golden armor on its talons, head, beak, and body. Whiplash- a black horse with armor-like scales on its legs and a mane and tail made of electricity. It moves at lightning speeds. Faction: S.T.O.R.M Position: Medic Gear: Scalpels, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, and binoculars.
4/14/2013 #9

your accepted!

4/14/2013 #10
Name: Vance Linewire /// Age: 20 /// Gender: Male /// Appearance: Tall (5' 9") and pale, with messy jet-black hair with silver and rust colored streaks. He has copper colored eyes with pale grey dapples. /// Clothes: Dark jeans covered with oil stains, a short sleeved, steel grey shirt, and a copper colors jacket. He wears copper colored gloves and googles on his head. /// Personality: He is somewhat perverted, but still amusing, and rarely takes the world seriously. He is almost annoyingly cheerful, but is incredibly intelligent, and can build virtually anything. He built his own Monsuno /// History: N/A /// Faction: N/A (he's been known to work with Jeredy and Klipse, but makes weapons for S.T.O.R.M /// Monsuno: Wiress 3.0- A large, metal, dragon-like creature with four wings and an eagle's head and talons / Shaolin 2.0- A large, metal wolf with spikes running down its back and two tails. The tails are tipped with fire and change length at will. /// Gear: Assorted wires and tools /// Other: Owns a machine shop.
4/15/2013 #11

Name: Shayleine Morgenstern

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance Long burgundy hair, she is rather tall and lanky with a befreckled face.

Clothes: A Crystalline dress that shines when the sun hits it, it is apparwntly alive and stronger than armour. She also has a pair of black sneakers

Monsuno: Pengaleon (Penguin Chameleon hybrid)

Seraphilynx (Lynx with seraphim wings) 4/16/2013 . Edited 4/20/2013 #12

your accpeted!

4/16/2013 #13


4/16/2013 #14

Name: Lilly Wolfson

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long knee long pink hair with red highlights, emerald green eyes, cream off the shoulder top, no sleeves, elbow high lacy black gloves, dark blue denim jeggins, light brown knee high boots, a black bag strapped round her hips.

Bio: Not much is known about Lillys background, since from the age of 7 her memories are missing. She grew up in a old shrine and was taught by her uncle how to defend herself both with martial arts and weapons, so in time she because and exceptional fighter and soon after her uncle gave her, her first Monsuno Angelbeat.

Monsuno: Angelbeat (a hybrid between a butterfly and an angel fish, blue and black wings with a black humanoidish form, bug eyes, black antennas, black and blue fin like skirt with the same coloured fin like hair)

Other: A sweet, reasonable girl by nature however she is a good judge of character with exceptional intellect but she's not a show-off and prefers to stay out of unnecessary fights and squabbles.

8/16/2013 #15
8/19/2013 #16

Is this RP still active? if so... can i join?

7/22/2014 #17

of course you can join!

7/22/2014 #18

Name: Casey Adams

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Short black hair and green eyes

Clothes: Purple striped tank top with gray jeans and black boots. Also a blue denim jacket wrapped around his waist and dog tags around his neck.


Tidal Mane ( Manta ray, Bat and wolf hybrid ) ( blue core)

7/22/2014 #19


7/23/2014 #20
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