The Other Flock
This is the story of a different flock than you know. It's the story of the other flock. REBOOTING! ALL WELCOME!
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Name: Age: Species: Appearance: Abilities: Family: History: Crush/ love interest: Extra facts:
3/16/2013 #1
Here's mine Name: Willow Pride Age: 15 Species: 3% raven 2% parrot 3% wolf 2% cheetah 90% human Appearance: Had waist length hair, big round eyes that change color due to mood change. She is 6'0 ft tall and is 90lbs. She is also very pale has a thin structure and has freckles across her nose and cheeks. Abilities: Can fly, mimic people,run at amazing speeds, can keep warm at low temperatures. The whitecoats also added her the abilities to read minds, see the future, and telekinesis. Family: All her family was killed when she was captured by the whitecoats History: Hates anything to do with science. Escaped when she was 7 after dozens of experiments. After that she went to an abandoned house on the smokey mountains and has lived there ever since helps other mutants when she can Crush/ love interest: None right now Extra facts: She is very motherly but can be strict. Keeps to herself and hates crowded places. Loves using her abilities for the greater good and hates being told what to do.
3/16/2013 #2
ItsYaBoi- Star

Name: Judas Cifer


Species: 7% Vampire bat, 93% Human

Appearence: He has shaggy black hair and neon green eyes, He has two black bat ears ontop of his head instead of normal ears, two massive black bat wings, a whip like tail wit a tuft of fur on the end. He is 6'4 and weighs 130lbs.

Abbilities: Black fire, I mind block that prevents ANY and ALL forms of mind tampering, His eyes glow in the dark, giving him amazing night vision, enhanced senses, echo-location. He has a split personallity living in him named Rooker. Rooker is a blood thirsty killer who shows no mercy, you can tell when Rooker takes over cause Judas' eyes go from green to sickening yellow. He can talk to bats and call them to help him.

Family: He was created in a test tube, So no.

History: Judas escaped the school with two other mutants at the age of five. Unfortunatly Rooker killed the other two he escaped with. Judas has been living in a cave full of bats since.

Crush: Open

Extra facts: Judas is VERY easily scared.

4/12/2013 #3
4/12/2013 #4

Character 1: Winny

Species: 95% human 3% nymph 2% avain

Age: 15

Birthday ( she made it up): June 21st, First Day of Summer

Crush: None for now

Powers: Can control water and ice

Description: Light blue eyes, light blonde hair, small frame, and long legs.

Personality: Shy and quite. She prefers to be alone but can be violent when it comes to fighting.

Secret: That's for you to find out, nosy rosy. :)

Character 2: Konner

Species: 95% human 3% nymph 2% avain

Age: 15

Birthday:(twins with Winny)

Crush: Willow but no one knows

Powers:Can control fire and lava

Description: Darker blonde hair than his sister, light blue eyes, and tall.

Personality: Open and kind. Enjoys to have fun and do anything mischevious.

Secret: That's for you to find out, nosy rosy! ;)

4/12/2013 #5
Both accepted
4/12/2013 #6

when can we start the roleplay? I can try to get my friends involved.

4/12/2013 #7
Yes and that would be great. Give me a couple of minutes and I'll have a topic where we can RP.
4/12/2013 #8
Lady Cocoa

I hope you like this character :)

Name: Ellie

Age: 11

Species: 95% human, 5% blue bird of paradise (look up this if you need it as a referance)

Abilities: can create and control fire

Family: HAD a brother named Sam. He died as a human/lion hybrid

History: has been in the School since 2 months of age. She escaped just two years ago. Her brother died eight days after he recieved his expiration date

Crush: none. Yet :)

Extra facts: has an incredible memory amd advanced senses. She has black hair with natural blue streaks, black wings (also with blue streaks), and brown eyes. She finds it very hard to trust people, but when she does, she's practically glued to them. Ellie also becomes best friends with the twins (but only if Emsadudm is okay with that)

I apologize for asking for permission to create a character and then making one without a response, but I was just so eager to join :) I hope none of you mind.

4/12/2013 #9
Accepted, I don't mind and join the RP whenever you want.
4/12/2013 #10

hey hey! Conrtol fire? *taps foot impatiently*

4/12/2013 #11
Yes all abilities are accepted
4/12/2013 #12
Lady Cocoa

Ellies powers will now be changed. As of today, she can control plants and heal herself amd others. She can control plants without expense, but healing can take a lot out of her.

4/13/2013 #13

Hey, I was wondering if you would let me join your forum. ladycocoa and Emsaduem recommended it to me.

4/16/2013 #14

Emerald! Wassup, my man? Still can't figure out the problem, (curse Mrs. F).

4/16/2013 #15
Yeah just send me a character like the ones above please :)
4/16/2013 #16

Hey, so here's my character-

(Obviously, none of this is true)

Name: Athena


Species: 2% Barn Owl, 98% cockatoo (just kidding, I'm not part cockatoo)

Appearnance: White hair with cream streaks and gray eyes.

Abilities: White and brown wings, and invisibility

Family: the dead mouse in my pocket named Sparky but I ate him (again, just kidding) unknown.

History: unknown

Crush: unknown

Other facts: she knows nothing about her past and grew up in the school. Also, she's semi-nocturnal.

4/16/2013 #17

Lets get rping. What if we find her while resuing Ellie?

4/16/2013 #18

Maybe I could be rescued along with Ellie from the School? She was my cage neighbor!

4/16/2013 #19
Accepted and that's what I was gonna suggest like in what Willow said save Ellie and some others before letting Rooker loose.
4/16/2013 #20
ItsYaBoi- Star

Name:Jace Cifer


Species:Same as Judas

Appearance:Same as judas except his eyes are Blue

Abilities: Black electricty, mind block, acid blood, enhanced senses, night vision

Family:Judas' twin brother (Judas doesn't know)

History:created in a test tube blah blah, except he decided to stay with the school and work for them

Crush/ love interest: open

Extra facts: He NEVER wears a shirt.

4/16/2013 #21
Accepted but he never wears a shirt is he like Taylor Lautner in that way?
4/16/2013 #22
ItsYaBoi- Star

No as in he doesn't even own a shirt lol.

4/16/2013 #23
Lady Cocoa

Can I give myself a talking parrot named Eloise? Just to make it more interesting?

Oh, and Starflame... Why does your new charrie fly around shirtless?

4/16/2013 #24
ItsYaBoi- Star

Shirts itch his wings :3

4/16/2013 #25
I'm gonna make a person we can save from the school. Name: Hope Dase Age: almost 14 in a day Species: 90% human 5% fox 5% Phoenix Appearance: Fiery red hair, huge doe eyes that are gold, she is pale and skinny, average height, has fox ears, and red wings Abilities: Is fire retardant, sometimes sets self on fire accidently when angry, can regenerate after being killed she rises from her own ages after dieing Family: young mother was given to school at birth History: She is worked very hard at the school and tries to start rebellions they often fail yet she is the only one that gets punished Crush/ love interest: None yet Extra facts: She despises being thought of as a damsel in distress and she loves pyrotechnics
4/16/2013 #26

By the way, here's Athena's personality:

Athena is very tough and not afraid of anything. She almost hates the fact she can turn invisible because she feels like she's hiding or running away from a fight. However, she doesn't take her powers for granted and uses her invisibility to help her win her battles. One of her biggest strengths is her strategy in combat.

4/16/2013 #27

Name: Rose Summers

Age: 13

Species: 100% human

Appearance: Violet eyes and dyed green hair

Abilities: None in particular

Family: father- William Summers (works for school) mother- Alice Summers (deceased)

History: Her mother died when she was 7, so her father taught her to work in the school. Even if she wanted to, she couldn't have avoided the school. She hates the school because it disgusts her in every way.

Crush: unknown

Other Facts: She is a very shy and timid child. The truth is, she isn't very brave and she is mortified at everything the school does.

4/17/2013 #28
Lady Cocoa


Just kidding, sure!

4/17/2013 #29
4/17/2013 #30
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