The Other Flock
This is the story of a different flock than you know. It's the story of the other flock. REBOOTING! ALL WELCOME!
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Name: Markus

Species: 2% falcon, 8% cheetah, 90% human.

Age- 14

Location- The School in the prototype section.

Talents- Can run at super human speeds, fly, and has minor appearing talents ( causing weapons to appear, disappear, etc.)

Personality- He looks frail and weak, but this skinny build allows him to run great distances. He is friendly, but can be stubborn and annoying. By annoying, I mean a little judgmental, bu he pulls awesome pranks! He never had a real friend, so it is hard for him to determine what is right and wrong. He is positive he is a test tube baby, since the white coats had left his file open in front of his cage. Markus isn't ready for a relationship, and probably will not have a crush on anyone. He only knows he had a prototype 'brother' who had died after the first drug ingection.

Secrets- Since he is a prototype, his mind can short-circuit, his abilities can randomly fade, but he never tells anyone, except Jace who ( hopefully) will become his best friend.

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Name: Martin Arldon Age: 14

Species: 5% fruit Bat, 5% mexican walking fish ( weird tadpole with legs looking thing, also known as an axlotle)

Appearance: martin is small for his age, has light brown hair and vivid purple eyes.

Abilities: His Bat DNA allows him to have great hearing, use echo lactation by emitting a high pitched shreik in inaudible to human ears, and the ability to fly using bat wings. His axlotle DNA gives him the ability to rapidly heal from most injuries and a pair of barely visible gills. Also His whole body sometimes randomly combusts into flames, which really hurts and can be really annoying.

Family: all unknown, quite depressing

History: martin grew up in the school for about 10 years. When managed a daring escape involving a few military aircraft six tanks and a small army of private security (well in his mind anyway) he then moved into a forest surviving on God knows what but after roughly 2 years he moved in the city. To get money he mugged people by pretending to be the angel of death about to take their life away unless they gave him the contence of their wallet, fancy watch and anything else worth of value. Crush/ love interest: None yet

Extra facts: Gets skittish around large predatory bird and can only eat fruit.

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Name: Ace Milan

Age: 18

Species: 80% human, 5% bird, 5% Arctic Fox, 10% octopus(just tentacles)

Appearance: 3.jpg


Cloning: The ability to allow the user to replicate themselves.

Disintegration: It allows the user to make objects break down to nothing without physical contact.

Elasticity: It allows the person to stretch their limbs in many ways.

Healing: It allows the user to heal wounds and affect life.

Family: Her parents gave her and her brother away(anyone can make him)

History: Ace was a kind girl and escaped alone when they erased her memory of her brother. While She hides, she felt somewhat guilty but couldn't understand for what. Now she looks for others so she can feel safe. When she escaped she was 4 years old.

Crush: Single

Other: She is great when it comes to being a healer.

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Name: Regulus Walker

Age: 11

DNA: 5% Hawk 10% panther 1% Electric eel

Abilities: Is able to generate electricity throughout his body and be a living stungun, he also has hightened senses. Like advanced hearing, sight, and smell.

Appearance: He has dark brown hair that's usually messy and spikes everywhere. Black sleaveless shirt with a hood on it to cover his fluffy cat ears, white cargos with blue sneakers. His tail hidden in his pant leg most of the time. And lastly he has golden slit eyes with dark brown and black wings.

Personality: He's very quiet, pefering to let his sister do the talking. Due to his cat DNA he likes being petted behind his furry black cat ears, makes his black tail swish in content. But he can also be a bit hyper due to the extra energy courcing through him.

History: Was taken when he was a baby by Itex and had hawk DNA put into him. He was brutaly experimented on, resulting in him having to hide his pain with his cheerfulness but he bearly spoke a word to anyone but his surrogate sister Sora. The doctors had more intrest in him since he could generate electricity. Sora helped them both escape from that horrible place....

Extra: None at the moment.

Name: Sora Evers

Age: 17

DNA: 5% Falcon

Abilities: Has photografic memory and makes up with her mind where special powers are not...

Apperence: Her hair is black and hanging around her shoulders with a natural bright red streak in the left side.She usually wears a white T shirt with a brown leather jacket, dark blue jeans and black boots. Her eyes are a stormy grey color with her wings being a coppery red and black.

Personality: Is very street smart with a protective streak for her little brother, often not staying in one place too long in fear that they'd be taken back to that horrible place again. What she lacks in special powers she makes up for in her inginuity, but more often then not she's layed back and witty.

History: Was brought into the school when she was a baby, finding that the doctors left her alone for the most part since she didn't have anything special about her besides her wings. But she found herself protecting who she found to become her little brother, and escaped when the scientists underestimated her ability to observe. Her photographic memory helping greatly with this as they are now on the run...

Extra: None at the moment

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Name: Sage Thorn

Age: 16

Species: 15% hummingbird, 35% dragonfly, rest is human

Appearance: she has shoulder length black hair with light purple eyes, she has snow white skin, she is about 5'0, she has green dragon fly wings (think pixie)

Abilities: is fast, can fly, has a small amount of control over water

Family: has two siblings that she hasn't seen in a long time

History: her parent weren't typical humans and died at the hands of Itex. She and her siblings where separated, she was then experimented on.

Crush: is wide open

Extra facts: she is bubbly, over excited, talks a lot, is loud, is very mysterious, has a hard time reading the atmosphere and is generally annoying/insane

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Umm....... I heard we were rebooting?

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