The Other Flock
This is the story of a different flock than you know. It's the story of the other flock. REBOOTING! ALL WELCOME!
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ItsYaBoi- Star

(( I iz back :3 ))

6/26/2013 #961

I'm unsure of what to do. Hoping Willow will get the message telepathically, I gently touch her arm. I was the creepy twin in these part and I liked it that way. I glanced behind me to see Winny race off like a small bullet. These group of kids seemed innocent, but I didn't like that Jace kid.


"Twins?" I stared warily at the other group. The one with the fire wings and Jace's twin were creepy.

6/26/2013 #962

Hey guys, I know it's been a while. I've decided to quit the forum. My characters are basically dead now. Please- no one use them at all.

Well, bye!

6/26/2013 #963
Someplace Somewhere
Martin- "Umm... can sombody tell me whats happening. Something about twins and staying here and tree trunks. Although the last part might not have been tree trunks. Sorry, I was filling up the bath tub with water. Y'know, incase I set my self on fire and then I heard shouting, so I came down here, hoping there would be a fight, but it seems like you sorted that out. Sorry, I'm talking to much but could somebody please tel me whats going on." I say taking in all the hostile glares and tence atmosphere.
6/29/2013 #964
ItsYaBoi- Star


"These guys are staying here and apparentaly, the bat one is my twin.." I explain to martin.


My vision starts to get blurry and my legs get wobbly. Using so much of my power was starting to take its toll on me.

6/30/2013 #965
Someplace Somewhere
"Is him being your twin a good thing or a bad thing?"
6/30/2013 #966
ItsYaBoi- Star


"I'm not sure."

7/1/2013 #967
Someplace Somewhere
Martin-"Wait, Does this mean that I have to share a room with someone."
7/2/2013 #968
Willow: 'Yes Konner?' I ask telepathically while answering Martin's question. "Martin you sleep in a bathtub does it matter," I ask teasing with a smile./ Hope: I put an arm around Jace to steady him. "Um can we get a room, I'm really tired," I say saving Jace from being thought of weak.
7/21/2013 #969
Someplace Somewhere
Martin: Oh yeah... *shrugs*
7/21/2013 #970
((Hey guys really need to know if you guys are going to keep doing this forum, if not I am deleting it.))
7/30/2013 #971
(( Guys if ANY of you are still here, we could at least TRY to revive the forum))
8/3/2013 #972
Willow: "It's ok Martin, you don't have to share if you don't want to but I think you and that guy might have a lot in common," I say pointing to the boy named Markus, whom had fire abilities also.
8/3/2013 #973
Someplace Somewhere
Martin: It's fine, I'll share. I don't want to be a bother.
8/19/2013 #974

Yeah. Same. My characters aren't that important and its hard to keep up with the forum. I had fun for the time I was on.

8/22/2013 #975
Someplace Somewhere
((*Sniffs* Everyone has gone!... *Starts crying in a corrner*))
8/27/2013 #976
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