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What if there never was a rebellion? What if Panem stayed the same? Come roleplay here be in the hunger games help or create it.You can even be a stylist or capitolite.
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If you want your character to go into the hunger games this is where you post their sheets.







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3/20/2013 . Edited by RandomTeddyBear, 10/4/2013 #1

Name: Drew Worthington

Age: Fourteen

Gender: Female


Personality: Drew is a very sweet, kind, loving person but she has a new found dark-side.Hates hot climate, loves chocolate. She is very family oriented though her family has never been close knit.She loves sweaters and the winter loves chocolate and the rain.

District: One

Strengths: She is good with swords, words, and people. She has fast reflex's and sharp vision.

Weaknesses: When people complain about their friend's or family she blows up on them. Sometimes lets her emotions get in the way. Bright lights and loud noises just erk her and set her on edge. Nails on a chalkboard and the squeaky noise mechanical pencils make. Dogs terrify her though she thinks they're cute she just never touches them. Snakes.

History: During her hunger games she played the innocent role. With her brother like figure, Payne. He promised his ex-girlfriend her sister he would take care of her and that's what he did. He barley let her lift a finger in the arena and always put her first. In the final three while Payne and district seven where battling nobody noticed drew grab a sword until she drove it through district seven's back. Immediately afterward,Payne told him he loved her and always saw her as a sister then he said goodbye to the capitol and slit his throat. Drew was drug out of the Arena after attempting to scratch her eyes out. After a year she changed quite a bit. Her battles are generally emotional she feels like she'd really fortunate and though she's thankful she feels like she doesn't deserve anything due to her parents drilling this into her mind. She's constantly telling herself she'd not pretty enough or strong enough but never says it out loud.

Other: Tries not to cause trouble but when she hangs out with Payne they love pulling pranks.

3/20/2013 . Edited 3/23/2013 #2

Name: Cleo Carver

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: -news-madonna-katiemcgrath-merlin-we.jpg

Personality: vicious, aggressive, has the "I have no time to be friends with anyone" kind of attitude, and is focused on winning to bring glory and fame to herself. She won't be friends with anyone, but she will absolutely pretend to like everyone. She is so focused on winning that she hardly pays attention to what other people want, or what they're good at. She's bloodlusting before she even knows who to target first. She's ready to kill anyone, no matter how old they are or what skill they have.

District: 2

Strengths: weapons, having a good poker face, focus

Weaknesses: social skills, thinking before acting

History: Cleo has trained since she was 3 to be in the Hunger Games. She has tried volunteering every year since she was 12, and succeeded in volunteering this year. Her parents got very concerned for her wellbeing, saying they didn't want her going. She killed her father before getting on the train to come to the Capitol and scares her mother a lot, to the point of pretty much being disowned in her mind. She wants nothing to do with home. She wants to win and move to the Capitol and doesn't care what she has to do to get there.

Other: Have her be in the Career alliance, if not leading it.

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Name: Blye Overwhill Age: 16 Gender: Female Appearance: Blye has long, dark brown hair, and deep brown eyes. She has a few freckles plastered across the middle of her face. Her skin is a pale olive tone. She is small for her age and is quite skinny. Personality: Blye has a contrasting personality. She is generous and likes to give things away. However, she can be arrogant at times. Other times she can be very witty. Others she is very quiet and just minds her own business. She isn't too popular, but not a loner. She feels being a winner is the least of her worries and prefers to stay in second. She prefers to be the modest kind, not showing off anything massively daunting. District: 4 Strengths: Blye is good at tying knots and fishing. She finds herself good at gutting food. Weaknesses: Blye's arrogance can get the better of her and she can end up snapping. She is terrible at archery, and can't do much with any weapon really. She hates winning, and if she does win she'd feel terrible about most life involved things. She gets a panic attack from time to time because of the Hunger Games, probably signalling she wasn't ready for them. History: Blye was given training opportunities for the Hunger Games, at age 5, and she took them, not realising what it would mean. Her mother explained the concept of them, Blye disagreeing to what she was doing. She still continued to train, as she thought she couldn't back out. When her sister Risa-Fawn was born 2 years after her training, she wanted to stop as she was afraid that she would "hurt" Risa-Fawn herself. At a reaping she started worrying too much about what would happen when she was thirteen and had a panic attack. After that, she swore down on her life she wouldn't become a winner. Occasionally, after a reaping, she got a small panic attack. This year, Blye became a tribute and she felt her panics had became true.
5/7/2014 #4
Name: Spectral Ballantynn Age: 14 Gender: Female Appearance: Personality: Arrogant, agressive, feisty, you don't want to mess with Spectral. She looks like a little angel, but don't let it fool you: she's a demon in disguise. She is victory concerned, and wants to be in the limelight like mad. She hates not getting attention, and that's when her bad attitude starts. She wants to make people see they don't want to mess with her, and make sure they don't think of her as a "stereotypical" blonde. District: 1 Strengths: She is handy with knives, and she has what some might call a "silver tongue": she is good at convincing people that she is exactly and nothing but what she looks. She is very stealthy, and can creep past people easily. Weaknesses: Because of her temper, she can get rage-crazy and go wild. She has OCD, which means she has to get everything perfect, otherwise she'll start it all over again. She isn't as good at identifying poisons, so that may be an easy way to kill her. History: When Spectral was five, she was determined to be a tribute at some point in her life. Though her mother tried to get rid of her rebellious behaviour, Spectral began putting that behaviour into her training for the Careers. As soon as she turned twelve, she insisted in becoming her life dream- a Career tribute. She finally got her chance- and was determined to give her all in it.
5/7/2014 #5

Name: Emily Jones

Age: 12

Gender: female

Appearance: Emily has chocolate brown hair that is usually left loose or in a braid. She has blue eyes and dresses comfortably and for the weather.

Personality: Emily's really nice and likes little kids and reading, but she's not killing anybody. She'll just set traps and wait for a career to kill them.

District: 11

Strengths: Emily's good with people, she makes friends easily and she stays loyal to them. She's also good with animals and smart.

Weaknesses: Emily's too soft to be in the Hunger Games and she's never used a weapon in her life.

History: Emily had always been really happy in District 11, until she was reaped for The Hunger Games. She had no one to volunteer for her so she had to go.

Other: none

9/15/2014 #6
Name: Epiny Yarill / Age: Fifteen / Gender: Female / Appearance: Average height and too skinny from malnourishment, Epiny has that rare look of a carefree young girl wed to that of a corrupted old woman, poverty and circumstance dragging her youthful looks through the mud. She has tanned olive skin in the summer and a pasty, unhealthy looking cast to her in winter, with dimples, brown eyes and long, often matted dark hair. Her hands, neck and ankles go a rough red in the cold. She dresses in whatever she can get; mostly her mothers' too big cast offs, and practical boots, alsays with her brown cap. Or rather, / Personality: Epiny is curious and careless and stubborn to a fault at first glance, enthralled by anything she's never encountered before. In many ways she is like a child, and eager to show off what remarkably little she can boast. She optimistically tries to take joy in the little things. / District: Three / Strengths: Epiny is used to going without food, and is used to the cold although she hates it with a passion, and has a built up endurance for them. She also has a strong immune system, and is quite strong from helping harvest grain. Having considered killing herself a few times (in 9's small, filthy river, which she decided against because it was too cold) she doesn't fear death. She's fast, from running around daily for warmth and boredom. / Weaknesses: She has no previous combat training or known skill, aside from a few street brawls. Thirst makes her delusional. She is too talkative and too stubborn, and she is afraid of starvation, having somehow evaded it so long, and of any unfamiliar predatory animals. / History: Epiny was the first child and oldest daughter of a grain harvester and his factory-working wife, looking out for her younger sister of two years, Althea, and her younger brother of five years, Jamison. They lived an ordinary, lower class life - until she was ten, and her father was badly injured in a cropping accident and could no longer work; with the family relying on their mother's poor income, and the three kids too young for tesserae, the family withered into poverty. Epiny for the most part lived on the streets; her father was temperemental and miserable, her mother unpleasant, and she soon felt more at home on the cobbles. She often found scraps of food in gutters and bins, bringing them back home or eating them herself, or scrounged leftovers from people she ran into. Several times she fought for old bread, and had the gall to go to the rich inhabitants and beg. At some point she started offering help harvesting grain for meagre money, which gave her slight muscular tone. / Other: She always tries to keep smiling, and often seems younger than she is.
9/16/2014 #7
Phannie's Angel

Name: Katsumi

Age: 15

Gender: female

Appearance: Long black hair that she keeps up in a high ponytail, bright green eyes, tan skin, and freckles. (Like this: Katsumi, only darker skin)

Personality: sassy, witty, and aggresive

District: 5, lumber

Games #?: I dunno

Strengths: knife throwing, and, no der, ax wielding also climbing and stealth

Weaknesses: projectiles. anything that flies

History: same as everyone else basically. tragic past. sadness. death.

Other: has a pat cat named Senshi. (senshi)

4/10/2015 #8

Name: Nova Sigourney

Age: 15

Gender: F

Appearance: She is short for her age, but don't let that fool you. She is built somewhat heavyset and could easily overpower most anyone her age and younger, and even some 16-year olds. She has shoulder-length, poofy dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and mid-tone skin.

Personality: Nova is a wild card who you should keep you watch on. She is hostile and inhospitable to most others, and is not afraid to make enemies, despite what her mentor says. She is extremely loyal to those who have proven their worth to her. Despite her temper, she keeps most of her other emotions under check. To the masses, she is an enigma, as she just popped out of the unshown ghetto housed in District 10. In spite of her lack of diplomacy, she is persuasive and manipulative. (I'm really tired so I'm sorry if this isn't a good description.)

District: 10

Games #?: 100 I guess?

Strengths: Brute strength, able to manipulate other tributes

Weaknesses: Slow-footed, easy to track, is often callous and gets into danger

History: She grew up in a poor town, and needed to pull her own weight. The community was closely knit and helped each other out, but still her family struggled.

Other: Again, I'm really tired...

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