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What if there never was a rebellion? What if Panem stayed the same? Come roleplay here be in the hunger games help or create it.You can even be a stylist or capitolite.
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District 5- Power (not said officially in books, but later revealed.)

3/20/2013 #1

Ooc: Since I'm coming in a bit late, I think I can post here, cause it'd be weird for my character to just come into the interviews like that

Bic: Katie took a deep breath when the official faced her. "You have to be kidding me.." she spat, her heart inside crawling in the hermit shell of her shyness. This was no time to be shy though. She'd have to show them. Show them that her sister's life was worth something, even if she did hate them all. "Yes, Kit took quite the terrible fall. We couldn't save her." "You're the Capitol! You could of done something!" she yelled in defiance, a tear falling off her cheek. "Anyway, with the district 5 tribute dead, we need a replacement. Why not take her own flesh and blood?" "Cause I don't-" "Perfect! You're going to the train right now!" "WHAT!?" "Mhm, may the odds ever be in your favor!" "You suck." With that, Katie was herded to a train directed to the Capitol, and her life was changed in the matter of not hours, but seconds. "Make sure your interviews are nice!" they said, faces lit up with glee, hers furrowed with frustration. She hated public relations, and it was the only thing the audience had to go off of.

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