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What if there never was a rebellion? What if Panem stayed the same? Come roleplay here be in the hunger games help or create it.You can even be a stylist or capitolite.
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This is where you post your character's reaping experience.

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*Starting with the 99th hunger games!*

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(how does it work?)

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(Yes, I would like to know this as well.)

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(Basically its like writing a story you can make it as long or short as you want.)

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(alright then, and i guess the game makers choose the tributes from there?)

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(I'll go highlight the chosen tributes.)

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Evan was walking down the line in his blue tribute suit, he stopped crying but the effects still rode on him. The official took a blood sample of him and he thought about his mum, and if she will die if he gets chosen. He knew he did not want to go though

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Cleo smirked. She knew this year she would get into the Games. She wanted it so badly she could feel it aching through her body.


Blaine had one arm slung around one girl, the other around a different girl. He felt like the king of the world, and horny as ever. He'd had sex with three different girls the night before, and felt amazing. He wasn't worrying about the Games. He just wanted more girls. Capitol girls.


Lily trembled as the lady from the orphanage forced her to hold her arm out so the Peacekeeper could take a blood sample. She hated needles, and was super scared she would get Reaped.

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shekh ma shieraki anni

Karissa got her blood sample and hid herself in the boys section of the square. She shared girls anyway so she went with the more accepting side.

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Payne walked through the crowd passing each age group. drew,he needed to find drew. it was her second year and surely she'd be unfamiliar with what to do. A wave of calm swam over him as he spotted the blonde. "drew!" he called as her head turned around but it wasn't drew.

"are you crazy?" the girl asked before bounding of.

"looking for me?" the soft but strong voice lingered behind him as drew stood with a smirk. his deep features softened at the sight of her. Drew was like a sister to him, if anything happened to her he'd go to the hell and back to give them what they do. "so, Payne. gonna volunteer?" she asked but they both knew what he was gonna say.

"nope. unless i have to." drew nodded in understanding. What she didn't get was the 'unless I have to.' Part meant unless she went into the games.

"but your parents...." she trailed as payne shook his head.

"they'll have to deal, my responsibilities here are more important." keeping her safe and planning his future was far more important than running around in an arena killing innocent kids.

"im ok, Payne,really. i can fight off boys." Drew joked holding up her two fists. "I'm a trained career you know." Payne couldn't help but laugh. Somehow when Drew was happy he was happy.

"Well i'll see you after the reaping." He called before walking off toward all the other seventeen year old kids. They where all standing on the tip of their toes ready to be first to reach the stage. Looking over at his two parents standing together and giving him a thumbs up Payne wanted to throw up. Tonight would be full of anger and yelling considering they thought he was going to volunteer, They did every year. It had become routine they'd tell him what to do where to stand how to fight and send him off without hearing a word. Normally Payne would just use the excuse he was giving the older kids a chance and wanted more time to train,to ensure his victory. However seeing as he was seventeen already the pressure was on.

"Welcome boys and girls, young and old!" Adalia's voice boomed and was rich in accent. "Of district one to the ninety-ninth annual hunger games" Everything was so boring and usual that Payne zoned out. It didn't matter who she'd pick no matter who it was everyone would jump and rush to the stage. It was one big game to them all but to Payne it was almost an obligation.

"Drew Worthington!" The announcer called as Payne waited for someone to volunteer for her,Nobody flinched.Her parents always threatened to pay off the district kids to hold off on volunteering if Drew was called. Did they really do it? "Drew Worthington!" Adalia's voice got louder as Drew walked to the stage in a state of shock. 'No!' Payne thought. 'How could they.'

"Thank you so much what an honor!" Drew's voice rang through the crowd as most of the girls looked un-happy about choosing to not volunteer. It was too late for them to change their minds.

"And for the boys!" Reaching into the bowl she pulled out a slip of paper. "Hen-"

"I VOLUNTEER!!!!" Payne shouted along with a bunch of other boys. Being taller and faster then most of them he made it to the stage first. "I volunteer as tribute." He gasped as his head started spinning. He had to get drew out no matter what.

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(don't forget people we need victors.)
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(I don't feel like creating more characters though......)
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Fee grimy extended her arm for blood samples. She had put her name in far too many times. Though an only child, Fee looked after all the young children she could; those whose parents spent all their money on alcohol and whose older siblings had been reaped. Still, she couldn't afford this many again, if she was killed, many would die here. Clearing her head of theses ugly thoughts, Fee walked into the girl lines with her best friend Dylan. "Anxious?" she asked the older girl, this was Dylan's last year in the Reaping, and her name was in more times than Fee's.

"A little." Dylan said. Everyone was anxious, that was what the Games where meant to do.

A tall lady with blue hair swirled into an up-do walked on stage. Larka. Every year Larka was District 7's representative from the Capitol, and every year Larka was as aloof as always. After the traditional speech and video, Larka walked up next to the clear glass bowl that held the fate of every boy and girl in Fee's District.

"As always, Ladies first." Larka's clear distaste for the poor District 7 "ladies" was evident in her pronunciation. Just get it over with! Fee thought, a little to soon. Next thing she knew, Dylan was clasping her hand tighter than ever, and all of District 7's eyes rested on Fee's short yellow dress.

"Go up." Dylan said, letting of Fee's hand with a resigned sigh. "Just go." twin tears snaked down each girls face as Fee was surrounded by guards.

"FEE! No!" Turning around Fee spotted her boyfriend, Cayson, struggling to get to her. Fee shook her head slowly at him and blew him a kiss goodbye. He understood and quieted down.

She walked up the stage with a sense of calm at last. Nobody relied on her. And she could die without fear. Relief seeped into her and she mustered a brave smile for her friends and parents.

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Spark was standing with the other 15 year olds, biting her lip she looked around sizing up the other girls. She had decided that if she didnt get reaped, she would voluenteer. This was her year anyways, this was hers to lose.

"Your gonna do it," she heard a voice behind her, it was Camden, her flirty guy friend. She liked him for what he was worth, but she had a feeling he liked her a bit more. Camden but his arms around her waist and she turned around

"What do you think," she said winking at him.

"Spark your being stupid, do you really think your going to win this?" He looked her in the eyes,

"Of corse i am Cam, i need to win this for Sterling." She said, her voice wavering at her little brothers name.

"Look i have to go," he nodded, going over to the male 16 year olds, looking back at her.

Spark watched Astrid, their district representive come on stange and give the opening speech. Spark smiled, knowing this was the last time she would hear this speech as a tribute, next year she would be a victor.

"Ladies first," she started, reaching for the bowl

"I voluenteer!" Spark quickly shouted, before anyone could take her chance at fame. She quickly made her way on to the stage, beaming, she glided over next to Astrif. She smirked at the other girls, this was her year to wim the games, no matter what.

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"Payson Gray!" Payson stood frozen, holding hands with her identical twin sister, Paige. Paige skook her sholder.

"Pay, Pay go up," she urged, trying to be strong, but fear wavering in her voice. A solitary tear went down her face as she let go of Payson's hand.

Payson walked up to she stage, like a robot, in fear. She got up to the stage, franticly searching the crowd for her sister and mother, who were both crying. Payson took a deep breath, knowing she had to be strong for them. She ran a finger through her wavy hair, looking upto face the crowd with a brave face. She knew she had no chance of winning, but she was going to try, for her family.

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Cynthia held out her finger for the peacemaker to identify and walked over to wear all of the rest of the 12 year olds quivered with fear, it was her first year but her older brothers 5 and older sisters 4th time. Her other siblings were younger and stood silently with her parents. "Ladies First" the Capitol lady spoke and drew a name. "Cynthia Rose" she called. Cynthia's legs almost gave out but focused on walking up the steps everything a blur. The boys name was called but she didnt hear, everything had sounded buzzy too her then she was pushed away.
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