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What if there never was a rebellion? What if Panem stayed the same? Come roleplay here be in the hunger games help or create it.You can even be a stylist or capitolite.
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So after the games are done we skip a year. Here is where you can write, or summarize what your characters did during that time,

6/27/2013 #1

Tycra remained comatose for 4 months while Kamron raised Melly and Cristie. When she woke up, she was kept captive in the Capitol for another 2 months and put through remodeling surgeries, hair/skin treatments and physical therapy. She was not able to remember who attacked her. Once she was made all pretty again, had remembered how to walk, talk, eat and breathe, she was released back home. The kids remained with Kamron as Tycra was labeled "unstable." She spent the remaining 6 months trying to remember who attacked her, learning how to knit, visiting with her kids and mentally preparing for the Games. Has gotten back into excersize; running 10 miles a day. She dropped 10 pounds and looks better than ever.

6/28/2013 #2
Scarlet was stuck in district seven for the whole year. sense her family is all dead she had nobody to really talk to and spent the long days doing whatever she could.
6/28/2013 #3
Cadmus spent the year mourning the loss over cleo, and replaying her funeral again and again in his mind. He nearly killed the houskeeper a few times when she startled him. Having to keep a figure he worked out everyday giving him something to do. then he did a lot of things with his little sister,pretending everything was normal.
6/28/2013 #4
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