BEN Drowned x Jeff The Killer
Well this is a BEN x Jeff fanfic... I only did this cause there needs to be more stuff with these two. Dont hate me! This is my first writing on this website! Btw there is no sexual content in this. THANKS FOR READING KK
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This is from Jeff's perspective by the way

It was a cold day for a walk in the woods, but i needed to find a place to hide from the police. My name, (in case you didn't figure that out already) is Jeff. Yeah i kill people for a living, so what, my fans don't care and they love me for my insanity.Well anyway, i was going to my house in the woods that i found a couple years back, and i saw a guy about my age staring at the house. He had an outfit on that you'd probably think was in that old game, what was it called? Oh yeah Legend of Zelda.I couldn't really see his face but he had smooth blonde hair. A slowly took out my knife in case he was going to hurt me. "Hey what are you doing?" I said cautiously. He turned around very fast and frighted by my sudden appearance. He had bright blue eyes that only a girl would have, some freckles on his cheekbones, and a necklace that had the Triforce of Courage. "Nnothing!" He stammered. I carefully walked over to him and he was looking at the ground. "Really, what are you doing out here?" His eyes then turned into black eye sockets and he started crying black tears. "Well, i heard you lived around here, and i thought i could for once have a friend who's like me." He sat on my front porch steps and put his hands covering his face. I didn't know what to do, I've never comforted someone before, so i did my best to do so. "Its okay man, ill be your friend okay?" i looked him straight in those blue eyes and patted his back a bit. He looked surprised and very confused, but he didn't say anything. "Thanks Jeff, my names Ben by the way." he hugged me really tightly and i blushed at this sudden action. "Your welcome Ben." I had a weird feeling that me and Ben were not just gonna be friends, but BEST friends.

thank you for reading! Tell me how i did and tell me the bad stuff too i need to learn what i did wrong with this and next time ill be better! KK

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This should totally be a story with chapters :D I loved it
10/3/2013 #2
This should totally be a story with chapters :D I loved it
10/3/2013 #3
No more D: ?
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