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Spiders Cutlass
Awww that's sad most of my forums have gotten that way too
7/29/2013 #61

Your User name/Nickname: Krestral or Krest

Characters Name: Jamie

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Personality: Jamie can get very dark, VERY. She is sarcastic and serious and very different. She can be very down or very upbeat. (More when I RP her)

Character Appearance (Everyday clothes, Wings and their color, ect.): Jamie has long curly black hair that goes all the way down to her bottom. She has silver eyes slit like a cats eye. She has black wings that are about 14 feet wide.

Powers: She can feel everything in a room (Like she steps in and she knows where everything is even without seeing it), she can make a shield appear and block other powers from hitting her (Any power even mind reading) She can run and fly faster than the speed of light. She can hear as good as cheetahs. She can also heal injuries.

History: Jamie doesn't remember much except that she escaped from The School and that the Whitecoats are after her.

Extras: Someone could find her hurt and she could join their Flock.

8/12/2013 #62
Accepted :)
8/13/2013 #63

Username: Daughter of Sons

Character Name: Embree

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Personality: fiery, stubborn, aggressive, extremely misanthropic, and honest

Appearance: wild, manelike auburn colored hair with gold blonde streaks, green eyes, darker skin, short, and lithe/ likes to wear jeans and t-shirts

Powers: feline like agility (she's 2% lioness), fangs, retractable claws, and can climb trees like nobody's business

History: A human clone injected with lion DNA and transplanted as an embryo to a cow. Not much other than that (kinda a mystery)

Extras: rogue, no friends or family

11/23/2013 #64


11/24/2013 #65

Your User name/Nickname: EvilOnTheOutside or emorai

Characters Name:Blyss Addams



Personality:sarcastic and bitchy to enemies, funny to friends

Character Appearance: prefered style: tight shirts (corset tops) skinny jeans and boots wings: black secondary feathers ,white primary feathers (top), part vulture

Powers:can create illusions/mirages

History:the first human avian recombinant to make it through, life expectancy 3 yrs but baffled the whitecoats until she broke out age 16 (flock all aged in 2nd book)

Extras* has a massive crush on iggy but he's clueless

2/13/2014 #66
2/16/2014 #67
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