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The place where you can play as a MR chara cter or your very own unique one. Accepting new people :)
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Role play Rules:

  1. BE NICE!! Make some friends too. don't be shy and stuff :)
  2. Keep things some what PG-13 No content that's like rated R and ranchy, some people get uncomfortable and I want this to be a "comfort" zone.
  3. If you have ANY questions feel free to PM me or Moderators when I get some :P
  4. Have fun!
  5. Don't be a party pooper
  6. Please keep course launguage at mininum, for respect of others beliefs and well being :)

As soon as your accepted in, please review the rules and reply with "I accept"

4/1/2013 . Edited 4/6/2013 #1

um... well i just wanted to really say about the language... no cursing or super crude words plz... i have some religious beliefs and i really want to play this RPG so... plz...

4/6/2013 #2
I accept.... and I do like fay and willows thing....
4/6/2013 #3
I accept
4/6/2013 #4

i accept the rules... they are good standers but you should still add in the laugage rule plz... thx a millions

4/6/2013 #5

done :)

4/6/2013 #6
ItsYaBoi- Star

I accept :3

4/12/2013 #7
I accept! O u O. Hope I can get to know ya guys! -AxE13
5/12/2013 #8
Blatant Trapdoor

I accept!

5/19/2013 #9
I accept
5/23/2013 #10

i accept and a suggestion umm...What about no god mode?

6/12/2013 #11
I'll add that in :)
6/12/2013 #12

Also i made a character

6/12/2013 #13
Spiders Cutlass

I aggree!!!

7/29/2013 #14
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