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The place where you can play as a MR chara cter or your very own unique one. Accepting new people :)
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Characters in Bold are open. Characters that will be in italics will mean they are taken and I will have by who they are taken by next to the name. If you want one of these characters, just PM me!

The Flock:

Max: (taken by Lm-Dee)

Fang: (poppy)

Iggy: (open for rp)

Nudge: (open for rp)

Gazzy: (open for rp)

Angel: (open for rp)

Dylan: (open for rp)

Total: (open for rp)

Cassidy:(Taken by Luckycharms)

Jace:(Open for rp)

Alex: (open for rp)

Rook: (open for rp)

Roxas: (open for rp)

Rin: (open for rp)


Ella: (open for rp)

Dr. Martinez: (Open for rp)

Jeb: (open for rp)

Ari: (open for rp)

Erasers: (you can submit it in the character submission topic)

Brigid Dwyer: (open for rp)

Tell me if I'm missing one you want to RP as and I'll add them in

4/1/2013 . Edited 8/2/2013 #1

Can I be Iggy?

4/30/2013 #2
I have someone that has be a sub for him and idk if she will take him on as a full charrie. So I'll get back to you on that!
4/30/2013 #3
ItsYaBoi- Star

Yea, you can be iggy lol I am gonna have enough charries as it is :3

5/1/2013 #4
Blatant Trapdoor

Can I be angel?

5/19/2013 #5
Of course :)
5/19/2013 #6
Spiders Cutlass
8/1/2013 #7
Omg yes he's yours. It's so weird not having Fang in the rp :P
8/1/2013 #8
Spiders Cutlass
8/2/2013 #9
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