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Haha, that's awesome! What other bands do you like?
7/24/2013 #121

Sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil, never shout never, all time low, and yeah. im trying out asking Alexandria but I havnt really got into them yet. see im a very new fan of this stuff so I havnt been taken under by the full out sceamo yet

7/24/2013 #122
Wow, same! Yeah my friends got me into screamo music about last year so same. I'm also trying out Asking Alexandria, and Of Mice & Men.
7/24/2013 #123

Yeah it was like this past March or so. My friend had found Bmth and showed me the song Don't Go..and I like fell in love lol Do you know any good songs by AA or OMM?

7/24/2013 #124
AA: not the American average is good, and the prophecy is okay. OM&M: Second & Sebring, and My Understandings are my favorites.
7/24/2013 #125

I've listened to Not the American average....hahaha its weird. and Alright cool tanks.

7/24/2013 #126
Ahem you are welcome! Talk to ya later I got go bye!
7/24/2013 #127

haha okay bye!

7/24/2013 #128
Meow! Dee?
7/31/2013 #129
7/31/2013 #130
I'm really sorry, but I must resign. Plus, my character Sage has been changed. Although, I do have a Maximum Ride forum of my own that I thought you might like to join. Please, ejo. Mabinu. (That's Yoruba or Nigerian for "Please Don't Be Angry") Bye!!
7/31/2013 #131

I'll check it out. Bye :)

7/31/2013 #132
BTW, it's called The New World. Type it in and it should show up. --AbyssalxEclipse13--
7/31/2013 #133
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