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This is sort of an updater. You just state your character and what had happened recently in their lives. It doesn't have to be super detailed just an update.

Example: Max- She met Jace, Jade and Cassidy. She decided to take in Jace and Jade and has also decided to start taking in any stray mutants who are looking for home. With all the funding she gets from the good science institutes that CAN be trusted, she plans to expand her house and get a stock pile. She sees that it is time to start embracing her "destiny" by leading her fellow mutants.

See? Pretty easy :)

4/12/2013 #1
ItsYaBoi- Star

Jace met Max and took up her offer for a place to live because he is worried about Jade's health seeing how a cave is not very good for a four year old to live in for too long. He is unaware that two humans (Dr.Martinez and Ella) live with Max and more than likley he will NOT be happy about living with them.

Jade has met max and is starting to trust her, she is currently in awe about the huge house Max lives in.

Fang is inside the house on his laptop, updating his blog

4/13/2013 #2

shay just escaped from the school. one day while wandering her forest home she get's a glimpse of asp and get's rather territorial. she gets freaked out and stressed and starts attacking everything that moves. this drains her energy way fast and she starts to get worn out. can she get out of this stressed area where her territorial cat instincts have kicked in?

4/13/2013 #3
Cassidy has met Max and is now living with her, Fang, Iggy, Jace, and Jade. Cassidy has taken a liken to Jade, Max, and Jace(most of the time). Cassidy enjoyed her first eraser fight and left without a scratch. Cassidy has met Ella and hopes they can be friends. Right now Cassidy is looking for Jade and talking to Ella.
4/14/2013 #4

Max has discovered that the school wants kids from her, thus making Fang "sick". She's stressed to the max (no pun intended) right now. When she tells Fang the only way to cure him he freaks out and basically kinda rejects her, causing her to take to the sky and become the leader she needs to be now. She doesn't know where her relationship with Fang stands now and is trying to convince herself she doesn't care. She just wants whats best for him, she'd do anything for him because she loves with all her heart. She's hardened herself and basically shut off her inner emotions where they will stay until she figures things out. She also trusts Jace more than anyone thinks and will protect him just as she will protect everyone else. Even if its protecting him from Fang, because she knows Fang will probably start crap.

4/14/2013 . Edited 4/14/2013 #5
Cassidy is sad for Max and is upset about what she might have to do. Cassidy heard Max's thoughts and knows about everything including how its Mac and Jace, or Cassidy and Jace. She knows how Fang feels about this and would be willing to do...that for Max and Fang. Right now Cassidy is sleep deprived, confused, and upset.
4/14/2013 #6

Max is going to be going on a suicide mission in a couple days to get the cure for Fang. Shes scared and knows it might not end well for her. Shes putting aside being tough to be gentle and loving to her flock. She feels as if she has to make up for lost time. But she plans on sharing her mission plans with Cassidy and is going to ask her for help. She knows she has a better chance of getting the cure home if she has help.

4/16/2013 #7
After meeting Rin and Roxas Cassidy was very hyper and happy but she hates crowded rooms since she's claustrophobic so she went on a flight. Judas and Roxas joined her and they all raced until they accidentally reached the school. There she met Rook, who intrigues her since Roxas later yelled at her that he could've killed her, but he didn't. Now Jace, Roxas, and her are going to a poacher camp where they all can get something or someone in the boys' case to eat.
5/11/2013 #8
Cassidy is happy that Alex is here. She has met Elena and Elijah, whom she thinks are nice. She is sad 'cause she thinks she goofed up with Rook and that he doesn't like her. Now she's just relaxing at the house./ Alex is happy to see Cassidy for the first time in five years. He met Roxas, Jace, Jade, Elena, Elijah, and Rin. He likes Jace (yes he is gay) and hopes Jace likes him back. He is also relaxing at the house./ Elijah has met Cassidy, Alex, Roxas, and Jace. He is worried about Elena thinks of him and why they have to talk. Talking is always bad in his book. He's more of the silent type, Elijah no want to talk.
5/31/2013 #9

Something funky is going on with Max and she's been acting weird. She's scared about her up coming mission but will do it for Fang.

Elena met Cassidy, Alex, Roxas, and Jace. She doesn't know what Elijah thinks of her and is scared of his answer. She asks the million dollar question and thinks hes going to give her the "just friends" card, which she really doesn't want.

6/1/2013 #10
Axel has been taken up by Max and is meeting the residents of the household.
6/13/2013 #11
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