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We have a sequel now!!

If you've been paying attention to any of mine and Amanda's conversations over the past week or so, you'd know we were planning a forum fic extensively. If you've been paying attention to Amanda's conversations from before that, it will come as no surprise to you at all that our forum fic is hereby going to be called

Forum Emblem: Awakening!

It will star 31 (or so) members of our own forum in an adventure based heavily on the concept of Fire Emblem: Awakening. This was written to a) finally be able to say we've co-written a fic and b) to try our hand at a forum fic, both of which we've been wanting to do for a long time. If you've played Awakening before, you'll know roughly what to expect. If you haven't, don't worry about it! We'll do our very best to ensure that everyone can enjoy this equally (and maybe convince some of y'all who haven't played the source material to check it out. ;D).

There will be parts where it's going to be a lot like the actual game, but from the get-go it's set up fairly differently (although those of you who know the game will see where it's the same). Don't get too used to the similarities, because our plot ultimately very loosely resembles the game's, and what plot twists we have here will be a different flavor than the game's. As we continue on, we'll do more explaining and whatnot about the things you need to know, just so that if you don't know how it works already, you're not grasping for straws of understanding.

We have a wiki now!!

And a TVTropes page?? Awesome! tvtropes . org /pmwiki/pmwiki . php/Fanfic/ForumEmblem

Table of Contents:

Premonition/Prologue: Page 1, post 2. (You could scroll down, but there's some pretty major spoilers on this post so uh, scrolls fast or click that link.)

Chapter 1: Page 1, post 3.

Chapter 2: Page 1, Post 18. Supports for Chapter 2: Page 1, Post 22.

Chapter 3: Page 2, Post 41. Supports for Chapter 3: Page 2, Post 43.

Chapter 4: Page 3, Post 63. Supports for Chapter 4: Page 3, Post 64.

Chapter 5: Page 3, Post 76. Supports for Chapter 5: Page 3, Post 78.

Paralogue 1: Page 4, Post 103. Supports for Paralogue 1: Page 4, Post 104.

Chapter 6: Page 4, Post 117. Supports for Chapter 6: Page 4, Post 118.

Chapter 7: Page 5, Post 135. Supports for Chapter 7: Page 5, Post 136.

Chapter 8: Page 5, Post 148. Supports for Chapter 8: Page 5, Post 149.

Paralogue 2: Page 6, Post 159. Supports for Paralogue 2: Page 6, Post 160.

Chapter 9: Page 6, Post 174. Supports for Chapter 9: Page 6, Poast 175.

Chapter 10: Page 7, Post 181. Supports for Chapter 10: Page 7, Post 182.

Chapter 11: Page 7, Post 193. Supports for Chapter 11: Page 7, Post 194.

Paralogue 3: Page 7, Post 201. Supports for Paralogue 3: Page 7, Post 202.

Chapter 12: Page 8, Post 218. Supports for Chapter 12: Page 8, Post 219.

From this point on, Paralogues will be out of order, due to the poll deciding which one to do next. Don't worry, this won't affect or spoil anything.

Paralogue 11: Page 9, Post 260. Supports for Paralogue 11: Page 9, Post 261.

Paraogue 10: Page 10, Post 287. Supports for Paralogue 10: Page 10, Post 288.

Paralogue 7: Page 10, Post 294. Supports for Paralogue 7: Page 10, Post 295.

Chapter 13: Page 11, Post 303. Supports for Chapter 13: Page 11, Post 304.

Chapter 14: Page 11, Post 315. Supports for Chapter 14: Page 11, Post 316.

Paralogue 9: Page 11, Post 322. Supports for Paralogue 9: Page 11, Post 323.

Paralogue 6: Page 12, Post 337. Supports for Paralogue 6: Page 12, Post 338.

Paralogue 4: Page 12, Post 351. Supports for Paralogue 4: Page 12, Post 352.

Paralogue 5: Page 12, Post 355. Supports for Paralogue 5: Page 12, post 356.

Paralogue 8: Page 13, Post 368. Supports for Paralogue 8: Page 13, Post 369.

Paralogue 12? Page 13, Post 380?

Chapter 15: Page 13, Post 386. Supports for Chapter 15: Page 13, Post 387.

Chapter 16: Page 14, Post 394. Supports for Chapter 16: Page 14, Post 395.

Paralogue 12: Page 14, Post 405. Supports for Paralogue 12: Page 14, Post 406.

Chapter 17: Page 16, Post 452. Supports for chapter 17: Page 16, Post 453.

Chapter 18: Page 17, Post 483. Supports for Chapter 18: Page 17, Post 484.

Chapter 19: Page 17, Post 508. Supports for Chapter 19: Page 17, Post 509.

Supports for Chapter 20: Page 18, Post 522. Chapter 20: Page 18, Post 527. Chapter 20 part 2: Page 18. Post 540.

Epilogues: Page 19, Post 548.


Conquest of the Domain

Xenologue 1: Page 12, Post 348.

Xenologue 2: Page 16, Post 480.

Xenologue 3: Page 25, Post 741.

Days of Future Past

Xenologue 4: Page 23, Post 666.

Xenologue 5: Page 23, Post 687.

Xenologue 6: Page 24, Post 706.


Christmas special: Page 20, Post 587.


The Shepherds as of the end of the last chapter:

Grace: War Cleric - An affectionate and cheeky Shepherd with a possessive streak.

Jimmy: Great Knight - A quiet Shepherd who knows exactly when to get to work.

DJ: Swordmaster - A noble from Frar who knows his way around a sword.

Green: Wyvern Lord. - A funloving Tostian dracoknight. Has a penchant for stabbing first and asking questions later.

Chase: Bow Knight - A Sellsword with a love of tall tales and romance.

Signele: Taguel - Last surviving inhabitant of The Domain. Also a giant bunny sometimes.

Julius: Assassin - A gifted dancer with a flair for philandering and caffeine.

Maggie: Manakete - An innocent Manakete with a penchant for theatrics.

Joanne: Cavalier - A quiet knight who waits for the perfect moment to speak up.

Taylor: Great Knight - A horse-loving girl who's incidentally really bad at riding horses.

S Supported couples:

Grace and George

DJ and Chase

Jimmy and Florence

Signele and Joos

Julius and Kate

Chloe and Green

Josh and Bella

Maggie and Sarah

Sam and Pika

Knifez and Rachel

Augustus and Danica

Time travelers

Danica: Trickster - A cunning, flirty girl who could rob even the greatest thieves blind. Daughter of Julius and Kate.

Bohl: Sage - A confusing youth with incredible intelligence and not so great speech patterns. Son of Josh and Bella.

Jayde: Taguel - A hyperactive Taguel obsessed with helping her species thrive. Daughter of Joos and Signele.

Augustus: Warrior - A fun-loving warrior with sharp wit and even sharper axes. Son of George and Grace.

Janice: Wyvern Rider - A rebellious Wyvern Rider with more love for her wyvern than herself. Daughter of Jimmy and Florence.

Mason: Dark Mage - An uptight mage who stands for nothing and falls for anything. Son of Green and Chloe.

Harley: Archer - A reserved girl torn between saving the world and protecting her family. Daughter of Sam and Pika.

Fallen Teammates

George: Dark Mage - A harrowingly optimistic Waydrnite who loves bad jokes. (Incapacitated. Prologue-Chapter ???)

Eddie: Thief - A Waydrnite thief who thinks big and dreams bigger. (Killed by Grimleal. Chapters 3-9)

Ewisko: Villager - A Waydrnite commoner with unawakened potential. (Killed by a Dark Mage. Paralogue 1-Chapter 11)

Applejack: Horse - Rest in Peace you thinly veiled MLP reference, you. :c (Killed by arrows. Paralogue 3-Paralogue 3)

Kjeld: Warrior - An executioner who just wants justice to be served. (Felled by Esh-Ban himself. Chapters 5-12)

Josh: Sage - A meticulous, methodical Shepherd with just a bit of whimsy. (Killed by a Grimleal when he and Bohl let their guards down. Chapters 2-13.)

Kate: Knight - A knight who's probably just as confused as anyone. (Killed by Excellus, the rule breaker at the tournament. Chapter 7-Paralogue 6.)

Aloasa: Dark Mage - A dour Tostian with a knack for curses and hovering. (Killed by Sarah. Chapters 8-15.)

Chloe: Valkyrie. - The downright kindest Noble Frar ever did see. (Overwhelmed by Risen. Chapters 4-15.)

Florence: Great Lord - A Shepherd and Knifez's sister. Always ready to lend an ass-kicking. (Killed by Esh-Ban. Chapters 1-16.)

Heroi: Mercenary - Really good at what he does, but goes unnoticed until he's gone. (Killed by Victor and Vincent. Chapter 10-Paralogue 12.)

Daniel: Hero - A Waydrnite warrior who hopes for the best, but expects the worst. (Killed by Risen. Chapters 11-17.)

Anna: Trickster - A world-traveling merchant who loves money and big spenders. (Killed by Grimleal. Paralogue 2-Chapter 18.)

Spencer: Swordmaster - An enigmatic man who thirsts for a better world. Son of DJ and Chase. (Killed by Grima. Chapters 5-18.)

Kayla: Dark Knight - A hyperactive mage who can't wait to prove herself as more than just a kid. (Killed by a Risen that looked like Josh. Chapters 8-19.)

Sarah: Wyvern Rider - A gifted Wyvern Rider who prefers the term "realistic." (Killed by a Risen that looked like Aloasa. Chapters 7-19.)

Kelsie: Valkyrie - A lazy, adopted child who was given everything before the world burned. Daughter of Maggie and Sarah. (Stabbed by a Risen. Paralogue 9-Chapter 19.)

Bella: Falcon Knight. - A Tostian Noble whose love of her country is rivaled only by her love of her horse. (Incapacitated. Horse killed by Risen. Chapters 4-19.)

Dakota: Assassin - A formidable Waydrnite thief with a grim outlook on things. (Killed by Pika. Chapters 3-20)

Pika: Archer - A peppy Shepherd, always ready to follow her Tactician's commands. (Suicide. Chapters 2-20)

Knifez: Great Lord. - Captain of the Shepherds and Prince of Waydrn. Treats his men firmly but fairly. (Killed by Sam and Risen. Premonition-Chapter 20.)

Rachel: War Cleric - Constantly picks fights, but is better at healing than punching. (Killed by Risen. Chapters 9-20.)

Justice: Pegasus Knight - A nervous boy who's top priority is exceeding his father's expectations. Son of Knifez and Rachel. (Killed by Risen. Paralogue 5-Chapter 20.)

Sam: Tactician - The Shepherds' original, no-nonsense Tactician. (Killed by Joos. Premonition-Chapter 20)

Joos: Grandmaster - A traveler with no memory of the past, but a gift for tactics. (Suicide. Premonition-Chapter 20)

And now, without further ado, Please enjoy Forum Emblem: Awakening!

5/7/2015 . Edited 8/6/2016 #1

New Game.

Select a difficulty level:

Normal: For series beginners

Hard: For experienced players

Lunatic: For expert players

Select a game mode:

Casual: Fallen units return. You can save anywhere

Classic: Units are lost forever. Each decision counts.

Create an Avatar:

Gende-- [ERROR]




Now saving, please do not turn off the power...

Premonition: Creeping Shadows.

It's dark. The small light fixtures on either wall burn with a weak glow, providing barely enough light for us to see as we run down this incredibly long hallway. It doesn't help that I can see the edges of a hood in my vision, but the thought never occurs to me to pull it down. The man running ahead of me is also wearing a hood to obscure his face or, from my perspective, the back of his head. I glance to my left to see an arrow sticking out of my shoulder. It looks like it hurts, but I feel nothing. A quick look to my right shows a man with long, dark, matted blue hair running alongside me. We seem to be together in our pursuit of the man in front of me. How do I know he's a man? "Where the hell are you going?" The man beside me demands. "Hand over the Emblem, now!" I know his name somehow, but the names of both myself and the man ahead of me escape me. Suddenly, the fleeing man whirls around and swings his sword at me. It's a jagged silver sword that crackles with electricity.

Levin Sword.

Why do I know the sword's name but not my own?

I lift my own blade to parry the attack. The hallway fills with the sounds of metal clanging against metal as we battle for a few intense seconds. His non-dominant hand starts glowing with magic and I can see that he's preparing to cast a spell at me. My heart sinks. If I can see him preparing his magic, I've already lost. He lifts his leg and kicks me in the chest, likely to give himself room to cast. I stumble back a couple of steps and my opponent lifts his hand high in the air.

"No!" The third man yells. He jumps in front of me with his back to my attacker and arms outstretched to block the attack. It won't be enough.


The impossibly large blast sears through both me and the man trying to protect me. The light leaves his eyes and my vision darkens as we both crumple to the ground...

Prologue: The Awakening.

???: But Knifez, we have to do something!

???: What exactly do you propose?

???: I...I don't know. Something!

???: I say we leave him. The scavenger birds around here have seemed pretty hungry lately.

???: Nobody asked you, George!

???: Both of you, shut up. He's waking up.

The boy's eyes open to see three people looking down on him. One has blue hair—the trademark for local royalty—and looks at him curiously before offering his hand. "Come on, get up." When the boy grabs his hand and slowly takes a shaky stand, he continues. "There are better places to nap than the ground, you know."

"Thanks Knifez," The boy says.

Knifez: How do you know my name?

???: I...I don't know. It just came to me when I saw your face.

Knifez: I see. Well, can you tell me your name?

???: Yeah, a/s/l hoe.

Knifez: Thanks George.

George: Sorry.

???: I...don't know my name either. Where am I, anyway?

???: Oh, does the poor thing have amnesia? I can fix that!

George: I vote you don't, Grace. What if he forgot he was a serial killer?

Grace: Like you can't defend yourself.

George: ...Hey wait a sec! How do you expect us to believe that you remember Lord Knifez's name but not your own? This smells rank, yo.

???: I don't know what to tell you. It's true, though. I'm sorry.

Knifez: Here, let's take you back to town. We'll sort things out there.

???: Do I get a say in this?

Knifez: Rest assured, we'll listen to everything you have to say when we're in town.

???: I'm not your prisoner or anything, am I?

Knifez: No. We just need to make sure you're not an enemy of Waydrn.

???: What the hell kind of name is that? Is that where we are?

George: Ha! You sure are a great actor. How much does that shit pay? Do you know any Shakespeare?

Knifez: Shut up, George. I believe him and that should be good enough for you. Anyway, you're right. This is the Halidom of Waydrn. Our ruler, May F.B. is our Exalt. I'm her brother, Knifez.

???: Oh, I didn't realize I was in the presence of royalty. My apologies sir.

Knifez: Oh, don't kneel like that, you'll embarrass yourself. I'm not one for formalities like that. When you meet my sisters, they'll appreciate that more.

???: Right, sorry.

Knifez: This is Grace. She's our healer.

Grace: Nice to meet ya!

Knifez: And that's George. He'll take a while to warm up to you.

George: Someone has to be more skeptical than you bleeding hearts.

???: I understand, George.

[ERR. CODE 3294.]

???: ...Wait, I think I remember now. Augh, is that really my name? Yeah, I guess it is.


???: I'm Joos.

Knifez: Sounds foreign. Where are you from?

Joos: I have no idea.

Knifez: That's alright. One step at a time.

Joos: So, why do you need a healer, exactly?

Grace: Excuse you. We wouldn't be very good Shepherds if nobody ever got their wounds fixed up, now would we?

Joos: Shepherds? You tend sheep? In full armor?

Knifez: Ha ha ha, I love when people ask that. It's complicated. We'll explain in a moment. We're almost back to town.

Grace: Wait, something's wrong!

The group of four sees smoke rising from buildings not far from the entrance to town. Screams can be heard and sounds of swords cutting into flesh fill the air.

Knifez: Brigands. Bastards attacked while we were nearby. Bad move. Let's move, people!

George: What about Joos?

Knifez: Is he on fire? No? Then we'll worry about him later. Let's go!

Grace: Got it!

George: Roger.

Joos: ….What am I doing? I can't just stand here and watch. I have to help.

Meanwhile, a man named Garrick leads his thieves and brigands. "Come on, get moving! Pocket anything shiny and burn the rest! We need to set an example for the Waydrnites. Move, move, move!"

Grace: Knifez, there they are! Oh god, they need to be stopped!

Knifez: Not to worry. After today, these little shits won't be bothering anybody ever again.

Joos: Knifez, wait!

Knifez: Joos? What are you doing here?

Joos: I'm not sure myself, but I want to help. I'm armed, and I think I know how to use this stuff.

Knifez: ...Not exactly comforting, but just don't get yourself killed, okay?

George: These are seasoned thieves and murderers, dude. It's kill or be killed, so don't mess up.

Joos: Right.


The battle begins. Grace hangs back and keeps an eye out for any injuries anyone may sustain while Knifez and Joos engage enemies with swords in close-range combat. George hangs behind a bit.

Joos: Does George usually sit out of fights like this?

Knifez: Just wait...

George: Nosferatu!

Suddenly, a wave of dark magic envelops the man fighting Joos. He falls to the ground, cold and lifeless as George cackles.

Joos: Whoa! That's some intense magic. You're a mage?

George: That's Mister Dark Mage George SIR to you, bud.

Joos: You know what, I think I can do that too...

George: ...What?

Joos digs around in the pockets of his robe and finally produces a thick red tome. He opens it with his left hand and raises his right hand into the air. Fire envelops his hand and he throws the spell at a brigand. "Fire!" The man bursts into flame and falls to the ground, screaming in agony.

George: Pft, whatever.

Moments later, Garrick falls thanks to a well-timed slash from Knifez's sword. He groans out something about revenge of some sort before succumbing to death. Once the fires get put out, the group gathers outside the town once more.

Grace: That was incredible, Joos! You're gifted in swordsmanship, magic, and tactics!

Knifez: Now we know you're not some helpless victim, anyway. That's always nice.

George: So you barely remember your name, you don't know where we are, but you remember how to fight like that? Do you at least remember how you got to that field?

Joos: Nope.


Grace: Oh please, You're not even actually coughing. You're just screaming the word cough over and over...

Joos: Look, I can't explain why only some of my memories came back, but I swear, you know as much as I do. You have to believe me.

Knifez: You fought to save Waydrnite lives, and my hearts says that's enough. I trust you, Joos. In fact, we could really use your talents. Things have been kind of rough lately, and we could definitely use your help in the coming weeks.

Grace: But Knifez, don't we already—

Joos: I accept! I don't know how or why I came here, but it can't be coincidence that I ran into you guys. I'll be glad to help.

Knifez: So it's settled. Let's get back to headquarters. The rest of the Shepherds would love to meet you.

Grace; But Knifez, it's getting dark! We should stay here for the night.

Knifez: We'll be fine, Grace. If we start now, we can get there by morning.

Grace: Oh great, another sleepless night...

5/7/2015 . Edited 8/27/2015 #2

Chapter 1: The Shepherds.

Grace: *Yawwwn* Well, here we are. The Shepherd's Headquarters. Make yourself at home, Joos!

Joos: This place looks awful big for three people...

Knifez: It is a bit big, but there's more than just three of us. Excuse me while I find my sister.

Joos: Alright, I'll wait here.


Joos: Ah! I wasn't expecting you to yell...

Knifez: You've never had a sibling, have you?

George: Bad question.


Knifez: The girl you see screeching like a tortured mouse is my sister, Florence. Say hello.

Florence: Oh, a new recruit! What's your name?

Joos: I'm Joos.

Florence: I see. No offense, but that's really kind of a weird name.

Joos: Tell me about it...Hey, what are you doing?

Florence: Stay still. I'm circling.

Knifez: She does this to all our new recruits. The male ones, anyway.

Florence: Gotta see them from every angle possible.

Joos: What should I be expecti—EEP! What was that?

Florence: He has a nice ass at least. He screams like a girl though. ...I like it.

Joos: Oh my god.

Florence: So, you met my baby brother Knifez! Did he give you a lecture about how to date his sister?

Knifez: No, because we're the Shepherds, not Florence's Harem.

Florence: Damn. Well, maybe the next one. What's he do? Is he a mage, or an archer or what?

Knifez: Tactician.

Florence: Are you sure about that?

Knifez: Of course I'm sure.

???: Hey, what's going on in here?

Knifez: Oh hey, you're just in time. Joos, say hello to Jimmy. He's one of the best damn horseback riders I've ever met.

Jimmy: Heheh, I don't think I'm that great, but if you insist.

Joos: Nice to meet you. I'm Joos.

Jimmy: Hey bud. Glad to have you. And, uh, you'll get used to Florence hitting on you. It happened to all of us.

Joos: I'm not too worried about it.

Florence: What's that supposed to mean?

???: Knifez! There you are. I've been looking all over for you! Where've you been, man?

Knifez: Oh, hey there Sam. Me, Grace and George were out on patrol.

Sam: And you didn't bring me? Why not?

Knifez: Patrol isn't an all-team endeavor. All I needed were Grace and George.

Sam: Uh, huh. And did a fight break out?

Knifez: No! ...Maybe. Yes.

Sam: I knew it. And how'd you do?

Knifez: Great actually.

Sam: Oh, I see how it is. You don't need your trusted Tactician anymore because Knifez is a big boy and can take care of himself!

Joos: (Grace, did he just say Tactician?)

Grace: (Shhhh!)

Knifez: Oh, come on. You would have been bored to tears overseeing that battle. Trust me, it's best that you stayed. You know I would have brought you along if I was expecting a difficult fight to break out.

Sam: Point taken. Now who's the new guy?

Knifez: Say hello to Joos. He's our new recruit. We found him while we were out on patrol. He conked out and can't remember a thing save for his name and how to fight.

Florence: So we're recruiting amnesiacs now are we? What's next, people in wheelchairs?

Knifez: Stop it, you.

Sam: Nice to meet you Joos. And what do you do?

Joos: Same to you, Sam. I'm a Tactician.

Sam: …Wait. Why?

Joos: I have no idea.

Sam: Do we really need two Tacticians for the same force? That's a terrible idea, Knifez! We're different people, probably with different upbringings and opinions. We'll have too many disagreements to function correctly. Imagine we're in a life or death situation and we think the same unit should move to two different places. What do we do then?

Knifez: You—

Sam: We die! That's what we do!

Knifez: Calm down, Sam. If you have a conflict of interest, I expect you to settle it rationally like civilized, grown-ass adults, alright?

Joos: Knifez, he kind of has a point. Two Tacticians at once is, tactically speaking, not a very good idea at all.

Knifez: And with that, my point is proven. I sense a lot of similarities between you two, even if you don't think they're there. I trust that you'll both make similar, rational decisions. Now stop being babies about it.

Sam: If you say so.

Joos: I'll trust your judgment, Knifez.

A distressed villager runs in frantically, clutching a crying child to his chest.

Villager: Lord Knifez! Brigands are advancing on the town! We need you to protect us!

Knifez: Alright. Shepherds, let's move! Joos, I want you to advise us in this fight. Prove to everyone you have what it takes to serve alongside Sam. Sam, you follow Joos' instructions. Just this once, alright?

Joos: Right.

Sam: Got it.


The battle against the attacking brigands goes swimmingly. Sam inspires the others with his swordsmanship and magic prowess. Watching Knifez and Florence fight together is like watching synchronized swimming with swords. George curses at least three people to eternal diarrhea while Grace heals his meager wounds. Jimmy hangs back and chooses the perfect moment to impale enemies on his lance or take their head off with a deft swing of his sword. Joos jumps into the fray against the head bandit and, together, he and Sam burn him to a crisp with their fire magic. After the battle, everyone celebrates by patting Joos on the back.

Knifez: I told you you could do it.

Jimmy: Good job, dude.

Grace: Hey, way to go!

George: I guess you were alright.

Florence: Way to go new guy.

Joos: Please don't wink at me like that.

Sam: I have to admit, you did pretty well for what, your second time? I still think we should have pressed forward instead of waiting for them to make the first move like they did, but there's still time to teach you.

Joos: Thanks. I think. I don't know if that was a compliment or not.

Sam: That's why there's still a lot to teach you.

Knifez: Alright everyone. Rest easy. Tomorrow we set out for the capital. In a week's time, Florence and I have something very important to attend to, so we'll need to make haste. We wake up bright and early!

Florence: Joos sleeps in my bed!

Joos: No thank you!

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The Sarcasm Master

Niiiice! :D

Sam seems a little high-strung. Would be a negative but tacticians jobs are never easy. Wasn't expecting there to be two...not sure where it is going. But still nice to see Brittany and Jimmy! Great chapter!

5/9/2015 #4

@Sam: I'm glad you're okay with Sam being high-strung. I was worried you would hate it. He gets better, but for now, I can imagine it must be hard having your boss come in one day and being like "hey this dude's borderline taking your job, sorry pal."

5/9/2015 #5
The Sarcasm Master

@Joos: No prob.

Only suggestion: Needs more sarcasm.Hell, it's in the username. XD

5/9/2015 #6

@Sam: Absolutely! Once he warms up to our new recruit I'm sure he'll open those floodgates right the fuck up.

5/9/2015 #7


Brittany/Knifez are #SiblingGoals

Brittany: He has a nice ass at least. He screams like a girl though. ...I like it.

Brittany: So we're recruiting amnesiacs now are we? What's next, people in wheelchairs?

Brittany: Way to go new guy.

Joos: Please don't wink at me like that.

Brittany: Joos sleeps in my bed!

I think I found my favorite character at least until the next chapter :3

5/9/2015 #8
I'll Cover Angel and Collins

So I love myself and it's sad but you got me almost perfectly. xD

I love this so much LOL

5/9/2015 #9

Oh wow, Brittany's pretty hysterical. XD

I guessed Sam would be one of the protagonists from the conversation he had with Amanda a few days ago. I'm looking forward to seeing who else will be chosen.

5/9/2015 #10
Mr. CyborgPineappleIsland II
I have to say I like where this is going, and I feel that whatever place Brittany and Knifes are going is gonna be important to the story. Though i generally don't like to sit though introductions in stories, I'm actually enjoying your's. I can't wait to see where this story is headed and to see where even more different come in and interact. Say, when do you plan for the next chapter to come out?
5/9/2015 #11

@Daniel: We're aiming for every Wednesday and Saturday for the forseeable future!

5/9/2015 #12

Brittany is most definitely my favourite character right now. XD

Cool to see the addition of Jimmy and Sam too, though I wonder what difficulties will arise with having two tacticians.

Looking good! :D

5/9/2015 #13

I just wanna say, I love all the love everyone's showing this thing! It's making me super happy that we've even started it, because after two installments y'all are already making me feel more accomplished than I do with some of my really long fics.

When we update on Wednesday I hope you guys only love it more!!

5/9/2015 #14

Pretty cool!

Brittany seems alright, very funny xD. Although, I can see her becoming a bit of a joke character and her whole thing being OTT in the future (unless thats what you guys are aiming for, of course).

Looking forward to seeing new introductions and development between the ones we've already got!

5/11/2015 #15
I can see her becoming a bit of a joke character and her whole thing being OTT in the future (unless thats what you guys are aiming for, of course).

For now, yes. But just like everyone else who is better known for their crazy antics than being strong characters, well, there's going to be something to make 'em less joke-y and more serious. I won't say what or when, but sometime in this story the comic out of our comic relief characters might just dry up. c:

5/11/2015 #16
sometime in this story the comic out of our comic relief characters might just dry up. c:

Excellent upupupu.

5/11/2015 #17

Chapter 2: Arrows in the Wind

At the crack of dawn, the Shepherds are gathered around a table as Knifez enters.

Knifez: Alright everyone, today we start our march to the capital.

Joos: Everyone? So the Shepherds really are this small of a force?

Knifez: ...No, it seems there's a couple of people missing. Sam, have you seen our last two members?

Sam: Not in a couple of days.

Knifez: Huh. I'm sure they'll turn up. You know how the one is about his stories.

Joos: So, there's you, Sam, Florence, George, Grace, Jimmy, and two others. That's still only eight people. And you guys protect an entire nation?

Knifez: Not exactly. We're an elite task force. In times of war, we're the ones balls deep in enemy territory, infiltrating their capital and laying waste to higher-ups.

Sam: Those are the fun times, yes.

Knifez: During peaceful times like this one, we mostly handle small things that aren't important enough to send the military proper out to do,

George: And those are the less fun times. It gets so boring when the people you're cursing aren't properly trained. I can't put a permanent stupidity curse on someone who's already half way there!

Grace: And I don't get to do much either, because nobody gets hurt when it's just bandits and rowdy citizens.

Florence: You're all just babies. Being royalty, I'm thankful for the downtime.

Knifez: Alright, that's enough chatter. We need to get moving. There's a long march ahead of us.

Joos: Why isn't the headquarters just in the capital?

Knifez: Because the capital's a big enough target as it is. We can't draw even more attention to our most important city. So I chose this little village. It's quaint.

Sam: And when thieves don't know we're here, it's priceless to see the looks on their faces.

George: While they still have faces, that is.

Knifez: Now, if we're done quizzing Knifez, let's get going already, yeah? I haven't seen my sister in weeks and I'd like to get to have some down time before the big meeting.

Florence: But I'm right here!

Knifez: That's not funny. It's never been funny. Let's go.

Jimmy: Should we wait for the others?

Knifez: They'll catch up.

A few hours into the journey, the Shepherds happen upon a large group of bandits, most of whom are atop horses.

Sam: Oh look, company.

Jimmy: They look like common thieves. Should we leave them be?

Joos: I'm going to guess not. Knifez has been in a hurry all da—

Knifez: Aw, what the hell. Let's kick some ass.

Joos: Or, you know, we'll take them.

Sam: Well, let's get started!

Joos: It looks like this group is composed mainly of horseback riders.

Sam: Mounted units. Great. Man, if only we had some wind magic or, you know, arrows to shoot at them! Boy, that would really come in handy right now!

Joos: What the hell are you on about?

Sam: It'll all make sense eventually. But until then, let's do this. Florence, I want you to head down that way and—

Knifez: Joos, you supervise again.

Sam: Wait, what?

Knifez: I can tell he still has a long way to go to prove himself to everyone, so until that happens, Joos is tactician unless stated otherwise.

Joos: Sorry, Sam.

Sam: No you're not.

Florence: Oh, get over it. Joos, just remember to pair me up with someone hot, okay?

Joos: Pair you up?

Knifez: Right, you don't know about that. See, sometimes, we pair up and have two people support each other. It makes us more efficient at dispatching enemies and lets some people get to know each other better.

Joos: Makes sense. Do you choose partners or...?

Knifez: We usually have Sam tell us who to partner with.

Joos: That sounds a bit less like supporting each other and more like being forced to cooperate, so to help things along, I'm letting you guys choose your partners.

Knifez: Fair eno—


Joos: Oh, god damn it.

Sam: That's what you get for changing things up so suddenly.

Thief: HEY! Guys, I found some travelers! Let's rob 'em blind!

Knifez: Well, looks like we lost the element of surprise. Joos, let's do this!

Joos: Alright, everyone pair up and let's go.

Grace: George, me and you!

George: You got it.

Sam: Knifez, let's go.

Jimmy: What about me?

Joos: If you're the odd one out, I guess just stay safe.

Jimmy: I can do that.

The battle begins. The Shepherds struggle at first due to having been discovered by the speedier horseback units. However, a few minutes into the fight, things are made a lot easier when a boy and a girl step onto the battlefield.

Sam: Hey! Pika! I'm so glad to see you!

Pika: Hey guys! Sorry we're late. Josh had a really involved story to tell me. Like, really involved.

Josh: I apologized profusely, if that helps. It completely slipped my mind that we had business of the utmost importance to attend to in a fortnight's time. But I have wrapped my tale up and now we are both ready to partake in the spoils of war.

Sam: Perfect. Joos, these guys have that wind magic and those arrows I was talking about earlier. I'm switching to pairing with Pika. Now we can take these guys.

Joos: Right. Knifez, I guess you get Josh or Jimmy now.

Josh: Oh, is this a new recruit? I am ever so delighted to meet yo—

Knifez: Introductions can wait! Let's gut these guys before they gut us!

George: Oh, I don't think I've ever gutted anyone before! Sounds fun.

With Josh and Pika in the battle, things start to sail much smoother. Pika aims her arrows perfectly and knocks the thieves off their horses with pinpoint precision and Josh knocks them off their feet with his powerful wind magic. Once every bandit is taken care of, the Shepherds settle down, ready to stop traveling for the night.

Josh: So I never got to properly introduce myself. My name is Josh. You may call me such.

Joos: Hi Josh, I'm Joos.

Josh: Delightful to meet you!

Pika: And I'm Pika. Best damn archer this side of Waydrn.

Joos: Wonderful to meet you. I can tell you're well liked. Sam's face when he saw you said as much.

Sam: Don't act like you can read me after two days.

Joos: Sorry.

Florence: Josh, since you and I have the same taste in men, I can tell you I already checked and Joos has a sweet ass.

Josh: Thank you for letting me know ahead of time.

Joos: I...okay.

Knifez: You'll get used to it.

Joos: If you say so.


When two units pair up, they build support between them. When their support gets high enough, conversations ensue. Everyone has three levels of support with everyone else: C, B, and A. Certain pairs of units also get an S support. Couples with S supports get married and are among the most experienced fighters on the battlefield. They also get an additional perk that will be apparent when the time comes.

5/13/2015 . Edited 5/27/2015 #18

The first three support conversations will come later today!

5/13/2015 #19

So I love having the wind magic and with my introduction, you nailed me perfectly. I couldn't stop smiling and I can't wait to see what abilities I will have.

Brittany: Josh, since you and I have the same taste in men, I can tell you I already checked and Joos has a sweet ass.

Josh: Thank you for letting me know ahead of time.

OMG! I literally laughed my butt off!!!! x''D.. That was like the best part of the chapter and I can tell that me and Brittany are going to get along fine.

5/13/2015 #20

I think Josh and Pika are a bit obnoxious, what with Josh's overly articulate wordy what of speaking and Pika's arrogance.

Loving the Joos/Sam conflict and I can see Sam/Pika being prevalent.

5/13/2015 #21

Support Conversations for Chapter 2!

Today's supports are based on who the characters paired up with in the chapter, whereas future conversations may be based on what characters interact in the chapter or even who y'all want to see interact! Support conversations are great for character building, especially since the character roster is going to get so big, it'll be hard to give everyone equal spotlight. These, along with being a key gameplay mechanic in Fire Emblem Awakening, will be great for us to give development to people who would have to take an unfortunate backseat otherwise. Today's three supports are between Knifez and Josh, Florence and Joos, and Grace and George. If you would like to skip to one, I highly recommend using the ctrlF function. Without further ado, here are the first three support conversations!

Knifez and Josh

Knifez: Hey! Josh! What are you doing? We've been calling for you for hours!

Josh: My apologies. I managed to get my hands on a new novel and have been reading it nonstop since. What is the occasion?

Knifez: We're going out on patrol, and you've been slacking on your duties. Means you're coming with tonight.

Josh: Me? But the light is beginning to fade into shadows and I am not resorting to using magic to assist me in my reading endeavor. Is there any way you could bypass bringing me along and choose someone else, just this time?

Knifez: Not today.

Josh: But there are bound to be others who would be interested in spending time patrolling with you.

Knifez: I said not today. Are we going to keep arguing, or are you going to listen to your leader and do your duty?

Josh: …It seems there is no choice but to obey you.

Knifez: That's the last time I ever force you to come patrol with me. I didn't understand a single word you said for a good chunk of that. Were you trying to bore and confuse me?

Josh: I was simply telling you about the different species of wildlife we were encountering. I was unaware that plants such as—

Knifez: No. No more. I'm a smart guy, but I don't think plant identification is my forte.

Knifez and Josh attained support level C.

Florence and Joos

Florence: Joos! Oh, JOOS! Joos! Where are you?

Joos: Stop yelling. Everyone in the camp is going to start getting ideas.

Florence: It could be worse. I could be moaning and screaming your name. Would you prefer that? OH, JOO—mph!

Joos: No, that's quite enough! What did you need me for?

Florence: Oh, nothing. I just wanted to tell you about how great you were today.

Joos: Oh, it was nothing. Thanks, though.

Florence: … Am I making you uncomfortable?

Joos: A little bit, but I've been told I get used to it, so you're fine. I don't want to stop you from being yourself.

Florence: Good. That means I can do this. OOH, JOOS~

Joos: Stop!!

Florence and Joos attained support level C.

Grace and George

George: And sha-ZAM! Ah ha ha ha ha! No more internal organs for you, mister! Or miss...wait, it doesn't matter anymore!

Grace: George, what are you doing? I heard you casting spells. Is something wrong? Did someone sneak into camp?

George: Nope, I was just practicing.

Grace: Kind of hard to curse a training dummy.

George: I know. That's why I used this raccoon instead.

Grace: Oh my god! George, that poor animal did nothing to you!

George: Psh, of course it did. It, uh, stole my...socks.

Grace: That's not okay! I thought you were better than that.

George: Alright, alright. Next time I'll practice on something less innocent. Like a wasp. Fuck those guys.

Grace: THANK you.

Grace and George attained support level C.

5/13/2015 . Edited 5/27/2015 #22

Yeah, definitely don't see any of those people being friends in the future. especially Knifez and Josh and Brittany and Joos xD.

Very funny stuff, though!

5/13/2015 #23
My favorite thing about the Support Conversations is that they're the first contribution to this of mine. xD
5/13/2015 #24

I like the second chapter, even if it's mostly just for information and two character introductions. As for my impressions of the characters...

Pika: She's confident, good, but not monotone arrogant like some people (*whistles innocently*) like to write her. And was that a hint of Sika I saw? Very nice!

Josh: I'm not sure what I think of him yes. I'm in agreement with Knifez, his attitude and use of big words is grating, but it's possible you intended him to be that way?

Two chapters to the 4/5 character dump! EEE! Not that I was unhappy with this chapter or will be with the next of course :3

5/13/2015 #25
Sam: Hey! Pika! I'm so glad to see you
Pika: And I'm Pika. Best damn archer this side of Waydrn.

Joos: Wonderful to meet you. I can tell you're well liked. Sam's face when he saw you said as much.

Sam: Don't act like you can read me after two days.

Sheesh, even the amnesiac ships us. /shot

But yaaay, I appear and shoot arrows! And I'm not an Ai Haibara expy like I'm always written! Whoo! okay but ai is actually pretty rad

I may not know much about Fire Emblem, but this forum version alone gives me a pretty good idea on what it is. So, cool! I love how everyone is pretty much written, especially Brittany. So, yeah. Eagerly awaiting more!

5/13/2015 #26
Lmao Pika only had two lines and she's already marked down as arrogant. Nice.

I liked this part too! With the new additions, it seems like the party's fairly well-rounded in terms of skills. The character interactions were also cool to see! :)

5/13/2015 #27

I was told to post these here.

In case you were wanting visuals on a few of our lovely Shepherds so far. c:

5/13/2015 #28

I've read everything and this is just awesome so far! All the characters are likeable so far but my favourites are Brittany and Josh. I know you guys will do good with the next chapter!

Also @Amanda: Once again, great picture!! :D

5/14/2015 #29
I'll Cover Angel and Collins

Was gonna go to bed but decided to read this. I'm probably going to get called mean for this but here it goes, I'm really hoping Josh's character dies or something. The way you're writing him using overly big words makes me think he's trying to hard and I'd like to see him die. Josh thinks we're going to get along well? I disagree. I started skipping through some of his parts.

I also love the way you're writing me, but I feel like a homewrecker for hitting on Joo's in this story. I have this urge to say sorry even though he's the one who wrote this. I feel like as my Brother, Knifez and I get along well and you should have us talk about dicks, because we actually do that. He also lied to me today about Green's dick so if you want to make things awkward you can have us talk about Green's dick, I'm sure Green would love you for that.

I'm going to bed now.

5/14/2015 #30
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