The Maximum Ride Experience
This is a basic Role Play where you get to become a Muntan, A whitecoat or an Eraser . Can you survive with out getting caught by an Eraser or whitecoat or will you be doomed to fall under. Not all entries can be mutants we are going need some whitecoats and erasers. Have any questions you can pm me. Please come and join this fourm has been inactive for a while and we are looking for more rpers to join. Everyone is welcome!
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That Person1234567890

Cliché: a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.

Do not be cliché on this forum. We enjoy genuine uniqueness and original ideas.

Some overused plots or items:

Clones: Whether it be someone died and was cloned, or someone remade, this is a way too common choice.

Expiration dates: This is self explanatory. Yes, it may be dramatic, but it's rp'ed so much that it has lost its shine.

Bad to Good: This is when an evil character switches sides. There's been enough.

Mind Reading: Yeah, lately there's been a lot of characters who have this power...

Randomly Hurt: This is when a character is perfectly fine and happy, and them they suddenly fall or a squad of Erasers suddenly attack them, etc. You get it. It's just like someone makes their character hurt to interrupt other's rp'ing for attention.

Siblings/Parents/Family: All of the sudden characters are being linked as relatives. Think of something else.

Self Harm/Alcoholic Influence/Suicide: When looking for trouble to put your character into, think of something else. Self harm and suicidal attempts are starting to seem desperate and a little bit of an overkill.

Pity: Your. Character. Can. Suck. It. Up! End of story. Whining about it doesn't fix it, so maybe try a new approach. Like maybe this turned them evil...?

Please take these things into consideration while RP'ing. It is extremely rude to the people who came up with these to copy. Be original, not cliché.

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