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Just so Sirius

The teenagers take a short course at a university.....

11/21/2013 #1

Yeahh brooooo......

11/21/2013 #2
Just so Sirius

Maddie finished unpacking her bags in hers and Erika's dorm room.

11/21/2013 #3

Charlie and Jayden were unpacking smiling

(Are Ryan and Katie here ?)

11/21/2013 #4
Just so Sirius

(Yeah, Katie can be sharing with Eva and Ryan with Caleb??)

Ryan sat on his bed as he finished unpacking.

Maddie smiled and laid back on the bed.

11/21/2013 . Edited 11/21/2013 #5


Charlie called Maddie

Katie skipped to Ryans room smiling

11/21/2013 #6
Just so Sirius

Maddie picked up the phone "hello?"

Ryan opened the door and smiled at her.

(What should we do about the Kyron situation?)

11/21/2013 #7

(he could be there but pining for her, maybe she could come later?)

Charlie smiled "hey baby"

Katie jumped into his arms

11/21/2013 #8
Just so Sirius

(Mehh, just go with it, they're only gonna be there for like 3 weeks, so maybe they see him at the weekends??)

Maddie smiled "Hey"

Ryan picked her up spinning her around.

11/21/2013 #9

Charlie smileed "What room are you in?"

Katie kissed him "nice room"

11/21/2013 #10
Just so Sirius

"416, you?" Maddie smiled.

"thank you, where abouts are you?" Ryan asked.

11/21/2013 #11

"One floor above you babe. 518" he smiled

Katie smiled "Down the hall"

11/21/2013 #12
Just so Sirius

Maddie laughed "I'll be sure to pay you a visit... during the night."

Ryan smiled "Good, you're close to me"

11/21/2013 #13

Charlie rumbled "Please" (Wait where is naomi, maybe if Naomi shared with maddie Charlie and Jayden could swap)

Katie smiled "I would prefer to be here"

11/21/2013 #14
Just so Sirius


Maddie smiled "I would come now but I have a class in a minute"

Ryan smiled "so would I, but if you need me you know were I am " he said seriously.

11/21/2013 #15

Charlie growled "I hate the idea of them not knowing how close i need to be to you"

Katie sighed "I have class"

11/21/2013 #16
Just so Sirius

Maddie sighed "baby it will be okay" she said and put the phone on louder speaker so she could pack her school bag.

Ryan kissed her head "I'll walk you there"

11/21/2013 #17

Charlie was doing the same "What class have you got baby?"

Katie nuzzled him and began to walk

11/21/2013 #18
Just so Sirius

"history, you?" Maddie told him.

Ryan held on to her hand.

11/21/2013 #19

"Politics" Charlie groaned

Katie smiled and walked to her class not wanting him to leave

11/21/2013 #20
Just so Sirius

Maddie grimaced, "nice. I'm coming to your room now, see you in a few" she said and hung up, walking to his room.

Ryan held her waist and looked in the door to see how many guys were in there.

11/21/2013 #21

Katie sighed "Baby you cant stop me because of guys. I am yours remember" she said as a group of guys walked into the class

Charlie smiled and left the door open for her

11/21/2013 #22
Just so Sirius

Ryan growled slightly looking at them and hugged her tightly.

Maddie walked in and jumped on his back.

11/21/2013 #23

Katie purred and kissed him in front of everyone to prove her point

Charlie laughed and pulled her into his arms

(Bed time now bub not in the mood ://)

11/21/2013 #24
Just so Sirius

Ryan smiled kissing her back.

Maddie smiled and kissed his neck "come on or I'm going to be late."


11/21/2013 #25

Katie smiled and held him close Does that prove my point ?

Charlie rumbled "I dont want you to go"

11/24/2013 #26
Just so Sirius

Ryan kissed her gently and walked her into the class and sat her at a desk furthest away from the boys.

Maddie took his hand and walked out "I can't miss my first lesson"

11/24/2013 #27

Katie smiled "Stay with me?"

11/24/2013 #28

Charlie sgihed but nodded "Fine"

11/24/2013 #29
Just so Sirius

Ryan sighed "I'm staying outside the door, I've already asked the teacher but he said I wasn't allowed in" he said and his eyes started to glow slightly.

Maddie smiled "you okay?"

11/24/2013 #30
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