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Charlie smiled "hard not to when I see you in front of me"

"I dont want to sleep"

12/18/2013 #721
Just so Sirius

Maddie rolled her eyes "Just hold me up and wash me" she giggled.

"How come? Is something wrong" he asked worried.

12/18/2013 #722

Charlie smiled "I will try"

Katie held him close "I dont want nightmares"

12/18/2013 #723
Just so Sirius

Maddie smiled and held onto his arm, just in case.

Ryan sat up sharply "What nightmares?!"

12/18/2013 #724

Charlie smiled and pickedher up carrying her to the shower

"When i am alone I try not to sleep. I .. theyre awful you cant save ignore me let me die"

12/18/2013 #725
Just so Sirius

Maddie kept her arms around his neck.

Ryan looked at her shock ked and wrapped her in his arms, rocking her "Never! I will always protect you" He said his eyes glowing.

12/18/2013 #726

Charilie held her close

Katie sobbed into his chest "I couldnt save you either you died"

12/18/2013 #727
Just so Sirius

Maddie laid her head on his chest.

Ryan rocked her "shh baby, it was a dream"

12/18/2013 #728

Charlie carried her walking into the shower

Katie sobbed "I dont get them if i dont sleep"

12/18/2013 #729
Just so Sirius

Maddie laughed "you'll get your clothes wet."

Ryan shook his head "You're going to sleep, I'll be right next to you, I won't let them hurt you again"

12/18/2013 #730

Charie smiled and stripped quickly

Katie held him close and pulled on his t-shirt "I love you"

12/18/2013 #731
Just so Sirius

Maddie bit her lip, smiling.

"I love you too, now sleep, I'm here I promise" He whispered, stroking her hair.

12/18/2013 #732

Charlie laughed "No indecent thoughts"

Katie closed her eyes and breathed in his scent quickly falling asleep

12/18/2013 #733
Just so Sirius

Maddie smiled "Sorry baby"

Ryan stayed awake while she slept.

(Going now night x)

12/18/2013 #734

Charlie laughed

Katie nuzzled him and held him close

12/18/2013 #735
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