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grey wolves Role play all main characters included invite only (Unless I have given you permission to invite others ) Have fun !
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Charlie held them both

Kyron bit into Eli's Side

9/10/2015 #2,971
Just so Sirius

Eli howled and fought back.

Maddie hid her face in Charlie's neck.

Anna watched scared.

9/10/2015 #2,972

Kyron kept fighting going for his throat.

Charlie watched gritting his teeth

9/10/2015 #2,973
Just so Sirius

Maddie was whimpering.

Eli slipped a little, but regained himself and scratched down Kyron's side.

Anna screamed a little.

9/10/2015 #2,974

Kyron howled and stepped back

Charlie growled.

9/10/2015 #2,975
Just so Sirius

Anna tried to lunge for him.

Maddie tried to get to her son.

9/10/2015 #2,976

Charlie held back Maddie and Anna pulling them both in close.

Kyron looked at his mother and mate and growled and launched for Eli.

9/10/2015 #2,977
Just so Sirius

Charlie! Let me go!!! That's our baby!!

Eli stumbled.

Anna watched in hope.

9/10/2015 #2,978

Kyron grabbed his neck Turn away love

Charlie held onto her I cant love you knw I cant

9/10/2015 #2,979
Just so Sirius

No I want too see you kill him.

Maddie tried pushing him away to get to her baby.

Eli tried pulling away.

9/10/2015 #2,980
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