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private for 2 families

3/13/2014 #1
Empress Gypsy

Numeria smiled as she ran her brush through Selene's long white hair."You're growing up so fast. I remember when I first held you in my arms."

Selene hugged Numeria."I love you, Mom."

3/13/2014 #2

Leo watched smiling "I remember too" he said

3/13/2014 #3
Empress Gypsy

Kage rolled his silver eyes, which were just like his sister's, leaning against the door way. His jet black hair kinda had a purplish tint to it. Kage was dressed in his usually clothing: black combat boots, black pants, black long sleeve shirt and, his black cloak. Yeah, I bet you can guess what he's like.

3/13/2014 . Edited 3/13/2014 #4

Jonah came in earing jeans and a t-shirt

3/13/2014 #5
Empress Gypsy

Selene smiled at him."Hey Jonah. What are you doing here?"

3/14/2014 . Edited 3/14/2014 #6

"My mum wanted to know if Leo and Numeria wanted to go to the market with her and my dad" he smiled

3/14/2014 #7
Empress Gypsy

Numeria smiled and stood up, looping her arm around Leo's."Of course, we would love to."

3/14/2014 #8

Leo held her close

Jonah smiled

3/14/2014 #9
Empress Gypsy

Numeria pulled Leo along."Lets go."

Selene smiled as she watched her parents then walked to a door in the room that entered into her room.

3/14/2014 #10

Lucy was in her room with Noah

Leo walked with her

Jonah smiled "Want to hang out ?"

3/14/2014 #11
Empress Gypsy

Noah hugged Lucy close."Do you think they'll come?"

Selene shrugged."Sure, why not?"

3/14/2014 #12

Leo walked in

Lucy smiled "Yep" she laughed

Jonah smiled and looked at Cage

3/14/2014 #13
Empress Gypsy

Numeria smiled."Hey, Lucy. Hey, Noah."

Kage watched Jonah closely.

3/14/2014 #14

Jonah smiled "you in?" he asked as Daniella walked in

Lucy smiled "Hey"

3/14/2014 #15
Empress Gypsy

Kage left without saying a word.

Selene smiled when Daniella walked in."Hey."

3/14/2014 #16

Jonah sighed

Daniella watched him leave

3/14/2014 #17
Empress Gypsy

Selene hugged the two."Don't worry he just likes being alone."

3/14/2014 #18

Jonah hugged her back

Daniella smiled

3/14/2014 #19
Empress Gypsy

"So what should we do?"Selene asked

"Ready to go?"Numeria asked

3/14/2014 #20

"get into trouble" Daniella smiled

Lucy nodded

3/14/2014 #21
Empress Gypsy

Selene rubbed her hands together."Now we're talking."

3/14/2014 #22
Little miss lupei

Daniella laughed

3/16/2014 #23
Empress Gypsy

Selene put her hair up in a ponytail."Alright, you two lead the way,"she said, grabbing her dagger and shoving it in her boot.

3/16/2014 #24
Little miss lupei

Jonah smiled

Daniella clapped "What kind of trouble"

3/16/2014 #25
Empress Gypsy

"Yes, Jonah. What kind if trouble are we going to get into?"she grinned

3/16/2014 . Edited 3/16/2014 #26
Little miss lupei

"It much trouble you in for?"

3/17/2014 #27
Empress Gypsy

Selene grinned."As much as I can get into."

3/17/2014 #28
Little miss lupei

"We could sabotage a meeting ?"

3/17/2014 #29
Empress Gypsy

"Heck yes!"Selene fist punched the air.

3/17/2014 #30
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