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Just so Sirius

Dylan sat on his daddys lap.

Alyssa stood up grabbing the camera on the side.

Jon kissed her gently "I love you too"

10/8/2013 #91

Tristan showed him how to hold her and then put her in his arms supporting Dylans arms from underneath

Katie smiled at them

10/8/2013 #92
Just so Sirius

Alyssa snapped the picture of the three of them, smiling.

Dylan smiled rocking her gently.

10/8/2013 #93

Tristan smield "Thats it"

Katie giggled

Tara yawned

10/8/2013 #94
Just so Sirius

Jon rubbed her back gently.

Dylan smiled "she really pretty"

Alyssa nodded "she's beautiful"

10/8/2013 #95

"Like mummy" Tristan whispered

Tara giggled and moaned "Hmm"

10/8/2013 #96
Just so Sirius

Dylan nodded "She be beautiful like mummy"

Alyssa blushed.

Jon smiled pulling her close to him.

10/8/2013 #97

Tristan smiled "Yes she is "

Katie reached for a cuddle

Tara smield and yawned

10/8/2013 #98
Just so Sirius

Dylan held her tightly to him.

Alyssa smiled at the two of them.

"go to sleep baby" Jon said kissing her head.

10/8/2013 #99

Tristan smiled "Is it bed time now?"

Katie made sleepy noises

Tara kissed his cheek

10/8/2013 #100
Just so Sirius

Alyssa nodded "I think so" she said smiling when Dylan yawned.

Jon smiled "Goodnight, I love you"

10/8/2013 #101

"Alyssa love take Katie while I put DYlan to bed" he smiled "Hey big boy its bed time"

Tara nodded and closed her eye s

10/8/2013 #102
Just so Sirius

Jon kissed her lips gently as she closed her eyes.

Alyssa picked Katie up holding her close and kissed Dylan's head. "night sweetie."

Dylan smiled "night mummy, night Katie" he said kissing her cheek.

10/8/2013 #103

Tristan got him changed and into his bed laying beside him

Katie whined

10/8/2013 #104
Just so Sirius

Dylan looked at Tristan "I'm glad your happy daddy"

Alyssa rocked her gently "shh baby, mummy's here"

10/8/2013 #105

Tristan smiled "I am happy to have you all" he told him

Katie looked at where dylan had gone

10/8/2013 #106
Just so Sirius

Dylan smiled hugging his dad.

Alyssa kissed her head "He's gone to bed baby girl"

(going now night x)

10/8/2013 #107

Katies bottom lip wobbled and waved her hand

Tristan held him close

10/8/2013 #108
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