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where Elrond and his kids live.

7/24/2015 #1

(I dont know where we are up to on the Hobbit timeline)

Delebeth was doing what she did best at; Avoiding other people. Winter was approaching fast this year and though is was barely halfway through autumn the roof of her new shed in Coldfells had collapsed under the weight of a light dusting of snow. It had also killed her last two hens and Delebeth was not going to survive the winter without a good shed and chicken broth. Another concern was the rising amounts of Orc packs emerging from the Ettenmoores, hense her second trip to Bree in a fortnight. If there was anywhere to find prime gossip it would be The Prancing Pony.

The Rivendell road was unusually busy recently, much to Delebeth's irritation. She had had to change her route multiple times to avoid all kinds of nasties and had to have her hood pulled almost the entire journey to keep her complexion from curious Elven eyes. Seems like something was causing a stir...

8/26/2015 #2
(Oh sorry they are on the road by horse.)
8/28/2015 #3
Tris rides on her horse around the woods. She has her hood up to cover her elf ears.
8/28/2015 #4

Delebeth had diverged from the road to avoid the squadron of mounted elven scouts who would have surely investigated her when they noticed their horses acting aggressively and was now walking through the forest. She kept an eye open and her hood up but otherwise let herself relax into a stroll and took a moment to appreciate the surroundings.

8/29/2015 #5
Tris ties her horse to the tree. She feeds the horse a few carrots. She starts the campfire. She goes to hunt animals. She shot down a deer and rabbit. She cuts the organs and skin out. She cooks the meat.
8/29/2015 #6

Delebeth stops when she hears the scream of a dying deer and places her hand on the hilt of her looted dagger. She was close to the road and so it was unlikely to be an orc pack but hunting was unusual around Rivendell (A place where the majority were vegetarians) and so she kept her guard up. She continued on cautiously, catching the smell of smoke. She debates going around it but decides to investigate. If it is another traveller she will just move on.

8/30/2015 #7
Tris throws water over the fire. She has her hand on her sword. She sense someone close by. She said,"who's there? "
8/30/2015 #8

Delebeth freezes as she hears a feminine voice call out. The stranger must be just around the shrub Delebeth is behind and had obviously sensed her. There was no use running away now, unless she wanted an arrow or knife in her spine.

Sheathing her dagger but keeping her hand on the hilt Delebeth emerged into the clearing.

8/31/2015 #9
Tris looks at the young elfling. "Hello. I'm Tris. Who are you?"
8/31/2015 #10

Delebeth tilted her head slightly, considering the elf before her. 'Tris' seemed to be pretty open to strangers, especially an armed one such as herself.

She checked her cloak, making sure it fully concealed her before nodding her head. Her hand left its place on the rugged orcish dagger's hilt.

"I'm Delebeth...uh...Nice to meet you?"

She shuffled the rucksac on her shoulder.

9/3/2015 #11
"Nice to meet you too." Tris said. "Why are you out here alone?" She can tell the elfling is armed and can fight.
9/4/2015 #12

Delebeth narrowed her luminous eyes at Tris. Her curiousity made the Elf/Uruk-hai crossbreed uneasy. She glanced upwards through the treetops, noting that the sun had past noon and was now on its afternoon treck towards the horizon. She wasn't on a time limit to get to Bree but at the same time camping by herself in a forest inhabited by trolls (who most definitely could smell her) wasn't her idea of a fun time. Delebeth refocused on the Elven woman before her. "Why are you out here alone?"

9/8/2015 #13

Tris said,"i'm just here to camp for the night before traveling on to another city."

9/10/2015 #14

Delebeth raised an eyebrow at the obscurity of the elf's proclaimation but did not question it (she understood caution towards strangers). She took a small step back.

"Well this has been...enlightening, but I'll be going now-"

A sharp series of loud rustles right of the duo cut Delebeth short and she twisted around, dagger in her hand and at the ready.

9/12/2015 #15
Tris hears the noise that she turns around and has her swords out.
9/12/2015 #16

A large black boor springs from the bushes, hot breaths heaving from its wet nose as it speeds its way past the two women. It was a male, perhaps only half way to full maturity and seemed to be driven by fear rather than angression. Delebeth (in a moment of lapsed judgement) threw her dagger at the beast and as always it shot meters away from the target and disappeared into the brush. The male pig made a crying screech and quickened its pace towards the undergrowth.

9/12/2015 #17

Tris puts away her swords.

"are you traveling somewhere too?"

9/14/2015 #18

Delebeth watched the boar scuttle into the forest before feeling through the bushes for her lost knife. She glanced back at the Elven woman at her question, debating how much information to give.

"I am travelling...west."

She felt her gloved fingers come into contact with a serrated edge and grasped for the dagger handle, pulling it through the shrub branches. Delebeth wiped the dirt from it on her cloak and returned it to her belt.

9/17/2015 #19
Tris said, "alright. I am just going to visit different cities."
9/19/2015 #20
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