Why Gary Oldman Singlehandedly Ruined Harry Potter
All right. He had a little help from Boy Without Lily’s Eyes, Ye Olde Strapped On Eye, Less Bushy and Always Terrified. But most of all from the one of near equal guilt: David Thewlis.
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All right, in the interests of starting the forum afresh in the direction the title clearly intends it to go, this is the orignial first post that now begins a forty page drama that has go so far off topic my eyes start spinning just thinking about it: I know that in the fifth book it informed us that Sirius used to be good looking. I don't care how much time he spent in Azkaban, he should have at least given the impression that at one time people might have found it pleasing to look at him. And I seem to recall it saying somewhere that Sirius did NOT go completely insane while locked up. I don't think Gary Oldman got the memo...seriously, he has like two scenes at the end and for the first one he's a complete nutcase! Sirius was supposed to be tall- or at least he was supposed to be taller than Remus (who was also subject to a horrible actor- and what was with the mustache?! Remus had no mustache!!!). Gary Oldman couldn't even fill the basic requirment of that. Come on, who agree that he was the wrong choice for Sirius entirely? ...and if you disagree, please, by all means, attempt to defend him. I would like to add, also, to the end of this post, that while the main objective of the forum is to discuss the merits and faults of Gary Oldman as Sirius Black, all other actors in the movies are up for dicussion/debate.
5/25/2007 . Edited 10/8/2007 #1
AHEM!!! I agree... chop up the caterpillar and feed it to oompa-loompas...
5/25/2007 #2
5/27/2007 #3
Down in Gary Oldman? I think you mean WITH. His initials rhyme with BO
5/28/2007 #4
Yes that is what I meant. Haha, BO... That caterpiller guy must go too.
5/31/2007 #5
David thewlis...God, even his name sounds creepy too...poor Remus and Sirius
5/31/2007 #6
Its a Happy Bunny Life
ooh come on, David may be in need of a new surname and haircut, but he can be really nice looking (just read playwitch.net), but where the hell was the director? shouldn't he make sure these things didn't happen? (and that Oldman never got a job). I say the director is a Potter hater and is actually trying to corrupt Rowling's works by ruining every character in the book! Seriously! Think about it, Who decided to cut Daniels hair like that for the new movie? And who made him spill juice out of his mouth in GoF? And who hired Michael Gambon to play Dumbledore? It wasn't Chris who did it. The first two movies, witch were okay with their character choices if you can ignore that Harry's eyes are supposed to be green (and it was actually Rowling who hired Daniel), were directed by Chris Columbus. Then Alfonso Curaón directed the third and hired and instructed both Thewlis, Oldman and Gambon, and then Mike Newell made the mistake not to kick them out when he took over, and now David Yates is ruining the fifth by letting them stay. Conclusion: If we get rid of Yates and (replace him with a group of fangirls, we'll get what we all want "Dreamy looking Characters to drool over") Just kidding. ...gets Chris back, maybe he will correct all the mistakes the tree idiots made (and give Daniel a proper haircut). Sorry for interrupting.
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Remo Con
Ehh...I've seen Thewlis in another movie and he was still ugly as I've ever seen him as Sirius. But you're right, the problem (with the third one especially) is the director. We do blame Curaon for the masscre of PoA. We also blame the casting director. But most of all, I blame whoever got their sweaty little palms on the books and were allowed to write the script. The combination of this pool of ineptitude resulted in the scarring of many fans minds during that movie. I knew I hated Rowling. *moans* How can anyone be so disloyal to their own books? How could she let him get away with having blue eyes? Newell's biggest problem, besides the casting mishaps his own movie had (Moody, Crouch- both of Jr. and Sr.)- in addition to the ones he let stay- was the first task. Ridiculously over done for the movie. I mean, flying around the castle, was it really necessary? *tears yet more hair out in frustration* The previews for the fifth movie already have me cringing. It's possibly Yates might give Curaon a run for his money as worst director to ever adapt a book. *grins* All right, maybe not fangirls, but after witnessing the third and fourth movie, I vote strongly for getting Chris back just in time to direct the worst book of the series thus far. And trust me, your weren't interupting. We want other people's input. A lot.
6/5/2007 #8
Read this very entertaining bit on Thewlis from Wikipedia.... Thewlis' first major film role was as the rambling street philosopher Johnny in Naked (1993; dir. Mike Leigh), for which he was named best actor by the National Society of Film Critics (United States), the London Film Critics Circle, the Evening Standard, the New York Film Critics Circle and the Cannes Film Festival. Despite the dark nature of the film, he has been critically acclaimed for the role and it is seen as one of his best roles. The same year he appeared on television as the sexual predator James Jackson in Prime Suspect 3, opposite Helen Mirren and Ciaran Hinds. Through the 1990s, Thewlis appeared in a variety of films, mostly fantasy and period, including Restoration(1995), Black Beauty (1994), Total Eclipse (1995) with Leonardo DiCaprio, Dragonheart (1996), and Seven Years in Tibet (1997), opposite Brad Pitt (because of this film, Thewlis is barred from entering China). He was nominated for a British Independent Film Award for Divorcing Jack (1998), and played Clov in a (2000) television film of Samuel Beckett's Endgame. Notable appearances also include Bernardo Bertolucci's Besieged (1998) and Paul McGuigan's Gangster No. 1 (2000), opposite Malcolm McDowell. In 2004, he starred as Remus Lupin in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (dir. Alfonso Cuarón), a role he is to reprise in the coming film in the series: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. He originally auditioned for the role of Professor Quirrell in the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, but the role eventually went to Ian Hart. His acting talent also led him to a part in the Dinotopia movie as the villain, Cyrus Crabb. Recent credits include Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven (2005), Terrence Malick's The New World (2005) and The Omen (2006). As a director, he was nominated for a BAFTA for best short film for Hello, Hello, Hello (1995); he has also written, directed and starred in the feature Cheeky (2003). his ex-wife......a bit odd-looking, but whatever his girlfriend... poor girls the second paragraph describes how he is banned from China.....
6/5/2007 . Edited 6/5/2007 #9
Its a Happy Bunny Life
I never doubted that Thewlis was a great actor, I just said that he doesn't have to be as ugly looking as they make him in the film (there are no place in the books where it says that Remus looks like a mouse), and I've seen pictures where Thewlis actually looks decent. And the blue eyes are not the only problem with Daniel, he doesn't look like Harry at all! The book says that he is small and scrawny with a mop of black hair and green eyes, Daniel is taller then Ron, healthy looking, have brown hair and blue eyes, exactly how did they thought he looked like Harry again? It's a scandal! *hits my head against the wall* And then there is the worst scene ever! The scene in the hunted house (can't remember what it's called in English) In the book Sirius is like all sad but calm, but in the film he is completely insane and keeps screaming (and where was Hermione's cat, wasn't he supposed to save the idiot?). It's not Sirius! It's just some maniac running wild on the set. I copied this from Wikipedia: * Sirius has many tattoos in the film, though there is no mention of this in the books. * In the books Sirius is described as very tall - taller than both Lupin and Snape - but in the movie he is shortest of the three. * In the film, a news photo shows him screaming; however in the books it stated that Sirius was calm in Azkaban. This photo may be referencing his apparent insanity after Pettigrew betrayed the Potters, faked his own murder, and killed twelve Muggles in a street, leaving only Sirius among the wreckage. * According to Rowling, Snape is 35-37 years old at the conclusion of the fourth book (1995). As a school contemporary, Sirius should be approximately the same age, but all the characters in that generation are depicted as being slightly older (in their 40/50s) in the films. However, Sirius' harsh imprisonment in Azkaban eroded his good looks, making him appear older. Lupin is described as looking older and shabbier with his old robes and greying hair. Its just sad how many flaws there are! *shudders* No, actually, let's burn every trace there are that these film were ever made and force them to start over. This is just not worth saving! Thanks Remo I'll stick around then *smiles*
6/6/2007 #10
No,no, you misunderstood me. I was mocking him because I couldn't believe that so many directors actually hired the idiot. And of course he's ugly....never seen a good picture of him at all. And, in English, it's called the Shrieking Shack...
6/6/2007 #11
Remo Con
*grins* I'm glad to hear it, Happy. (or would you prefer Bunny? Though that reminds me of Sailor Moon...) The Shrieking Shack scene was a nightmare. *laughs* As soon as I saw it I started complaining about the same things you mentioned, how Sirius was in fact not supposed to be a raving lunatic and exactly what happened to Crookshanks? I seem to remember he was there. And Wikipedia had the right idea with that article. The height and age thing has bothered me to no end. And the tatoo bit I could live with, except you just know they only had them because they probably figured it looked more insane, which met with standards for the ruination of all characters. As far as Sirius having been in Azkaban, there's having been aged because of long torment and there's just actually being old. Gary Oldman was the latter. You know what I think the worst scene is, though? The one they totally made up. Harry and Remus having the little heart-to-heart on the bridge that isn't really there, talking about Lily while we *know* Remus was friends with James. *dryly* I think we know what couple Curaon was shipping. I have to say, I question that talent of anyone who becomes invovled with the Harry Potter production.
6/6/2007 #12
Its a Happy Bunny Life
Sorry Queen, then I misunderstood. But I still think David is a good actor and that he could get very far with a bit (okay, a lot) of training and that haircut. But even the greatest actor is a failure under a bad director, course he can keep saying "Thats not how he's supposed to be according to the book!", and anyhow, when the director stands there on the set and screams from the sideline to do it differently, it's pretty hard to maintain. A good picture can be found on But don't go if you're a minor *Smirks* Ha HA, Shrieking Shack! Thats the name! Thank you! I tends to forget the English names *Blush*, but hey, it's not my fault that Romeo Detlev was suddenly named Tom Riddle (or the other way around), they could just keep the names so the rest of the world wouldn't get confused, course they doesn't change them in the movies. Happy is fine Remo^-^ Yep, Crookshanks was there. He was sitting on Sirius' chest, trying to prevent Harry from harming him. Poor Crookshanks, he's nearly been cut out of the movie! And Gary has chubby cheeks, Sirius were supposed to be very underfed. *cringes* Ow I remember that scene at the bridge. Makes me wanna cry how they just throws in that kind of stuff.
6/7/2007 #13
Its a Happy Bunny Life
Sorry! My bad! Just watched PoA again (its been two years since i last watched it) and yes, David is bad too, so I'm done defending him now. My apologize Queen and Remo, for arguing over that sad, little, disappointing, Remus impostor! The whole movie is now officially a waste of time!
6/9/2007 #14
and I went to the link, before I saw the whole minor issue......that is not remotely sexy in any way. the only hot guys with mustaches are Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.
6/9/2007 #15
Its a Happy Bunny Life
Yadda yadda yadda.... THAT IS SEXY!!! HMPF... I love strong guys who can hold me tight and keep me warm and safe on cold nights and at the same time are able to keep a decent conversation about an educated subject.... AND!!! lots of guys are hot with mustaches! (Like my ex boyfriend for example)*Stick my tongue out at you*
6/11/2007 #16
but not Thewlis... I was listening to some music and realised that there are some perfect lyrics to describe Snape (canon, not fanon) When we grew up and went to school There were certain teachers Who would hurt the children any way they could "Ooof" (someone being hit) By pouring their derision Upon anything we did Exposing every weakness However carefully hidden by the kids (mananical laughter) But in the town it was well known When they got home at night Their fat and psychopathic wives would thrash them Within inches of their lives We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave the kids alone Hey, teacher leave the kids alone! All in all it's just another brick in the wall All in all you're just another brick in the wall We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave the kids alone Hey, teacher leave the kids alone! All in all it's just another brick in the wall All in all you're just another brick in the wall
6/11/2007 #17
*Sigh* I am soo behind... So to sum up my opinion...CERTAIN directors suck, CERTAIN actors suck, CERTAIN authors suck, CERTAIN writers suck, and CERTAIN casting director suck We the fans (mostly though the fan girls who get the appeal of certain characters)should take over all things Harry potter. And welcome Happy. My dad likes that song...
6/16/2007 #18
It''s like sooooo Snapy.....*sighs* if fangirls wrote Harry Potter, the world would blow up because there would be wars about who would be paired up with who.
6/16/2007 #19
Remo Con
*grumbling* This entering the image thing is annoying me... I know how you feel, Happy. You don't watch *it* because it's so bad. So you think maybe- just maybe- even if it's bad, it couldn't possibly be as bad as you've been saying it is. So you watch it again. And you realize it was worse than you ever remmebered. The sad part about the pairing wars, it it wouldn't even be divided down between slash vs. het. It would be brutal shipping battles to the last because they're so many characters with so many possibilities...
6/17/2007 #20
exactly....even within slash, there's so much...Sirius/ Remus, Sirius/James, Remus/James, Sirius/Harry, Remus/Harry, Harry/Draco, Draco/Blaise, Harry/F&G,...you get the point...
6/17/2007 #21
Its a Happy Bunny Life
sadly enough you're right... I watched the movie the first time with another HP-fangirl and neither of us could actually remember what happened in it, we were just like "Well... that was okay... I guess.......Okay, what happened? Didn't they cut away like half of the book?" we didn't even comprehend that it contained non-existing scenes and that them there were from the book were changed, and we have read the book like seven times or something. First second time we watched it did it register and then it was with five other fans there where also on second or third watch. One of the girls suddenly stopped the movie and asked if that where in the book course she didn't remember it and we spent the rest of the night stopping the movie and laughing every time we captured a mistake. But I was quit disappointed so I didn't watch it again until recently when I wrote to you right after (even though I bought it when it was relished). So yep, I guess I just wanted something to be good in it! ~Happy Bunny~ (\_/) (^.^) (")(")
6/18/2007 #22
Its a Happy Bunny Life
And PS: I'm a very brutal Siri/Remy shipper... I love both characters and I hate when evil people ruin them by employ bad actors *growls*
6/18/2007 #23
Remo, Shark (Katilovesedwardcullens) and I are all serious SB/RL shippers..but I do like Sirius with James or Harry. Remus could go with James, Lily, Harry or Snape....
6/18/2007 #24
Captain Arianna Trouble
The first two films were good: the third was terrible. The director (with the accented name I can't remember) should take most of the blame. I reread PoA yesterday and then watched the film. I spotted many problems. They are: 1. Lupin was not wolfy enough. His physical human characteristics should have been more thin and handsome. He was also supposed to transform into a wolf (that's why it is supposed to be hard to tell them apart from regular wolves. 2. Sirius was too crazy and had tats that shouldn't exist (sorry Mr. Oldman). I think a better Sirius Black would have been...Johnny Depp, maybe? With his long hair and silent brooding/lack of crazy? 3. Hagrid's hut moved, along with the Whomping Willow. They were fine where they were. If anyone can give me an honest, good reason why they had to be moved, I'd like to hear it. 4. Where was the Quidditch Cup? And Oliver Wood? I was waiting for the moment when McGonagall yells at Malfoy while Lee Jordan swears into the microphone...*Sigh* 5. And where was Pig? Of all the mistakes, they could have redeemed themselves by at least giving me Pig! Okay, I'm ranting. Sorry, but it had to come out.
6/26/2007 . Edited 6/26/2007 #25
I totally agree with everything you say, especially 1-3, but really all of it.... On the Sirius/Remus note, I have a new fic out, read it!!
6/26/2007 #26
Captain Arianna Trouble
And to round off my rant, where was the Marauder backstory? Where did it say James was an Animagus? *Headdesk* Fan girls should direct the movies from now on. I vote for that.
6/27/2007 #27
That was what pissed me off the most. In the series, I loved the Marauder connection of strong friendship/brotherhood...maybe slash...and they took it ALL out!!!
6/27/2007 #28
Captain Arianna Trouble
Most of the actors could still pull off thirteen...Let's kidnap them and re-film the entire movie! With fangirl changes, of course.
6/28/2007 #29
I agree that Gary Oldmen was a very poor choice for Sirius, but I think that David Thewlis was an awesome choice for Remus. He really portraid what I thought Remus would look like, but Gary was just a little eccentric with his role.
6/28/2007 #30
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