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That was pretty great. There was some wordbuilding with the Deep Web and how the Appmon there operate and are apparently in allegiance with Leviathan. Don't know why but after Drawmon reveals his true colors, a few of the jeering Appmon mentioned humans abusing them and how Leviathan set them free. I hope that's expanded upon. I wouldn't be surprised if Leviathan did this to in turn exploit and abuse him for his own ends, but it'd be interesting to explore how the Deep Web Appmon have genuine grievances against humans. The Applidrivers might try to help though I'm sure that'll be hampered by Globemon accidentally taking out a descent portion of the city and sending many of its inhabitants flying.

This is such a cool twist. How many seasons of Digimon have we seen where the protagonists try to reason with an uncaring villain character by arguing that Digimon are more than just data and need to be treated with respect? This is the first time the villain is using that logic to get neutral monsters behind it! While the Appdrivers surely respect and care about Appmon, ultimately their objective is to preserve the status quo and ensure that Appmon continue working for humans. I really do hope this is explored further.

Also to answer your question about last week's episode the cerberus's name was Pochi in Japanese.

3/30 #61

Not much to talk about with this clip show. There isn't even an in-universe framing device for it. I do say I was amused about how they tallied up the number of times Eri and Astra said their catchphrases. Astra's catchphrase is back to being grating for me again, which is going to be fun.

As for the new opening and ending…I like that the lyrics often have something to do with what's happening on screen. For example, the images of Astra and Eri moving away from their past struggles fits perfectly with the lyrics. Admittedly, this might be the same for other openings and endings but I forget the lyrics for most of them. What's interesting is the moment where it showed Hajime walking then replaced him with Hackmon. I don't know if that means Hackmon is Hajime, Hackmon has Hajime's data, or if they know each other in some way but finding that out's going to be interesting.

How weird that Haru's bedwetting accidentally made the shape of the continents. Though Mrs. Shinkai, don't post that without your son's permission, that's mortifying for him!

We haven't seen Watson's posse in forever and the two Appliyama 740 Idols that were with Eri in her debut episode have barely showed up since, so I wonder if we'll see more of them judging by their appearance in the opening. I wonder if they'll get even more dragged into the Appmon shenanigans.

Yuujin and Offmon switching between normal and mind-control eyes. Offmon seems like a shy sort, a contrast to what happens when he's not in control of himself.

And there's Not-Seto Kaiba, the high schooler CEO who apparently has a connection to the next four who are going to be villains. And he's holding some weird mask. Don't know if he's the evil boss or being manipulated. A red-outlined dragon goes after Haru and Gatchmon, which might be Leviathan.

The ending is cute and funny, and the song's nice, but I'm not sure if there's much to parse. Haru's grandfather Denemon Shinkai appearing could be just an amusing reference but it makes me think he mightn't be dead as thought. The symbols the Applidrivers interact with represent the apps the Appmon represent but I'm having difficulty divulging how Rei's and Yuujin's relate to their apps.

Next, cowboy Appmon appears as well the 5th Applidriver, which I'm sure won't cause any drama at all or who hasn't already been spoiled by the op/ed change.

4/4 #62
Not much to talk about with this clip show. There isn't even an in-universe framing device for it. I do say I was amused about how they tallied up the number of times Eri and Astra said their catchphrases. Astra's catchphrase is back to being grating for me again, which is going to be fun.

As for the new opening and ending…I like that the lyrics often have something to do with what's happening on screen. For example, the images of Astra and Eri moving away from their past struggles fits perfectly with the lyrics. Admittedly, this might be the same for other openings and endings but I forget the lyrics for most of them. What's interesting is the moment where it showed Hajime walking then replaced him with Hackmon. I don't know if that means Hackmon is Hajime, Hackmon has Hajime's data, or if they know each other in some way but finding that out's going to be interesting.

How weird that Haru's bedwetting accidentally made the shape of the continents. Though Mrs. Shinkai, don't post that without your son's permission, that's mortifying for him!

We haven't seen Watson's posse in forever and the two Appliyama 740 Idols that were with Eri in her debut episode have barely showed up since, so I wonder if we'll see more of them judging by their appearance in the opening. I wonder if they'll get even more dragged into the Appmon shenanigans.

Yuujin and Offmon switching between normal and mind-control eyes. Offmon seems like a shy sort, a contrast to what happens when he's not in control of himself.

And there's Not-Seto Kaiba, the high schooler CEO who apparently has a connection to the next four who are going to be villains. And he's holding some weird mask. Don't know if he's the evil boss or being manipulated. A red-outlined dragon goes after Haru and Gatchmon, which might be Leviathan.

The ending is cute and funny, and the song's nice, but I'm not sure if there's much to parse. Haru's grandfather Denemon Shinkai appearing could be just an amusing reference but it makes me think he mightn't be dead as thought. The symbols the Applidrivers interact with represent the apps the Appmon represent but I'm having difficulty divulging how Rei's and Yuujin's relate to their apps.

Next, cowboy Appmon appears as well the 5th Applidriver, which I'm sure won't cause any drama at all or who hasn't already been spoiled by the op/ed change.

Lack of in-universe framing device was a major disappointment. You'd think between Gatchmon's internet usage and Eri and Astra high on showmanship they'd have something more clever.

The Hajime/Hackmon thing has a bunch of interpretations. It could be as something more literal, or it could more symbolic in that Rei has gone from being alone with Hajime to being alone with Hackmon.

The Watson/Appliyama 470 girls/Afro Man shot is only interesting in the sense that Ai's in there too. Without her, it feels like "recurring characters that ultimately won't do much." But Ai feels like she's going contribute to the story somehow, which makes her inclusion in there interesting. Either way, I want to know what's up with Watson. He's done so little for being a featured character before the series started.

I've been wary of Denemon's supposed death since his episode, so his appearance in the ending does raise eyebrows.

Rei's and Yuujin's symbols are both seen on Hackmon and Offmon.

4/4 #63

...this is what happens when I skip OPs. I should go back and watch that, I think.

4/5 #64

Oh, if only the opening and ending have been delayed by two episodes. The shock for kid viewers that Yuujin was a Applidriver might have been preserved.

The enemy Appmon of the episode…is way too interested in farts for his own good. Is that his fetish or something? Eri being asked to use a not!Twitter account is interesting even if it's just to set up the conflict of the episode. It seems to mean she's making progress in her career and that she can make people happier in a more direct manner. I'd just hope she doesn't accidentally tweet anything that reveals her activities as an Applidriver. I can see something like that happening.

The real heart of the story is the conflict over whether to inform Yuujin about Appmon. I can understand Haru's trepidation about telling him but I wonder why he isn't also worried about Ai getting endangered. I surmise it's because he might try to get involved in the middle of the danger without an Appmon of his own and that would be very dangerous. With that in mind, Haru has his reasons for keeping mum.

And speaking of danger, oh does Satellamon bring it. His character seems to be based on the titular Kaiketsu Zubat character, which I haven't watched yet but seen photos of. He was amusing yet a genuine threat and he knocked Globemon out of the running. Maybe that signals the Applidrivers need to advance another level in the future. It was a good thing Yuujin came about. The glimpse of Offmon's shy personality and his relationship to Yuujin was sweet, with the latter being a supportive big brother figure yet still showing some impatience to the former. I'm interested in learning more about their partnership, how it came about, and where it shall go from here. They seem pretty genuine here but I wonder how Yuujin's creepy eyes are going to play in. I also wonder how that's going to effect the other Applidrivers and the closer bonds Yuujin and Offmon are going to develop with them.

In addition, there was more Surveillance State action from nearby cameras watching the Applidrivers. They didn't seem much connected with Satellamon. The last time we saw this was with Cameramon. Does this mean that Cameramon might be coming back? His Appmon chip got taken away by Mienumon and someone must be doing something with them at some point.

Great episode. Next time, we'll learn more about Offmon and how he might be a bit destructive if approached in the wrong way?

4/11 #65

Offmon was pretty cute in this episode, and it looks like that'll extend to the next episode as well. Though Gatchmon running away again? I wonder why they felt the need to repeat that...

I'm surprised Ai-chan wasn't surprised at all to see Yuujin as an Appli Driver - though the way she calmed down Offmon was awesome! The Appli Drivers finally meet the "Noooooooo!" guy. The new drive is able to load multiple Appmon (so not the one Appmon at a time rule or is an exception made because those guys belong to the others so it still averages out as 1:1?). We find out how Yuujin became an Appli Driver and there's a bit more detail as to why Yuujin's eyes go weird. And somebody else's fault. I'm disappointed. :( That looks like the Ryouma situation.

4/16 #66

Ah, interesting. So Yuujin and Offmon have actually been buddies for all of several hours at most. That's something I didn't see coming. How Yuujin got his Applidriver and Offmon was amusing. Whoever is handing these out sure has an interesting sense of humor. The question Yuujin got – "Is there a friend that you would give up your life top protect?" – certainly is ominous. I hope it doesn't mean anything permanently bad on the horizon.

Offmon certainly is cute. He is very socially anxious and when overwhelmed, prepares an attack as some sort of defense mechanism. When he's a safe distance from the others and they aim flattery and interest in his direction, he does appear to take it more positively.

Haru seems rather happy that Yuujin finally knows and is an Applidriver now. I thought him getting into this dangerous world might give Haru some pause and concern but then again, since Yuujin has Offmon and a Applidrive to defend himself and those he loves, it /mightn't be such an issue. His Applidrive Duo being able to give Appmon power boost through his own energy is interesting and Gatchmon, Dokamon, and Musimon wanting some piece of the action is amusing. Hopefully their Buddies wouldn't become too jealous before they get an Applidrive upgrade. The enemy Appmon was amusing, especially when he tried to reach his power level sign and eventually broke it out of frustration. His purification speech about reaching a scratch was relatable.

Ai making Offmon swallow his own attacks so as not to destroy the Applidriver hideaway was pretty hardcore. She has clearly dealt with many a difficult customers before and has adapted ways to deal with them. She is very unflappable if she takes Yuujin and Offmon in stride. I do like these little moments where we gradually learn more about her as a person. Hopefully she'll get some more focus and importance in the future as Leviathan continues to cause drama.

That ending with Yuujin and his mother elaborated on the mystery of his mind control eyes but brings up so many more questions. Is his mother a willing accomplice in controlling or brainwashing her son or is she controlled by Leviathan as well? When are the Applidrivers as well as Yuujin and Offmon themselves going to find out this? With how sensitive the latter is, I don't think he's going to take it well.

Yeah, Gatchmon running away again is a bit weird. Hopefully either a) it will make sense in context and another lesson will be learned and/or b) there's more that's going to happen than meets the eye. There's that weird man in the preview that might be important.

4/20 #67

Reviewing both episodes at once since I couldn't find time to do 29 last week.

29 seemed kind of a replay of Gatchmon running away during the Halloween episode, though I can understand why someone hardened and determined like Gatchmon might be annoyed at Haru fawning over some other Appmon, especially one with a lack of confidence and a lot of fear. But it does show what he, Dokamon, and Musimon are like amongst themselves. I was amused Musimon seemed to be into running away more for the lulz and Astra agrees with that. Meanwhile, Dokamon just wants to get affection from his precious Eri. They really are like little kids. When Musimon suggested they could run away from home to Yuujin's place, I thought of what was revealed last episode involving Yuujin's mother and how it'd make an interesting AU if the trio did decide to go there. That'd probably veer the series in a widely different direction, so I'd wait until the show's over before I consider developing the idea.

Gatchmon having the lost Souta boy as a foil to learn the lesson of the day is basic but decent. Watson (Boy it's been forever since we've seen him) seeing the Appmon and taking a picture of Gatchmon led to shenanigans like with the eccentric but I doubt his picture being posted online will lead to any ramifications beyond this episode. Haru also had a moment where he felt guilty that he might have been neglecting Gatchmon a bit and not considering his feelings. Another "Both sides did some wrong" kind of plot and I felt it was more genuine than in some other instances. The pair making up was sweet.

The information Yuujin revealed about Offmon was interesting. It's not so much he's shy but that as an offline game App he hasn't had any contact with people before, and having so many people around him after being by himself for so long is overwhelming. His lack of social skills means he isn't sure how to interact with others and might mean he's in perpetual fear of screwing up. There are glimpses he is slowly liking the attention and affection he receives. It'll be interesting to see how much he warms up to his new situation. Maybe by the end, his greatest fear might be represented by him being forced to be alone again.

Episode 30 beginning with Eri dramatically waxing lyrical about a piece of food was amusing. It reminded me of the little speeches Appmon gave when they were purified. It was kind of ridiculous yet it was getting her views. It makes me wonder if there are actual food reviewers who wax lyrical in such a dramatic fashion.

Now it's Dokamon's focus episode and it's pretty sweet. He's very dedicated and passionate, to the point he understands a lot about the food reports and reviews when dealing with MariPero. He knew something was wrong with MariPero's reviews being more about score points and the time it took for her to finish them, but he had some difficulty articulating it, or being a bit too pointed in his criticisms. When Eri called him during his moments of doubt, he quickly assured her that everything was going smoothly. I think Eri expressing confidence in him encouraged him to really find a way to explain the problem to MariPero. That's nice but I think Dokamon lying like that could become an issue in the future if a problem needs to be solved through clear communication between the parties. Dokamon can be pretty selfless and dedicated, as seen through this episode and dealing with Racemon. But as seen in the previous episode, he also has his wants, like seeking affection from Eri.

Though for running away and expressing a crush, Dokamon gets the Dokkan Punch two episodes in a row. I hope that doesn't become too much of a thing because I like that contrary to their character descriptions, Eri doesn't do much in the way of hitting him or anyone when irritated.

I'm glad MariPero being a big eater isn't something that's commented upon, at least explicitly. She was pretty sweet and innocent about the flaws in her reviews, but willing to work to make up for her mistakes. She doesn't want to share the knowledge her app is being shutdown, which seems to be driving her goal to perfecting her review skills. She doesn't want to distract her helpers with that information. I can't completely comprehend why he might fall for her, thought the crush was kind of sweet. She did appreciate his efforts, though her feelings are platonic and she seems more amused than anything.

Next time, the Applidrivers have a hot spring episode (with Appmon out in the open?). Offmon might be the focus and get an evolution, they squeeze through some crack, and Zubatmon…I mean, Satellamon, menaces them again.

5/4 #68

Eri asking permission to bring friends along for her trip must have been an interesting experience, since they are all boys. With the crud Idols go through for maybe having romantic relationships, I wonder if she had to swear she wasn't in love with any of them before Haru and the others were allowed to go along.

I thought the old woman in charge of the hot springs the infected Tripmon went to was a /Appmon in on the trap, since she showed no reaction to the Buddy Appmon, but nope, she's a mere businesswoman who will charge on everything and exploit gullible customers. She will take any customers and seems to presume as Haru assumes that they are cosplayers. Of course, this all could be proven wrong the very next episode.

Offmon being leery of becoming close to Yuujin and the others because of his apparent wild nature could have been foreshadowed a time or two in earlier episodes but it does add an interesting layer to how awkward and scared he can be when interacting with others. It seemed like the scary wolf story and accidentally biting Yuujin's arm in fear reminded him of his wild(?) side. He fears hurting the first few friends he made and that if they knew the full truth about him, he would be rejected. Yuujin wants to be a supportive older Buddy to Offmon and seems to fight between respecting his space, saddened he couldn't be closer to him, and wanting to help him in some way. I wonder if Yuujin's feelings on any of those matters are accentuated by how close the other Applidrivers are to their Buddy Appmon.

Zubatmon…I mean, Satellamon's plan is somewhat clever, though it required the Applidrivers to suddenly act without thinking and all go to Ultimate at once. Really, only one of them was needed to take down Tripmon, though they didn't know another battle was coming around. Still, with the record of his previous appearance, I wouldn't be surprised if Satellamon just creamed the one or two Ultimate Appmon that had the foresight to evolve later and resume with things as they were. It was interesting to see Satellamon divert from his smiling serenity to show slight anger over Offmon having bested him without evolving. I wonder how that anger will be presented and grow as he clashes more with the Applidrivers.

Offmon switching pronouns before he evolves seems to hint at that switch he was fearing. I've read some complain on how he can just skip to Ultimate but I don't mind that too much since they've given Shutmon the Achilles heal of having his wild side which could create some fun conflict. Granted, I wouldn't be surprised if it got mostly solved in the next episode. Then again, with Shutmon's appearance with mind-control eyes Yuujin in the opening, some form of that might be a recurring problem for him.

Next episode, Shutmon bites Yuujin's shoulder and data blood comes out(!!! Interesting to see how humans get injured in the AR Field), Offmon needs to control his wild nature, boxes are involved somehow (??? Are these two points related?), and Satellamon menaces them again with his oversized guns and hat.

5/11 #69

Wow, does this begin a bit violently. Haru and especially Yuujin get attacked by Shutmon and bleed blue data blood. It was red in the trailers, but I guess the color was changed to tone down the violence. The blue might be a call to the belief that deoxygenated blood is blue but I just looked that up and welp, that isn't true. Whatever the case, it takes Yuujin gently touching his face and asking for Offmon to come back for the latter to revert.

Offmon is understandably distraught for having hurt his friends. Apparently when as Shutmon, the instinct to shutdown everything becomes irresistible. To protect them, he tries to isolate himself in the most extreme manner possible. When the Applidrivers attempt to lure him out with ludicrous stories, Offmon is clearly brightly fascinated (Not much scared or shocked, but brightly fascinated), but couldn't override his guilt and caution to see what's up. His guilt becomes so intense he feels like he has to separate from Yuujin to keep him safe. He has no confidence he'll be able to control himself and if that's not going to change, then he might as well go no matter how much he actually wants to be with Yuujin.

The episode also continues the thread of showing Yuujin has more self-doubt than his character might indicate. He seems under the impression Offmon refuses his help because the latter doesn't doesn't like him and has to be reminded Offmon likes him enough to feel guilty and responsible for hurting him. The flashback to elementary school where Yuuji mucks up the directions shows how he encourages Haru to go ahead, seeming to imply he deserves to be alone for his screw up. It's with Haru's insistence to be with his friend that he cheers up. I wonder where that confidence issue thread is going to lead, especially with that mind control eye aspect that maybe might be picked up soon.

I did find it significant that Offmon thinks about Yuujin just when he's about to die. That whatever issues, he loves Yuujin for how supportive and seemingly reliable he is. Offmon seemed under the impression that though Yuujin might have liked him, it didn't occur to him that he believed in him. Yuujin outright accepting all parts of him and whatever decisions he might make seems to be a godsend for Offmon. It makes him accept Yuujin's decisions as well. When Shutmon charges at Yuujin, the latter's unafraid and unwavering stance shows how trusting and accepting he is of Shutmon. This cuts through Shutmon's termination lust and allows him to listen to orders and fight with a clear head (Though I now just noticed he either seems to have a radically different voice actor or a heavily modified voice as Shutmon).

I liked that Gatchmon/Globemon, for once, ended up being the junior of the App Link. The fight song was pretty good from what I could hear over the sound and dialogue. I did notice that Satellamon bled red. Humans bleed blue, Appmon bleed red. I wonder if that's the arrangement with the channel's standards and practices. Anyway, Satellamon seemed to make some peace with his defeat before exploding. From how the Knight guy picked up Satellamon's chip, I wonder if we're going to see him and any of the other retrieved villains again.

Finally, Yuujin and Offmon do the handclap fist bump thing. Aww, buddies!

Episode 33 seems like the start of the next and maybe final arc. I've seen the raw and I'm intrigued enough that I can't wait for the subs.

5/22 #70

Episode 33 shifted the story to the next (or final?) arc of the show. Apparently, Leviathan is interested in this Bootmon character, to the point he gets his highest servants on it on the order to kill anyone in the way. Rei and Hackmon's infiltration of the Cyber Kowleen building was certain exciting, though they apparently didn't find much about Hajime. I wonder if Hajime has been de-prioritized or never important to Leviathan or if he's now connected to Bootmon. Whatever the issue, Rei's investigations inadvertently brought down L Corp Ceo. Whoops.

Rei avoiding shaking Yuujin's hand at the hideout seems another mark of suspicion. HE stared at Yuujin suspiciously in an earlier episode, which makes me wonder if he suspect the latter as Leviathan's Applidriver. Gatchmon offering Hackmon his favorite snack was sweet, and a nice character moment. Hackmon seemed so sulky he couldn't have it. It makes him kind of kid-like like the rest of the Appmon. I'd like to see more of his interactions with the rest of the Buddy Appmon.

Gatchmon remembered L Corp CEO Uematsu from Rei's hacked Leviathan list when he shows up on TV but no one makes the connection to Leviathan. I surmise that it didn't occur to them because lots of companies and peoples' names begin with L. If they did think about the connection, the most they might suspect is that he might be a target. Of course, the next few episodes might change that perception.

I kind of thought initially that they were leaving Eri out of these proceedings because "girl" but then the episode cut to her and her Appliyama coworkers Erena and Alice, I suddenly remembered her Idol group works for L Corp and now THAT might make some interesting character moments and plot threads. How would Leviathan use or mess with her or her Idol group? Is Eri's idol who inspired her, Izumi Kagurazaka, going to be wittingly or unwittingly entangled in Leviathan plots? How would Eri react to finding out the very Idol group she values is part of the very ultimate enemy they fight? I don't expect too much drama out of this but I hope some interesting things happen.

With the old CEO Uematsu getting the boot, I wonder if he might spill the beans to the Applidrivers or some other group. He had spent much of his life serving him, so there must be some drive for payback.

I didn't know what to expect from the new CEO Knight Unryuji has a certain cheery, child-like flair. I wonder if him thanking the Future is supposed to mean anything. His mannerisms became creepy when we saw him acting out for Leviathan. He seemed enthused about the problems and destructive capabilities of the big four. I wonder if Leviathan nursed him from birth or if he was just drawn to all the wrongness Leviathan might bring. It'd be curious to learn about him and the kind of threat that he'll bring.

His secretary made me speculate she was either Mienumon in human form/disguise or Yuujin's mother. Leviathan keeps retrieving the villain Appmon chips, I think the might come back in some capacity. But I have some doubts about human forms. And I rechecked the episode where Yuujin's mother appeared and she and the secretary don't have much in common other than glasses and maybe skin tone. I could be wrong but she seems like a completely new character.

This episode was interesting and exciting. I hope the stakes are risen as hinted here in the next few episodes, where the Applidrivers tour their wonderland. Maybe getting attacked there would awaken inklings of suspicion of L Corp and its bigger plots.

5/24 #71

This was an interesting episode that introduced the goals and beliefs of the antagonists. Throughout the L Town tour, the Applidrivers were amazed and a bit starry-eyed over the future depicted here, where A.I. took care of nearly everything. I, on the other hand, became twitchy at the mention of ubiquitous security cameras assuring "constant public order" and preventing crime before it happens as well as the A.I. instantly knowing what your foods are. It seemed too much of a surveillance state. That seemed to be intentional, since Cloud mentioned that since humans were so warring and polluting, it would be best if A.I was in charge instead and L Town was all about the wonders of A.I. running the world.

There was an interesting moment where when Knight flashed a glinting smile after his speech, Haru flinched uncomfortably. Yet when talking to Yuujin later, he complimented how nice Knight was. I think that initial reaction might have been a gut instinct that something wasn't right about Knight but Haru isn't the type to badmouth others and rationalizes that Knight working to this supposed utopia means that he must have good intentions.

Yuujin was right to point out how having a society where A.I. runs everything has a major flaw. If a virus attacks the A.I in a right way, then the human world would grind to a halt. Humanity would be pretty helpless if that ever came to pass, which might be Leviathan and his servants' intentions. Of course, Yuujin backpedals and says L Corp likely foresees and prepares for such dangers and that would be the logical conclusion the average person might come to

Knight's surveillance of the Applidrivers did confirm Leviathan planned for them to be here. Knight didn't seem to be in on that plan but he doesn't bother, him and the Ultimate 4 seeming to treat Leviathan like a respected but unknowable God. Of course, this trust might bite Knight in the butt at some point, unless the unlikely scenario happens where Leviathan keeps his/its(?) word (That would be something, a Big Bad whose ethical to their loyal followers). Anyway, Knight seemed perfectly willing to endanger L Town and everyone within it, including himself, to get a shot at the Applidrivers and introduce himself under his Cloud disguise. Though I shouldn't be too surprised – most CEOs of large companies aren't known for their compassion for the average person.

The behavior of the L Town family made me wonder how sincere they were, since they waxed lyrical about how amazing L Corp and their current lot is. I wondered if they were paid actors to some extent who are supposed to bring up the positives but they seemed genuine in their gratitude to some extant. Eri embarrassedly accepting the kids' butchering her catchphrase as "explosive pants" was sweet. It made them smile, which is her goal as a Idol. Then there was their terror at the out of control weather and of L Town about to ram into the bridge. Whatever their motives for their behavior, they appeared to genuinely love each other.

Batterymon made for a threatening Appmon of the week, draining the Buddy Appmon's power to serve for his own. Yuujin was all focused on how he could save everyone. Then his Applidrive Duo reminds him to show off another function of the toys the viewers should get and that revives Offmon. The slight drawback is that it drains Yuujin, which I have some fears and anticipations might play a role in him overextending himself or some other lowpoint for his character.

As for the Applidrivers not recognizing Knight in his Cloud identity…his voice did sound different enough I have to listen really hard to note the commonalities. He continues to have his flair for the dramatics. I like how Haru was like "That is kinda true" but his gut instinct tells him Cloud is wrong. He seems troubled by the claim "Leviathan will bring happiness" later and I hope this becomes a thread. His reaction did give me the wild thought that he might turn evil or be brainwashed to Leviathan's side but I dismissed that as an unlikely route. Depending on how the series plays out, it could make a good AU. And Knight putting L Town in danger actually benefited L Corp with positive publicity. That's kind of happened before with Mienumon sabotaging the competition helping them. And we see in the end where Knight's "Thank you, Future" catchphrase. It's him expressing his appreciation AI will run everything better.

Next episode is about Eri training for another Idol event. I wonder how L Corp and Levithan might influence or screw things up.

6/4 #72

Oh, this is one of the best Eri episodes. Mostly slice-of-life but it treated her very well and we learned some more about her and her home life. I liked how though she was appreciative of her friends support and willing to accommodate the work she has to do for the election, she pressed for them to remember to vote. Her passion to get as high as she could be was nice and I like how her need to expose herself to as many people as possible led her to interacting and bonding with Astra. Whatever her disagreements with him, she still respected his craft enough to ask him for help and was willing to swallow her pride to do what he asked. Astra looked ready to take advantage of the additional views but Eri brought along but he still had enough of a good head to pause when he saw Eri was tired. By the end, he seemed quite impressed with her. Though their relationship wasn't the ultimate focus, I like how it still got developed.

I also enjoyed finally seeing Eri's family situation. Her mother having to work most of the day to the point of exhaustion is something Kouichi might relate to. It was sweet to see Eri try to cook and clean for her mother (Even if said cooking still wasn't perfect) and she took her mother's advice to follow her passion with a smile to heart by declaring she'll be an Idol. I was amused Ms. Karan had the natural incredulous reaction to such a career path but Eri was so passionate about it, the former couldn't help but smile and come to support her. That Eri wants to place high in the elections make her and more people smile is sweet.

Eri also had a high value in fair play and some realistic goals, as shown when the results were announced and she was in first place instead of her idol Izumi. I like how she told Calcumon she knew she didn't earn a number one spot yet and didn't approve of his cheating. Dokamon scolding Calcumon for cheating Eri into number one for his own inconsiderate feelings rather than hers was really on point. I was relieved that it was her and Dokamon that defeated and nabbed Calcumon in the end with no one stealing her win. Dokamon not being affected by Calcumon's powers because the former fighting for Eri means his power is infinite is a bit of a Deux ex Machina but it's sweet and doesn't bother me in the grand scheme of things.

Now next episode will be interesting. I wonder if Eri waiting for her results to be announced will take up much or most of the episode. Rei uncovering an incredible secret's apparently supposed to go on during that. I wonder if that secret is "L Corp is controlled by Leviathan" or something else that involves Eri. The next episode title involves her being targeted, so I hope she doesn't become a passive hostage and her character continues to grow. Rei will likely take a pounding, since he collapses at the Appli Driver secret base. I surmise the pounder is one of the Ultimate 4 making nightmares eyes in the preview. I'm really interested in seeing what comes next with one of the Ultimate 4's debut. I wouldn't be surprised if he has some amusing quirk or whatever but I hope he brings some good challenges to our heroes.

6/8 #73

That was another great episode, both in terms for Eri's character and her development and the ratcheting up of stakes with L Corp now seen truly for where it is. I did like the tension as she and her friends waited for her results to be counted. She tried to keep composed but as the announcements reached to the last twenty, she almost dared to consider she might be among the top nine. The montage as her song played of all the struggles, motivation and hard work she went through was nice, as was her speech to all the fans who she not only thanked for voting for her, but vowing to reach first place with every event and potential fan she could touch. Her ambition and hard work were what propelled her to tenth place, a satisfyingly high ranking for someone new to the group to work to but not so high that it was unbelievable. Since one of her catchphrases is being "the center of the universe," of course she wants to get to first place, so she could make the maximum number of people smile.

I found Eri's call with her mother sweet, showing the former did fulfill her goal in making the latter happy. I did like the glimpse of Ms. Karan's office life, that though it's a grueling job, her coworkers are nice enough to throw a little watch party for her daughter. Ms. Karan telling Eri, "You're my number one idol of the entire universe" was very sweet and Eri seemed invigorated by it.

When Eri was invited by knight onto his ship, it seemed she expected to be celebrating with the other idols of Appliyama 470, maybe even to her Izumi in more detail. The reveal to her that L Corp is Leviathan and all of the buildings with the logo on them was effective and creepy. It seems Knight wanted to scout her to be Leviathan's Idol ambassador, spreading the A.I.'s influence as a rising star in their idol group. Knight offered her the chance to actually be the center of the universe – but Leviathan's universe. I wonder how she would have reacted before or after she got her Applidriver to that kind of offer. I have trouble thinking she would agree to that at any point in her life, but it's an interesting thought.

Though she's clearly disturbed by this revelation, I love how she declared she wasn't going to accept Leviathan's manipulative help and for the happiness of her fans, she was going to number one herself. She has principles and she isn't going to bend them. Nevertheless, I did wonder how she got past all those guards to get to her room and what took the guards so long as she took her time to dress in her default outfit and retrieve her things. It almost seemed like Knight held them back a bit so Eri could have a sporting chance of fighting back. It doesn't sound that much out of left field for him. Eri and Dokamon fortunately didn't get put in much of a damsel position. They merely held off the guards until the Applidrivers came to the rescue. Eri's jump into the water as an escape was pretty cool, though any injuries she would have sustained from hitting the ocean were cheerfully glossed over. Granted, Dokamon did leap to her before the impact, which might have softened the landing. So overall, Eri was amazing and wonderful these past two episodes all around.

The second major focus was Rei and Hackmon's infiltration of L Corp. At this point, they seem to be a well-oiled machine when it comes to going into places they shouldn't. Granted, I did wonder why the guard didn't then report Rei's intrusion (Hackmon scrambled hi equipment?) and how the two people in the security camera room didn't hear Rei and Hackmon speaking mere feet away. Rei and Hackmon's brief confusion about why L Corp is collecting the personal information of Appliyama 470 voters was kind of amusing, since I'd think they as hackers would know that a lot of companies do this to better advertise their products and keep track of potential customers. Yet they sense something more sinister afoot. They were able to track down where the Bootmon image came from, which was apparently Knight's computer. That sleeping Appmon the pair didn't notice I kind of forgot about until he/she/they appeared. I wonder what that Appmon's role is? Maybe as a version of Belphemon? Whatever the case, I wonder if that Appmon played a role in alerting of Rei and Hackmon's intrusion.

The other major thing of note was that when Hackmon got captured by one of the electrocuting tentacles, he insisted Rei get out of there, but Rei risked being shocked to save him. Rei did say Hackmon was essential in saving Rei, but they seemed to both know he meant something additional to that. Their bond has grown. I wonder how whatever connection Hajime has to Hackmon will effect that.

I did find it interesting that, whether by coincidence or intention, that their first place of sanctuary was the Applidriver home base. This indicates their growing trust in the group and the magnitude of what the pair discovered that they zoomed over there to regroup and inform their allies of the full truth. With this revelation, I wonder if Rei and Hackmon are going to stick closer to the Applidrivers in the remaining episodes. With the height of the new threat, they might have little choice but to more directly work with their allies, since it would be harder and more dangerous to fight against Leviathan alone after whatever the Ultimate 4's actions will be.

Other comments. Astra's tension throughout the countdown and his teary-eyed pride in Eri at the end, was pretty sweet and a continuation of the development of his relationship with her in the previous episode. He practically cheered Eri's method of escape from Knight's ship and wished he could have recorded it. I was amused that Haru's first mention of Yuujin's absence was pointedly glossed over and him messaging Yuujin about Eri's situation before that's immediately interrupted by Eri's jump off the ship. I accidentally glimpsed some summaries for the next episodes and it seems all innocent. Yet I wouldn't be surprised if there is something more to what is described that might pick up those mind control eyes thread.

Next episode's preview is kind of vague on what else is going to happen besides the Applidrivers being pwned and the Ultimate 4 showing off their powers and hopefully their (Intimidating but probably still quirky) personalities. Those said episode summaries have spoiled one or two things for me regarding that episode but I'm not going to say it to spoil anyone else and in the hopeful but very unlikely case I might actually forget so it'd be a surprise again. Looking forward to it nevertheless.

6/15 #74

That was a great and intense episode. As I predicted, most of the Ultimate 4 Appmon were quirky in some way or another but that didn't detract too much from the threat they posed. They were well paired with the four Appli Drivers for the most part, complementing the personalities and struggles they were going for.

Beautymon was a bit sigh-worthy, being the only woman of the four and thus her quirks and motifs are about appearance and enchanting. I did not see as much of an interesting dynamic between her and Eri and Oujamon. Still, there is still potential to see her and this rivalry grow. Her raging for Oujamon not to mention certain appearance flaws he bemusedly points out he didn't mention, while still annoying, was a bit amusing. Her shooting Beautymon Cologne at Oujamon, making him utter, "I don't want to, but I'm turning into a hottie!" was meme-worthy funny and so was him asking if he was a hottie now. I'm certain some people would say he was always a hottie (I'm unsure if the lines are exact translation, since I heard ikemen and I don't how equivalent the connotations of that word are to the connotations of hottie, but they were still funny lines).

I really like the dynamic between Astra, Entermon, and Fakemon. Fakemon plays possum when struck only to reveal they are dummies and go "psyche!" Him about to high five with Entermon later is the epitome of his character. He seems to be a foil to Astra and Entermon, and the latter's pairs philosophy in how to present their personas in-person and on Apptube. With the number of episodes left, I wonder if there will be time to explore that dynamic in detail but I'm interested in what will become of it.

I didn't think much about the operating-obsessed Biomon going against Rei and Revivemon other than irritating the latter pair. Then Revivemon hacks Biomon and finds out he was the one who operated on Hajime and apparently changed him in ways beyond human. That suddenly made him a bit creepier, and now Rei and Revivemon have a personal vendetta against him. They might end up finding out more information through dealings with him, and hopefully the Hajime plotline doesn't get resolved much too late.

Charismon seems to be the least quirky of the Ultimate 4. I don't see him displaying any of his stated mind control powers but he explains his and Leviathan's goals at Haru, Globemon in a way that throws Haru off and make him doubtful of the Appli Drivers own goals. I wonder if that's how he controls, by speaking so confidentially about his side's goals that he break's resolve and is able to manipulate people. Either that, or he has more explicit mind control abilities that might be used in future conflicts.

His speechifying matches well with Knight who dons his Cloud persona, which initially confused me, since the Appli Drivers know he works for Leviathan now, why disguise himself? He does loves to ham it up in the Cloud persona, maybe he wants to continue that charade so he could continue his alter ego cosplay. Haru being uneased by Cloud's points seems to be an actual thread. His points about Leviathan being able to bring to absolute peace and quality and that humanity is too imperfect and judgmental to achieve it on its own, Haru is thrown off and made doubtful, even as his instincts tell him something is wrong about Cloud's viewpoint. This still makes the brainwashed/evil Haru concept attractive, though I think it's pretty unlikely in this series. I wonder where the Haru/Knight dynamic will go and how Haru might come to assert his own views. It would be interesting. Hamminess aside, Knight seems to genuinely believe humanity sucks, so Leviathan must lead, which makes me wonder if he has had any experiences that turned him this way and/or Leviathan tutored him into those beliefs. I wonder if he'll be redeemed, since I have trouble picturing Digimon being comfortable with killing off a minor, being a teenager and all. If so, I hope it's done well.

The Ultimate 4 also ask the Buddy Appmon why they aren't with Leviathan's cause, noting that as shameful and odd. The Ultimate 4 view Minerva as a deceiver. This return back to the plot point that Appmon apparently aren't well taken care of and they follow Leviathan because they see him as their salvation. Hope the show explores this well, since it'd be interesting if most Appmon do have genuine grievances with humans, and how'd that be resolved. I wonder if Leviathan is deceiving them for his own ends or genuinely is trying to help them. I wouldn't want any of these issues to be coped out.

Then the Buddy Appmon get seemingly killed off by having the Applidrives and chips destroyed. That was sad, since all of them, including Rei and Hackmon, have built a particularly tight bond and to have them ripped away from the four must be heart wrenching. Gatchmon saying he wants to eat his trademark favorite food back with everyone was effective, though I saw a nice fanart version of it first.

Then Yuujin comes in to save them at the last second. I admit, I was surprised he seems to actually be just late, and he and Shutmon hold the Ultimate 4 off so the others could escape. When he turned and smiled to Haru as the latter fell through the portal, I was reminded of that question Yuujin got from his Applidrive about who he would sacrifice his life to protect. Now he's captured by the Ultimate 4. I wonder if by the next time we see him, we'll get an explanation for those mind control eyes. I know his mother seems to be the source of that but is there some greater power urging or controlling her? Charismon, with his oft-mentioned mind control powers? Maybe even Minerva, for good or not-so-good reasons. I look forward to the explanation.

Next episode hints Grandpa Denemon Shinkai is still alive online or has an A.I. copy of himself. From the reactions of Haru, Eri, and Astra, it seems the reunion with their Buddy Appmon isn't going to be as happy as they think. Maybe they lose their memories? If that's the case, I look forward to the how the Appli Drivers are going to get those memories back.

6/22 #75
Aiko Isari
Happy birthday Haru!
7/1 #76

Psst, wrong thread ;)

Episode 38 was amusing and interesting. I like dwelling on how Haru copes with Gatchmon's apparent demise, from glancing at where he slept to raiding the vending machine for a reaction. It showed how deep his bond with Gatchmon and Yuujin is, and the painfulness of them being ripped away from him.

Denemon appearing did lighten things up, and I was amused by the two instances they referenced Hyper Mario without having to deal with rights and copyright issues. Denemon being hunted down by Leviathan through various "accidents" sound horrifying. That must have tested his positive and loud demeanor. I'm unsure from his explanation if his avatar is actually him or a digital clone. That's an existential question, though his immunity to age and disease makes him go even more yippee-ya-yay than he already is! Gatchmon and Dokamon rejecting their Buddies is sad but Musimon and Hackmon's changed attitudes were amusing. I almost kind of hoped Rei and/or Hackmon would acknowledge it by the end. I was interested in the speculation of why the Appli Drivers were chosen by Minerva, maybe with questions that tested how strong their emotions were for doing good. I also enjoyed the joke the Appli Drivers didn't know what a phone booth was. I don't know how how accurate their ignorance of phone booths is, but it seemed like an amusing callback and contrast to Adventure with how much the times have changed.

I was bemused when Knight as Cloud expressed confusion for why Leviathan spared Yuujin, before he does another evil laugh. Does being Cloud make him add an evil laugh to the end of each sentence, no matter if he's happy or sad or frustrated? Now I'm picturing him as Cloud struggling with a computer going BSOD, crying, "Damn these computers! How dare these incompetent IT managers insult Leviathan with substandard software! HEHEHEHEHEHE!" That would be very amusing if true.

I did like how the others related to each other as they struggled and encouraged one another up the mountain, how Rei was basically the tough but encouraging parent, how Astra cheered Haru and Eri up (Eri showing barely any annoyance in Astra anymore and actually going along with his catchphrase), Eri smiling encouragingly as she gave Haru a hand up, and how Haru notes each positive element of his friends, as well as his insistence to not give up when the phone booth gets slid off by an avalanche. It showed how much they grew and their bonds strengthened, and that was the answer to get their Appli Drive Duo, being emotionally strengthened and being able to act on their own without relying on their Buddies too much.

I was surprised none of them thought the struggle and ice monster were a test by Minerva. Though I could see why they might think Leviathan is responsible, since they were just told the AI tried to murder Denemon every step of his life and so might be watching his defeated enemies to make sure they didn't get back up. I did enjoy the designs of the new Buddy Appmon chips and what they said for Inserting their energy, each of which signaled something about their. Yes, even Haru. I think the "boku" might show even if he's more confident, he's still modest. The reunions with the Buddy Appmon ranged from sweet, with Astra and Musimon high-fiving each other and Gatchmon affectionately pinching Haru's cheek, to amusing, with a insulted Eri ignoring a bemused Dokamon and Rei and Hackmon just turning away from each other. Of course, Cloud/Knight had to ruin the moment by dramatically projecting himself into the sky and reminding them their prince – I mean, teammate – is still being held hostage before leaving with another of his meme laughs. What a teenager!

Next episode seems to be about some of those offed enemy Appmon being resurrected as ghosts(?) while the Appli Drivers go through a haunted house that involves horrors like zombie duplicates of the "No!" guy? Interesting…

7/4 #77

That was alright and amusing. The haunted house served the double purpose of providing some Appmon brand humor and furthering the plot by having the Ultimate 4 observe their strength. I was amused about the sell-by-date Appmon being sulky and resentful of more advanced ones and their outrage at Rei's insult to them. Though some of them are still used pretty frequently, with online dictionaries being the norm now, so I'm a bit puzzled why they're there. The "No!" guy being cloned as zombie dummies with his catchphrase being a sick beat was amusing, as was Dokamon instinctively punching the ghost lady.

The character tics of the Ultimate 4 continue to amuse. I did sigh at Beautymon's skin care joke even if her massaging her face with that roly instrument was…interesting. Charismon being so considerate to Fakemon's (Serious? Joking?) assassination attempt is almost sweet. It's hard to tell if Fakemon's genuinely touched, faking it as is his nature, or both. Biomon being the eager mad scientist does take some amusing turns when the minibosses (and Sukasimon, because we need four to fight four) ignore him to fool around and take selfies. It's as though the classic "It's alive" mad scientists and resurrectioners have to deal with their creations checking their social media and doing dank memes. It's delightful.

Then Cloud shows up to bring up the plot of the next few episodes, making it like a video game, complete with revealing going "Sorry, Your Prince Is In Another Castle" with regard to Yuujin and where he actually is. With the hour limit starting on the episode 12 minute mark, I expected this to last two and a half episodes but by the end, a half hour had already passed. Either time will go fast or slow according to the plot or this won't be as long as expected. Though I still see this going two further episodes.

And Cloud's appearances throughout the episode confirm he does laugh at nearly every other sentence in that persona, even when just giving orders. It's ridiculous and yet I love it. I hope it become a meme. The minibosses antics against the Appli Drives were amusing. Haru attempts to plead with them to allow the four to save Yuujin but of course that doesn't work. Once the Appli Drivers go Ultimate, though, it's one curbstomping after another and the minibosses get blasted off again (Does that mean they're dead again, or they can come back). In addition to humor, the fight scene also serves the purpose of providing showing how powerful the Appli Drive Duos make the Buddy Appmon and that they aren't constricted by a time limit. Granted, they don't mention how Yuujin and Shutmon also didn't have a time limit but they are on a clock. At least time won't have to be stretched to for the sake of the plot like with the Ultimate 4's fight debut. Now Rei faces Biomon. Him telling them to go ahead serves the double purpose of trying to buy them time to save Yuujin and to have no one in the way in as he tries to beat answers about Hajime from Biomon.

And next time, it seems that he might get some answers about that. Are parts Hajime in Hackmon? Biomon? Elsewhere? Does Biomon trap Rei by saying he would bring back Hajime if he fights the other Appli Drivers, who are fighting the Ultimate 4? The rival going rogue is a basic plot and I wouldn't be surprised if he was faking it too, but it could be done well. We'll have to see.

7/7 #78

With a franchise like Digimon that doesn't like to pussyfoot around when it comes to villain arcs, this one felt especially sort when it came to offing three of the four hyped ones in one episode. I've some mixed feelings about it but the three segments didn't feel too rushed.

The Rei and Hackmon segment felt like the strongest. Though them pretending to struggle against Biomon could feel like a cheat, it felt in-character for them. Rei going all Jack Bauer on Biomon to divulge information was unease-inducing but in-character with how driven he is to find his brother. It'd have been interesting to see how the other Appli Drivers reacted to this or if this might be a question of how wobbly Rei's morals are becoming. Maybe the latter will be explored in another episode. At any rate, Biomon pretending to be Hajime too was its own kind of screwed up and actually got under Rei's skin. Rei might know he's being played but it'd still affect him. It's a pity that battle of wits can't continue on to future episodes when Charismon offed Biomon.

The revelation Hajime's now another Appmon does open interesting possibilities. Hackmon would be the obvious reveal, and because of that I wouldn't want that, though since this is a kids' show, they might go that route. Still, it can be compelling, with Rei forced to choose between two people he very much values, a beloved brother or a beloved partner. I could see an ending where Hajime gets chosen but Hackmon will still occasionally emerge out or where they take a third option and can separate them into two different beings. The latter might be the likelier ending, since they mightn't want anything too depressing. The other option I can think of is that he's Bootmon, since Biomon did say Leviathan had a special role in mind for Hajime and Bootmon seems pretty important. If that's the scenario, that likely guarantees Hajime would be revived at Bootmon's (probably willing) sacrifice. Of course, the show could throw a curveball for all I know, so we'll have to see where that goes.

Eri and Dokamon vs. Beautymon did go the route I feared with being focused on jokes about appearance than any substantive character stuff. Beautymon did provide some lols with trying to provide Eri "proper makeup" and then immediately undoing that out of jealousy when the mirror called Eri he fairest of them all – twice. Dokamon saying Eri was fine the way she was is sweet but I couldn't find much else there. Beautymon's makeup and appearance issue doesn't seem to have much to do with Eri's conflicts. Eri does get embarrassed when something comedic cracks the image of her Idol persona and that can conflict with her goal of making people smile even if it might take a dig at her dignity. But that image is different from the kind of image that Beautymon is about. It'd have been interesting to see how Beautymon would have provided challenge to Eri when it came to that embarrassment vs. smiles conflict. But oh wells.

I find it a bit of a stretch that Astra would quickly believe Fakemon's illusion about Eri being at the end of her rope. That was foreshadowed a bit with their friendly bantering earlier, which was sweet, but Astra came in knowing that Fakemon's interest in deception is his thing. I also thought he might also be a lot quicker if he thought Eri was in danger, just going back the way he came. I would have found it more interesting if Astra and Musimon went through Fakemon's base and had a hard time figuring out lies from truth. This could have tapped into issues about Astra's persona and what is truly him and what is for show, and that could lead to interesting relationship issues with Musimon and the Buddy Appmon presents himself. Oh well, there's always fanfic. Astra cottoning on that the real Eri, someone who works really hard to make others smile, would never regret becoming an Appli Driver, was sweet too.

Fakemon's stomach puppet(?) appearing was…interesting but otherwise the one-hit kills weren't very exciting. Having the App Chip's grayed out upon the three of the Ultimate 4's defeat seems to indicate they are dead or at least unusable. Charismon disregard for his supposed comrades does indicate that he doesn't value or respect their lives as previous thought. For finding out the Appli Drive Duo's power and accomplishing his and Leviathan's goals, he'd sacrifice them. It's sad the usual backstabery between villains is present instead of any genuine comradery but it doesn't bother me too much in the grand scheme of things.

Next time, Globemon will battle creepy glowing eyed Charismon at his creepy castle. And there will apparently be much revealed about Leviathan's actual plans and motives. Also, Knight looking angry? This shall be interesting.

7/14 #79

That was a revealing episode about Cloud and his motivations. Attempting to save Yuujin was mostly a side issue and once that was taken care of, they could concentrate on Cloud and Charismon. The fight between Charismon and Globemon to retrieve the switch was cool. If nothing else, the CG for the upper forms allows for some fluid and exciting action. The animation and direction was also lovely, with the colored stagelights and expressions. In show, I wouldn't be surprised if Knight had the stagelights all set up in case he wanted to be dramatic.

I was a bit surprised Haru didn't clue in Cloud was Knight right away (Apparently judging from a line, only Rei might have suspected) but they did something interesting with that by having Knight compare it to having two accounts, using one to show sides of yourself you can't in your current position and to have fun. This could be harmless and having that freedom is great, but if used for abusing and hurting others, that means the person wouldn't as held too much public account. Knight could allow his true disdainful views of humanity to be shown while not effecting his reputation.

Which is ironic, since it's the ill-use of social media for cruel purposes that led him to reject humanity. I did like Knight's back story as a genius child lonely after moving to take school in America, how that motivated him to create a chat program that went viral, and what it showed about people. I don't believe he was the first to make a chat program, but I did like how it was shown as a neutral tool that could be used for good as well as abuse. As a wounded, impressionable kid who didn't believe his invention was to blame for the abuse, I can see him being swayed by Leviathan reinforcing that point and furthermore that humanity doesn't deserve to have agency in their lives or even to live at all if they won't cooperate.

Apparently, Knight believes that humans left to their own devices would frequently, if not mostly, jump to the worst conclusions and make the most illogical decisions. Since they won't evolve away from those cruel and destructive ways fast enough or at all, he thinks, then they should be put under the watch of A.I., which he purports doesn't make such errors and cruel decisions. The humans who serve Leviathan would be happy and not have to worry about their decisions creating cruel and long term for others and the environment, because the decisions of Leviathan and the machine would always be right.

Of course, because Knight has this sort of relationship with Leviathan, he is responsible for the same cruelty he rails against in humans. When called out on that, his reaction is "Welp, I'm only serving Leviathan's will" and he likely thinks going so far as attempting to murder humans is only giving what is coming to them. Haru's belief that humans and technology can work side-by-side seems to echo his younger self's beliefs, which is all the more reason why Knight is vicious against him.

I did like that Haru granted some of Knight's belief's and opinions might be true or have value but delivers his own view gently but firmly, asking Knight to consider his points and have some question about his views. Of course, that doesn't have much effect on someone groomed by Leviathan from a young age and he's still eager to give the L power to Charismon so the latter could murder the Appli Drivers and their Buddy Appmon.

That all changes of course when Charismon reveals that Leviathan believes Knight has outlived his usefulness. I admit, I was a bit disappointed in that since it'd have been interesting to me if the bond and arrangement between Leviathan and Knight was genuine and that would complicate matters for the Appli Drivers over how to put Knight down in a way that means he won't be a menace again. Nevertheless, Knight's horrified disbelief and pleas to talk with Leviathan directly, only for Charismon to shoot him down with similar language as others was great irony. Even after being betrayed so utterly, he obeys since believing humans are inferior is a conclusion he first came to himself and now realizes he wouldn't be exempted from it. He comforts himself by saying the time was fun and at least his death will have some meaning. After being groomed by Leviathan for so long, he has trouble acting or resisting for himself. It's only when Haru insists on his previously scorned sentimentality and Globemon defeats Charismon with Haru's great biological power that Knight starts to change.

I wonder how he's going to operate now he knows his mentor if many years is a lie. What happened to his parents? Would he be reconnecting or becoming closer to them? Are they still around? He's going to have to reinvent himself to move on in the world and I wonder if he will meet up with the Appli Drivers again to help do that.

Haru risking his life to infuse Globemon with energy that can save anyone has echoes of Yuujin, whose Appli Driver's question was about who he would risk his life to protect. The fight between Globemon and Charismon continues the excellence, and I saw hints of Savers when Haru and Globemon talked about humans and Appmon working together throughout the episode. I don't know if those themes have appeared before in the series but it'd be interesting to explore with Apps. As Gatchmon said, though, Haru's courage to take the risk with his energy and reach out to Knight was what led them to victory and makes him a protagonist.

Other thoughts: The Buddy Appmon reassuring a crying Offmon was sweet, even if Dokamon might have bruised Offmon's head with that big fist of his. The Appli Drivers are thankful to Yuujin for saving them, and Yuujin seems pretty content to be carried by Haru. I'm amused the Appli Drivers don't comment on Rei vanishing off yet again. They are used to it by now.

Next time, Rei infiltrates L Corp with smart-looking glasses to find out which Appmon there is Hajime and the Appliyama girls that accompany Eri might just get a bit more involved. If they found out who L Corp really was, they'd probably freak out. I've seen some speculation that the Hajime-Appmon is Sleepmon, who has just been floating around in his few appearances. I'm inclined to those theories but we'll see who is right soon.

7/20 #80
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