Mystic University for the Supernatural
This university is designed for supernatural beings who would rather learn more about their own kind and other supernatural beings rather than going to a normal human college. Come join and interact with other students. Be a Vampire, Werewolf, Shifter, Angel, Mermaid, Fae or Demon.
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The Broken Mask

Building List

Here is a list of buildings at Mystic University, academic and otherwise.

If you would like a building to be added, let me know.

Common Areas

The Quad is at the very centre of campus, a mostly paved area with some benches, areas of grass, flower beds and a fountain in the middle where the students can hang out between lectures and often hosts events, such as the Clubs and Activities Fair at the start of each school year.

The Student Building stands at the northern end of The Quad, a large and long building dedicated to student life, with shops, eateries and even a large stage area.

The Student Dorms are towards the north-west side of campus, in one of the more quiet areas of campus. The two buildings are both gated and secured separately from each other and from the rest of campus.

The Library is one of the biggest buildings on campus, standing out from the sky line in the north-west-west area of campus. A modern building that is seven stories tall with books, some group rooms and some computers on each floor, different subjects having their books on different floors. The bottom floor especially contains dedicated reading areas, study areas, an area to take out and return books and plenty of printers and photocopiers. The very top floor is an observatory, with windows that are almost floor to ceiling all around and entirely dedicated to group study.

Academic Buildings

Alsbury Building is one of the oldest and most recognisable buildings on campus, shaped like a C with a dome on top and a small grassy area between the arms, situated on the east side of campus. In the middle of the building and under the dome is a small cafe and a small computer room, but the two floors have a variety of lecture rooms and some group rooms. This building has many of the first year introductory classes as well as some group work classes. Shares a small bench area with Keener Hall.

Keener Hall is east of the Quad and shares a small break area with the Alsbury building. It is a simple brick building with several basic science labs of varying size with windows that face the front and some very large lecture halls towards the back of the building. It is home to the Physics and Astrology Departments, but other science and related degrees will use the labs and very large classes will use the lecture halls.

Larkin Building is almost directly west of The Quad and very close to The Library. It is a long, single floored building with many large windows along one side that are covered up with blinds, most of which look into smaller lecture halls but also some staff offices. It is home to the History Department, but classes with disabled students will often use the lecture halls due to their accessibility.

Pilbury Building is in the east side of campus, very close to The Quad. It is a very grey and lifeless looking building with few windows and cramped interior. It is the home of the Computer Science Department and is full of computer labs that students from most subjects will use eventually. It is almost directly in front of the Albsury Building and Keener Hall.

The Doctor Hinn Apollyon Building, previously the Zoltan Building, is one of the northern-most buildings on campus, well away from most other buildings and said to look like a race track from the outside. This is where Hellhounds are trained with and sometimes other large and/or dangerous animals are cared for by the veterinary students. Renamed after a recently retired doctor.

Club Buildings

The Botany Club Greenhouse is situated in the more sparsely populated northern part of campus, a large green house split into different area including a hydroponic section for growing almost all known species of plant. Students with botany and related degrees also use this building for their plants.

Cafes and Eateries

The Bean Counter is a small artisan cafe tucked away at the back of The Student Building in an area that doesn't see many creatures. It is a haven for quieter creatures who would like to have a coffee in peace.

The Library Cafe, actually a cluster of chain cafes and small eateries, is the main place to get food outside The Student Building and is situated next to The Library on the western side of campus.

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