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this forum is about...DRAGONS plz join
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Hello and if you want to be in this forum your going to need hatch from that egg first you need to look at that list and fill it in (but first look at look at this before you hatch):

What you look like:


What type of dragon (there are Sandwings,Mudwings,Skywings,Seawings,Icewings,Rain wings,and Nightwings):

Join or not:

For example this is mine:

What you look like: Silvery scales like the moon, ridged claws to grip the ice, forked blue tongue, tails like whips, and I can withstand subzero temperatures, deadly freezing breath

Nickname: Hvitur

What type of dragon (there are Sandwings,Mudwings,Skywings,Seawings,Icewings,Rain wings,and Nightwings):Icewing

Join or not: Join because it is the best!

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Graymist the Great

Okay, a dragon forum. That works. ((dragon name:Bluemoon Call me Gray or Graymist otherwise.

((What I look like: light teal body, with a long tail. Stone-like spikes line her back, merging at the end of her tail, which has a flat blade tip. Wings spread from her shoulders, navy blue at the base but fade to white at the tips. Spikes line her head in a crest. She has orange eyes.

((Hydrous/ so rainwing? I have my own dragon story on FictionPress, so things get confusing.

((Yes I will join

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Graymist the Great
She has a shield (if weapon are in use), breaths water/can control water, and can make potions
6/28/2013 #3

look at the other catagory

6/28/2013 #4
Graymist the Great
Looked at it, but I am used to dragons in my perspective. Just go with it.
6/28/2013 #5


6/28/2013 #6

and sorry no weapons

6/28/2013 #7
Graymist the Great
*sighs* Look, I'm trying to go with it myself, but each dragon is different and the categories don't make sense. I'll show you want I have for my categories.
6/28/2013 #8

fine but no weapons

6/28/2013 #9

go to roleplay

6/28/2013 #10
Graymist the Great
(I said IF. Well, here they are) -Water- Hydrous -Fire- Feur -Earth- Earde -Air- Arem -Ice- Eiss -Wind- Vindr -Weather- Vethr -Cheese- cāseus -Light- leukós -Shadow- deorc -Electricity- ēlectr -Psychic/Telepathic- psychikós -Crystal- krýstallos -Snuffler -Common -Plant- plauntianoi -Cloud- clūd -Song- saǫngr -Rainbow- Regenbogen -Storm- styurn -Snow- nípha -
6/28/2013 #11

cheese dragon?hahahhahahahahaha?

6/28/2013 #12
Graymist the Great
Well, it is from my FNP story, Blackfire
6/28/2013 #13

Type of Dragon: Rainwing

Nickname: Shifter

Appearance: Large silvery wings that shimmer in the sun, sharp claws, I shift colors due to my surrounding and mood

Join or not: I guess i'll join!

6/28/2013 . Edited 9/24/2013 #14
Master of The Blood Wolves

Query: Why is there not a forum on here to discuss story ideas?

7/9/2013 . Edited 7/9/2013 #15
I am a SkyWing by the name of Ferocious. I am solid red and am a great flyer and fighter. I am very powerful.
7/16/2013 #16

What you look like: Otter is a pale blue Seawing with nervous green eyes.

Nickname: Assuming that this is my character's name, Otter

What type of dragon (there are Sandwings,Mudwings,Skywings,Seawings,Icewings,Rain wings,and Nightwings): Seawing

Join or not: I'll join!

12/2/2013 #17

I have no idea how to join a forum or send invites with my forum... How do I do it?

12/17/2013 #18

What you look like: Scales constantly shift colors, prehensile tail, uses it for climbing, can spit venom. Green eyes.

Nickname: If this is the dragon's name, than Shine. If not, I'm Stone.

What type of dragon RainWing

Join or not: join, please!

1/29/2014 #19

What you look like: Likes to stay a black with red and blue ring going around her but when angry glows a bright red, when happy is black with red or blue rings or stripes, when sad or alone is a deep blue, when scared blends in with surroundings

Nickname: Cloud

What type of dragon: Rainwing

Join or not: JOIN!!!

2/28/2014 #20

What you look like: Is black with purple stripes her and there but very hard to see. Wings look normal...

Nickname: Dark

What type of dragon: Nightwing

Join or not: JOIN!!!

2/28/2014 #21
Ender falls on Squidlox

What I look like: Obviously, I can change colors, cause' I'm a Rainwing, but my scales are usally black with a patch of purple on my head.

Nickname: Shadow

What type of dragon: Rainwing

Join or not: Join!

3/9/2014 #22

Can we start RolePlaying once we send our forms in or do we need them approved?

What you look like: Glare has very light, almost white scales that are dull golden-brown in color with streaks of dun along her back and a dark brown tail tip. She is short but very muscular with a slower, heavy build.

Nickname: Glare

What type of dragon: SandWing

Join or not: JOIN!

4/1/2014 #23

What you look like: Pale silvery-blue female dragon

Nickname: Frostbite

What type of dragon (there are Sandwings,Mudwings,Skywings,Seawings,Icewings,Rain wings,and Nightwings): IceWing

Join or not: JOIN!

5/17/2014 #24

What you look like: Curvy, strong looking dragon whose eyes illuminates her beauty.

Nickname: Izuna

What type of dragon (there are Sandwings,Mudwings,Skywings,Seawings,Icewings,Rain wings,and Nightwings): Nightwing

Join or not: Join

5/18/2014 #25

Hi True.

5/18/2014 #26


5/18/2014 #27

Have you read the last book of Wings of Fire?

5/18/2014 #28

Currently on the second, backed up because of school.

5/18/2014 #29

Ahh I see.

5/18/2014 #30
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