Wings of fire
this forum is about...DRAGONS plz join
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Name: Glint What I look like: white scales and shimmiring glacial blue under wings and belly Nickname: just call me Glint What type of dragon: Icewing Join or Not: I will join!
8/10/2014 #31

Bright red scales with gold lining my wings and black scales by my eyes can breath fire



8/12/2014 #32

Oh and I will join

8/12/2014 #33

Type of Dragon: Sandwing

Nickname: Bolt.

Gender: Female

Appeareance: Golden scales with intense black eyes. Silvery sharp claws and her tail is wicked fast. She small and her wings look too big for her size but she's lighting fast.

Join or Not: J-O-I-N, JOIN!

11/14/2014 #34

What you look like: White dragon without any spines, a green feather tucked under her right ear, and black talons

Nickname: Her real name's Aria, but she can be called Ria and occasionally Emerald, for her feather.

What type of dragon (there are Sandwings,Mudwings,Skywings,Seawings,Icewings,Rain wings,and Nightwings): Icewing.

Join or not: No YESH

11/15/2014 #35

What you look like: Cherry wood brown, thick smooth underbelly pale mud brown, glistening blue eyes and few black dots under the eyes. (Longish curled deep brown horns)

Name: Yang (most call me Struck)

Type: MudWing male

Heck yes I will join!

4/25/2015 . Edited 4/25/2015 #36

YOU CAN GO TO ROLEPLAY AS SOON AS YOU MAKE A CHARACTOR AND if anythings wrong we will tell you in RP

7/2/2015 #37

What you look like: Red Scales, like most Skywings, Yellow eyes



Join or not: Join

1/3/2016 #38

Type of dragon: Nightwing/seawing hybrid (if hybrids are allowed)

Appearance: dark blue, with shiny silver scales above eyes and under wings, also has markings on tail that can light up.

Nickname: daggerclaw

Join or not: Yes, I will join

other info: can read minds, but not see the future, can use aquatic, but can only breath underwater for about 10 hours at a time because of being a hybrid, has a small enchanted satchel that is bigger on the inside than it should be.

6/24/2019 #39

What you look like: Orange with patches of black scales around the body(Body shape and size is seawing). Short. Black wings. Has barbed tale and gills.

Dragon name: Coy

What type of dragon: Seawing and Sandwing

Join or Not: Sure i'll join

2/19 #40
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