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Chat away my Chatterbopxes

9/2/2013 #1
Warrior Phoenix


Btw, the fourth book is coming out in october.

9/16/2013 #2
Master of The Blood Wolves


Now, hello all.

Now, can someone please explain this to me:

What the heck is with all of the original species this fandom seems to have spawned, both here and on the wiki?

It just seems totally unnecessary.

9/20/2013 . Edited by Moontail2020, 9/24/2013 #3
Warrior Phoenix

Well, maybe the pearson who posted that doesn't like the fact that people are creating original dragons.

(Though, I find it fun, making up characters is awesome!)

9/22/2013 #4
Master of The Blood Wolves

Creating OCs is one thing. Entire original species is something else entirely.

I have seen someone do and I quote: 'DeathWings.'

Now, I've got nothing against a well done OC, but that just seems like a recipe for a Sue\Stu.

9/23/2013 #5
Warrior Phoenix

You do have a point there.

In one story someone created a ShiftWing.

9/23/2013 #6

I dont know, I am just a mod here...i have never even read the series :/

9/23/2013 #7


9/23/2013 #8


9/23/2013 #9
Master of The Blood Wolves

So, one of the mods hasn't even read the series...

I don't know whether to find that funny or not.

Either way, here's a challenge for anyone interested:

Wings of Fire\Skyrim crossover. WITHOUT turning the Dragonborn into a Sue\Stu.

9/23/2013 #10

I just couldnt find out which book was which !??!?!

9/23/2013 #11
Master of The Blood Wolves

They're marked quite clearly on the spine with 'Book One, Two,'Etc.

9/23/2013 #12

They are? Oh....I didnt notics O.o

9/23/2013 #13
Master of The Blood Wolves

Now you know. Just below the little sigil at the top on the dust jacket.

9/23/2013 #14


9/23/2013 #15
Master of The Blood Wolves

Up for hearing any more challenges?

9/23/2013 #16

Um, I do not believe you have joined here

9/24/2013 #17
Master of The Blood Wolves

Define 'joined.'

I've read the series and I've read several of the fics here.

If this is about the RP threads on this board, then let me clarify: I'm not interested in RP at present: I've got enough of those going as is. I'm more interested in discussing story ideas.

9/24/2013 #18
Warrior Phoenix

I have a question.

If you are a member for one month, why is that little picture a sofa?

I mean, it goes leaf, sprot, sofa, ribbon, ruby, and then diamond.

9/24/2013 #19
Master of The Blood Wolves

You're an armchair enthusiast, I guess.

9/24/2013 #20


9/24/2013 #21
Warrior Phoenix

Armchair enthushiast, eh?

Nah, I like recliners more.

9/25/2013 #22

Hello, everyone!

12/2/2013 #23
Master of The Blood Wolves

To each their own I suppose.

And hello to the new person.

12/7/2013 #24

Hello anyone here?

5/23/2014 #25
Master of The Blood Wolves

I'd forgotten this thread even existed.

Or that I was still subscribed.

This place,-and most of the other forums for this fandom,-are pretty quiet.

What's up?

5/23/2014 #26

Just waiting for a reply on the rp....

5/23/2014 #27


5/27/2014 #28
Master of The Blood Wolves

Still here.

Anything you want to ask in particular, or are you just hanging around?

5/27/2014 #29

I am just waiting for a reply. Just trying to at least have something to do.

5/27/2014 #30
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