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this forum is about...DRAGONS plz join
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So, this is a game where you fight over a hill. Here is a example:

Person 1: *Runs to top of the hill* I AM KING OF DRAGON HILL!!! MWHHHAA

Person 2: *knocks (pen name) of hill* NEVER! I AM THE DOMINATE RULER!

So that is how you play :D

9/24/2013 #1

*Hvitur runs on top of the hill and pushes shifter off"

9/24/2013 #2


*gets a poptart and throws it at Hvitur*

9/24/2013 #3

jumps and pop tart lands in mouth

9/24/2013 #4

*gets a giant to push Hvitur of hill*

I am King!!

*runs to top of bill*

9/24/2013 #5

(helo y dont u go back to leaf clan?) eats the giant the runs to the top of the hill and call aliens to aduct shifter then runs to top of hill and makes impenetrable base

9/24/2013 #6

(fine, ill just leave this forum)

9/24/2013 #7


9/24/2013 #8

(u get some one to ur forum and poof they gone no one likes me)I talked to my self

9/24/2013 #9
Master of The Blood Wolves

Imperium arrives with the Imperial Guard under the command of The Great Wolf, Logan Grimnar

"Show me a fortress and I'll show you a ruin."

*Orbital Bombardment* *Mass Orbital Insertion onto Hill* *Kill Survivors* *Plant Banner and begin constructing base of operation*

"All your hill is belongs to us." -Attributed to Private Random before being summarily executed for incompetence by the Commissariat.

"Come and take our hill. I dare you."

12/7/2013 #10
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