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Like the title says, are Utopias really worth living for? For instance, the Moon Kingdom thrived for about 1000+ years, having a beautiful kingdom, with just as beautiful protectors. Not to mention a Monarchy which was over subpar.

However, we have to consider other elements.

1.) the Earth.

Now Beryl revolts against Serenity mainly because she fears of the Earth being controlled, and I don't blame her. The MK had a Galaxy-wide rule of influence and they were probably trying to rule Earth through Endy once he got it on with Serenity's kid(Usagi).

2.) The MK itself.

Look at it. Its beautiful, futuristic, and able of living in space with the help of planet busting maidens and a Time-f***. But how did they gain this soceity? I can only say that the MK was built off of the expense of the conquered and possibly the Earth(similar to how Eygpt had the Israelites build them thier pyramids). And also, they cannot possibly advance, there is no one left to fight, and the only way the MK would "prosper" would be to expand beyond the Mily Way and go onto other Galaxies, possibly Andromeda, and enslave other forms of life if they do not wish to join them.

It has been around 10 years since I last seen Sailor Moon(back on Toonami) but I get my history by reading the fics here. Discuss and see if I am right or what I should correct.

5/13/2010 #1
Tracer Fallon

I absolutely detested the idea of utopias in SM. I don't know enough about the Silver Millennium to comment, but from the Black Moon arc, it was hard not to side with the exiled people of Nemesis! I don't think 30th C Neo-Queen Serenity had a right to 'purify' people who hadn't committed crimes, and exile everyone else to Nemesis. She obviously had the power to do so, but the whole idea gave me the willies (--at least it came back to bite Serenity on the a**. bwah!)

(And QUESTION: if 30th C Serenity purified everyone, did she skip her own daughter? Chibiusa was somewhat of an entitled brat, and was easily turned dark by Wiseman -- doesn't seem so purified to me. I thought the Black Moon people were easily brainwashed by Wiseman because they hadn't been purified? *shrug*)

I think it's fine for MK "royalty" to act as guardians of planets, maybe try to foster peace; attempt to feed everyone. I'd like to imagine (since it's not explicitly stated) that the MK got beautiful from crystal magic stuff, not slave labor or taxation.

Beryl usurped power to stop a political alliance that she felt would hurt her country/planet; that's understandable. But when she used lethal force, it's became both a crime (treason against her country/planet) and an act of war (against the MK). Not that that's bad (sometimes it's necessary), but it should have consequences.

7/28/2010 #2
sailor phoenix black

I agree with you, people shouldn't be purified by force and if they refuse be exiled, why do most people try to force people into their own beliefs? People should respect each other's beliefs and learn to live together in harmony, now that is a true utopia, if people can't understand that then they might as well be evil overlords or dictators, in fact I have a feeling that Endymion might have given Neo Queen Serenity the idea of purification, who knows.

7/25/2011 #3

I could very easily imagine the senshi 'heroes' in it being portrayed as the villains they probably are. I mean unless I'm wrong...well, think about it. They are working under Pluto to try to ensure a certain timeline comes to pass. What they are trying to eventually cause, is 'Crystal Tokyo'...a situation where the world is thrust into an unnatural Ice-Age and all of the human race is wiped out except for those in a rebuilt Tokyo of crystal... They want this because their leader would become the new 'Queen' and the other Scouts would be in charge of ruling the rest of the remaining human race. So some unqualified kids think that just because they have 'magic powers', that they should rule the world instead of letting their species advance themselves. They are trying to make a 'kingdom' under their absolute authority, which would be a dictatorship. I dont know about you, but that seems like a pretty s*** future to be trying to enforce. Sure they kill the Youma and other threats along the way, but...well, heck' consider them too. Do the youma actually even kill all that many people in the show? I dont really know overall, but that isn't their goal. No, they drain some 'life energy' or 'mana/ki/chakra' from people to eat, after their species was starving towards extinction behind the barrier the moon queen put up. The energy extraction doesn't even harm anybody unless they overdo it and they are fully sapient beings, yet they are slaughtered without a single consideration by 'school children'! That seems kinda F'ed up. I admit that their leader is kinda insane and the Generals are below useless, but what would one expect after being stuck alone in absolute darkness for THOUSANDS of years? Heck, you put a human in that situation for even a single year and they'd probably crack far worse. If a deal could be made with the youma for energy/food in exchange, it would probably work out better for everyone. The only real problem and thing that makes them the bad guys is the whole situation with Metallia...Dispose of the queen and stop feeding the dead god and you're golden. *Shrug* Am I correct in thinking that, or am I missing something about the setting's situation? .

Crystal Tokyo has been described as 'a utopia where no evil exists'. In order for their to be NO evil whatsoever, the very possibility of performing such actions would have to be taken away. That means stripping humanity of its free will.


I've read the concept of humanity losing their free will because of the queen, to be very possible. Consider how fast the planets in the silver millenium went down, lost almost immediately as each's senshi was defeated. They also seem to have been administrators, so without their directions' there was no defense...That implies that there was no real command structure, only the 'noble' leaders, the senshi...and the unnamed masses to serve as drones. Magical or medical methods could easily have been used to ensure that none could oppose the queen's will and for there to be 'NO' conflict at all, it 'HAD' to have been done to result in that. Like you said, as long as there is free will, people will make choices and have conflicts... Lobotimizing the human race for the pleasure of a dozen or so leaders, is kinda horrifying. Also consider that the Moon Kingdom wanted to assimilate and later destroy the Dark Kingdom...I think that it fits pretty well with the story that Ranma tells the media in the story 'Lord Ranma'. The mental control wouldn't work on the Youma, so they were seen as a threat...Queen Berel's people wouldn't 'want' to become mindless drones, so it makes sense that they'd fight back. I'd like to see more stories in which the Crystal Tokyo goal is actually fought against...but practically EVERY single one has the protagonist trying to bring it into being! .

Any thoughts?

12/11/2012 #4
Revolving Dragunov

I like the idea of a utopia like the Moon Kingdom or Crystal Tokyo. Then again, I'm an escapist.

12/11/2012 #5
Number I of the Tri-blade

(Yo, how the heck do I post without having to quote someone?)

One person's utopia is another person's hell. I mean think about, the idea of a utopia is not only that everything is considered perfect, BUT everyone in the society has to see it as perfect. Sure, it's a utopia for the people at the top but....well you see where I'm going.

3/16/2013 #6
Jay FicLover

Well, the Sailor Moon R season must have changed a lot in translation (dub) or my memory is failing, but I thought the Black Moon Clan weren't exiled by Serenity, they exiled themselves because they did not want to be purified... As for what purification means, I guess it's the same as what happened to the Wicked/Ayakashi sisters in the anime: after being purified they remained sort of the same, and I guess they could have become evil once again if they so wished, what Sailor Moon did was purify them from the Black Poison Crystal/Evil Black Crystal's influence.

Or may be that's just me mistaking the whole thing.

As for the buildings of palaces and such, there's no reason to think it wasn't the senshi/scouts themselves who built them: I mean, look at how quickly the future Inners got NQS covered in quartz when the Black Moon first started their attack... If they can cover a person in a thick layer of crystal in seconds, then they can build a crystal formation the size of the Crystal Palace in a few months... It's getting the rooms, passages and doorways carved inside after that would be trickier, but hey they have a sixteen-year-old professional car racer, a sixteen-year-old professional violinist and a would-be designer (Setsuna/Trista) in their midst already... I'm sure that given a few hundreds of years, before the 30th century, they can pull it off.

As for NQD's rule, I like to think that her rule is mostly symbolic, like the Queen of Great Britain or something, and that she only ever intervenes when things are going REALLY wrong for everybody, like with the Ice Age... I gather survivors of the Ice Age were not all nice and friendly, and that they probably fought each other to be the ones to survive: hogging all the food and resources that at that time, with the majority of the earth covered in ice, would probably have become scarce and not enough for everyone. Then NQS came and melted the ice, so that people could start harvesting and raising cattle again, and the situation improved quite a bit, surely... But there would have been people who wouldn't have wanted things to return to how they were in the past, before the Ice Age, because they had conquered and enslaved others and achieved a position of priviledge in the times of scarcity, and wouldn't have not wanted to return to a society of equality.. So they must have opposed NQS, and refused her offer to help them adapt to this change by purification.

7/24/2013 #7
Utopias aren't really worth it. But they are usually temporary. In the manga, Crystal Tokyo ended in a huge disaster and Usagi turned into Sailor Cosmos. And Utopias don't usually work out, like in Divergent.
4/2/2014 #8
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