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My favorite character is Sailor Venus, because she's funny, beautiful and she has a interesting background story (when she was in England). My second favorite is Sailor Mars, because my favorite element is fire, also, she has a strong personality, perfect for a leader and sometimes she's also funny.
3/25/2006 #1
The Bog Witch
Yeah, Sailor Venus is fabulous. (She has her own manga, you know. Codename:Sailor V. I've been dying to get it...someday) I actually like everybody pretty evenly. All of the characters have something interesting about them.
3/25/2006 . Edited 3/25/2006 #2
I also like Sailor Neptune, because she is a mysterious, calm and acts like a really mature character, which is just the opposite of Venus and Mars.
3/27/2006 #3
Prometheus FireBringer
Live Action - Mokoti hands down. That nutty owner of the arcade had me laughing more than anything in that show. The turtle fetish he had was weird. Manga - Galaxia. Much more militant than her anime counterpart. And was a better villain than the rest Anime - Toss up between Artemis. Sly and wacky cat causing more problems than helping the senshi.
4/6/2006 #4
I like Seiya because he is so understanding and does not over react when he found out who Sailor Moon is.
4/18/2006 #5
For me, it's a toss up. It's a tie between all of the Outers, Ami, Makoto, Kakyuu, and Galaxia. But if I absolutely HAD to pick, it'd be either Pluto or Saturn.
4/23/2006 #6
My favorite is Venus as well because she has a more developed backround story(like someone posted earlier) and it would've been nice to see *all* of the Senshi's backround story in the anime. In the manga I remember there was this whole story about Rei and her family life.
4/23/2006 #7
Sailor Jupiter/Makoto. Not sure why I starting liking her. I think b/c of her personality and triumph over personal early childhood trauma. Also how she expresses her feelings!
5/6/2006 #8
The YaoiYuri Hater
My favorite's Sailor Saturn, for these reasons 1. Her uniform 2. Character design 3. Kick a** powers! 4. Her sweet glaive/spear thing
5/12/2006 #9
Astronomer Always
My favorate is mini moon because she's cute.
5/13/2006 #10
JC Rose
sailor saturn and sailor mars! theyre pretty, kick butt and mars has the heels saturn has awesome powers!!!! sailor v is pretty hot!
10/21/2006 #11
Sailor Saturn is supposed to be really powerfull, but in the anime she doesn't show that at all, because her character wasn't developed enough. If she appeared more, I think that she would be a great character with many fans (she already has many fans, but she would have many more).
12/25/2006 #12
JC Rose
ah however i still find that sailor saturn is more powerful than most of the scouts, she is afterall the senshi scout of destruction...i agree she deserves way more screen time for her character to develop beyond hotaru tomoe...they needed more sailor saturn shots, instead of a little bit at the end of super season and her as a baby in stars...she faught the end battle against galaxia with the others but uranus and neptune destroyed her when they supposedly turned evil so she wasnt given much screen time in that season either... I would also love to see more hotaru,mistress nine, saturn fics!!!! shes the best ^-^
12/28/2006 #13
Lady Xiao
Rei is my favorite character hands down (she has been since I was like what... 8?). She is a complete and total bad-a** and her personality in both the manga and the anime are cool. I know a lot of people hate the dubbed version of her personality, but I find it halarious because it reminds me of myself. XD. Anyway, my second favorite character is a toss up between Minako and Hotaru. Can't decide which one. I just know for sure it isn't Usagi....
4/17/2007 #14
Sailor Uranus/Haruka Tenoh. She's the character I get the most, the way she acts, the way she thinks, the way she fights in both the anime and the manga. I'm torn between Jupiter and Mercury for second.
4/18/2007 #15
I totally forgot Seiya! I freaking love Seiya! The series needed a character like that. I honestly feel the interactions between the usual Senshi and the Stars, namely Seiya, really added a whole new level to the anime.
4/18/2007 #16
Oh, I have to flip a coin on this between Chibi-Usa & Hotaru. Me like Sailor Chibi Moon because she bugs Usagi! And me love Sailor Saturn just because she rox!
5/15/2007 #17
Venus Smurf
Hands down, no question--Sailor Venus. I love how complex her character is. The others are incredible and all that, but they just don't change that much. Venus, on the other hand, has so many different sides to her. She's one person in the manga, another at the beginning of the show...and no matter how ditzy she comes across, there's so many hints that she's just pretending. Mina's personality is the only one we have to actually think about (well, maybe Pluto), and that just makes her more...alive than the others. She has depth that the others sometimes lack.
5/23/2007 #18
seems like saturn and venus are pretty popular and so they should be they both ROCK ^-^ I like usagi and haruka in the manga but the anime, even the japanese original seemed to turn usagi into this crybaby klutz, and rei was nasty as was chibi-usa where as in the manga rei and chibi usa hardly fight with usagi atall and there is a page at the end of one of the manga where Venus is copping a feel of princess serenity (usagi) tehee but overall id have to say Haruka tenoh Minako aino Hotaru tomoe Usagi tsukino Rei hino
5/23/2007 #19
For me, it would be a tie between Makoto, Minako, Hotaru, and Haruka. All four of them have their cool sides. And besides, Haruka and Hotaru are two of the Outers. How can you NOT like those two? Makoto is a little feminine and a little boyish at times. Minako is bubbly, like Usagi. The only difference is that Minako makes me laugh more.
5/23/2007 #20
Mizu Miyamoto
Sailor Saturn is my favorite. I always thought she was the most realistic of the Sailor Scouts. She had a lot of depth and emotion. I also like her because she never whined. She also had the coolest of all the Sailor costumes (especially the little pin on her ribbon) and she wore purple! PURPLE! Then there's the fact she could destroy the world if she wanted to. That's pretty spiffy.
6/4/2007 #21
JC Rose
lol i agree with you PURPLE is the best! and saturn just happens to be my fave planet lolz, its the rings around it that i love plus hotaru is awesome PURPLE
6/4/2007 #22
It would be a toss up for who my favorite character is between Ami and Makoto. Mostly because in their own ways, I can relate to the two of them more than the rest of the characters in the show. Also makes the two of them easyer for me to write!
7/21/2007 #23
Ami Meitsu
Let see my favorite is SAilor Pluto/Trista I like her becuase she's Pretty, and she's alot different formthe other senshi. Honsetly I can't list to many reasons but she is just so cool. My second is Sailor Mars becuse she's funny, and serious at the same time. and over all top five are: Sailor Pluto/Trista Sailor Mars/Raye Sailor Mini Moon/Rini Sailor Neptune/Michelle Sailor Moon/Serena
10/18/2007 #24
Sailor Neptune all the way! I like her cause she's really mature and gives me a break from Moon's really high-pitched voice (I love the show, but she gives me a headache!). And Neptune has water powers, which I've loved since, like, forever. But if I was going to be one, I'd be Sailor Star Healer or Saturn.
12/16/2007 #25
Hotaru, Chibiusa. I also really like Black Lady.
3/25/2008 #26
Roveen Alexis Santos

haruka (sailor uranus) and michiru (sailor neptune)

reason? i like odd chacters, those who are not like the other boring characters in the anime or magga

4/27/2008 #27

Venus! she was the original Sailor soldier and the most well balanced senshi, I love her! xD... And Healer because she's soo sarcastic

4/28/2008 #28
IHeartI FairyTale IHeartI

i like sailor venus! she's awsome! but sometimes i wish her attack could be better. i could change it up a little!

6/8/2008 #29

my favorite senshi is uranus b/c i find her very funny!!!!

7/14/2008 #30
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