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My favorite is the anime, because it has lots of episodes and I think the characters are developed better in the anime, in some ways, of course.
3/25/2006 #1
I re-read the manga and saw some episodes of Sailor Moon and noticed that the anime is way better than te manga. The anime has music, is animated, is longer and shows more feeling than the manga. But this is just my opinion.
4/2/2006 #2
Well, that depends on which version of the manga you've read. If you've only read the Tokyopop manga, then you haven't *really* read the manga. There's this one site that has all the manga translated the way it was meant to be(though I don't remember the link). Personally, I like the manga better since it's actually the way Naoko Takeuchi wanted it to be. Usually, I prefer manga over anime(or whichever comes first) with all series.
4/14/2006 #3
Definitely the manga.
4/23/2006 #4
Usagi of Feudal Moon Era
Yeah, the anime is good in that there are lots of episodes but they're all carbon copy episodes and I see very little character development. For one thing, Mamoru's character is SOOO much stronger in the manga. He doesn't just throw a rose, say "You can do it" and then leave. He's actually there for Usagi. Then there's Rei. Rei is SOO much more mature in the manga and then in the anime, they made her out to be some hot tempered pain in the butt. In the manga, she says a few times that her dream is to be the head priestess at Hikawa shrine. In the anime, they made her want to travel and take up a different kind of career. That's not who she is. Personally, in the anime, the only person I saw change was Usagi. She became mature but at the end of every season, she once again became a klutzy, crybaby. That never made sense to me. People don't change like that. People mature. It's rare that people become less mature. Well, I suppose Mamoru changed too but they made his character so weak in the anime. Even in the sub his character sucks. One of the other reasons I like the manga better is because it's Naoko Takeuchi's work. I agree with you Rushia. I'm an author in real life too and I hate how people think they can just butcher what someone spent years working on. Take Harry Potter for example. The scriptwriters decide "Oh. This has nothing to do with the story but I like it so I'm going to add it." With Sailor Moon, they changed things and cut stuff. I could never imagine that happening to something I spent a lot of free time working on. You can disagree with me or agree. I feel the way I feel. Feel free to dispute me.
7/22/2006 #5
**nod nod** Butchering is the main reason why I write my originals in such a way that if they were ever to be published and somehow made into movies(eh, me and my big dreams) that butchering would seriously kill the entire theme and plot. Then again, movie writers just butcher anyway because they're dumb! Grr, I know how you feel when it comes to thinking about a precious story you've written being all changed and modified by people who probably didn't even try to understand what you wrote! But enough with my random ranting and back to the topic! The anime did show some character development on Minako's part with that whole thing about her past in London, but I don't know if that was in the manga at all. . .In any case, I agree with you. It's kind of unfortunate that when a manga becomes an anime it becomes a bunch of other people's work that they can change and modify. If I were an anime producer, I'd strictly follow the storyline of the manga. . .but you know, I'm not an anime producer. Yeah, they shouldn't have made Mamoru so wimpy. . .I mean, he was once the prince of Earth, you know? You'd think he'd at least have a sword or something! Hmm, even though I've only read a little bit of the dubbed manga and a little bit of the manga the way it's really supposed to be *and* seen the entire anime in Japanese I still always think of Rei as the mature girl she's really supposed to be. I guess that's a good thing but it's a bit strange. . .Maybe it's because I always remember her death scenes and the parts where she's actually *not* hot-tempured. Ahh, I'm thinking too much. ^_^
7/23/2006 #6
I have been reading the manga again and I change my opinion a bit. I still think that the anime is better, but the manga develops Sailor Moon's feelings more than the anime. I know that Rei is much more mature in the manga, but I think she's really funny in the anime. One thing that I dislike in the anime is that, in the Sailor Moon Classic, Minako was portraid to be more mature than all the others, but in the other phases she became much more like Usagi and lost, in certain ways, the maturity that she had shown.
12/25/2006 #7
Usagi of Feudal Moon Era
FireKai, personally I wouldn't say that Minako LOSES her maturity. I think she just knows when to be serious and when to have fun. She's serious when it comes to senshi matters but she likes to have fun and let loose too.
12/25/2006 #8
Have to say anime, but most of the time that's not true. I do like how the manga provides more insight into certain characters, although it does leave some behind. but when given the choice between the two shows, english & japaneese, I would definetly choose the japaneese. The voices are much better, and I follow the story better reading subittles I have to say.
12/16/2007 #9
Roveen Alexis Santos

definitely anime although may change from time to time depending on what anime or manga

well for anime its has more appeal to me than a regular mangga although i like some mangga too

4/27/2008 #10

The live-action one is really better than both.

...okay, I haven't read the

11/12/2008 #11

Sailormoon and futurama are my favorites

10/27/2009 #12

I like the anime but only in the Super and SuperS seasons is where I like the manga better.

4/11/2010 #13

While the anime is what introduced me to Sailor Moon, the manga quickly replaced it as a beloved favorite. It's just so much better than the anime (even though I'll always have a soft spot for the anime).

The anime is so watered down, and completely bastardized many of the characters IMO.

10/10/2010 #14

I saw the anime first then read the manga; I was shocked at how different they were. I'd never seen a series that had the adaptions so completely different from eachother(that wasn't adapted from something like Marvel or DC which I could understand) which made me wonder why so many changes. I was seeing two different series in one. Was there something about the manga that couldn't be adapted or were they just plain lazy?

Anyway, I like them both; I felt anime could have borrowed more stuff from the manga and the manga borrow more from the anime. Overall, it's just a preference of what you like; if you're more into stronger plots and character development, read the manga. If you're more into the music, transformation sequences, and action while not minding filler and weaker plots/character development, watch the anime.

6/2/2011 #15

I liked the manga the best. There was so much in there that I felt the anime overlooked too much. While I did feel the manga went a little fast in some parts, I felt some of the episodes in the anime were too much like filler episodes where there was no real development, especially in SuperS.

9/11/2012 #16

completly the anime is way different than the manga ( i know i have read 7 books and have watched 100 something episodes)

9/28/2012 #17
Austin Skywalker

i agree with you both, i like the anime too.

9/28/2012 #18
I'm really really torn. For one, the manga made most of the characters more mature, and the art was BEAUTIFUL, but the anime allowed more character development for people like Zoisite and Luna. Manga DK villains: one or two appearances, then YOU DEAD! Anime DK/Negaverse: Several appearances, some character development, YOU DEAD! I like all Naoko Takuichi approved works, personally. But the anime didn't develop the heroes as much. And they changed the Sailor Star Light's civilian identities to men. DUDE. And, English dub or sub? I'm torn again. Dub is pretty easy to follow, but some of the changes were pretty obvious, like: dumplings to donuts, and it was obvious that a few were cut, because it's not like Luna was just allowed to live there, spontaneously. The Japanese one was easier on the ears, pretty funny, and was more ageless than the dub. I'm torn. Help.
5/11/2014 #19
Hello I'm MaidenOfSunlight. I 've read the manga and whille I really like it, I hate the Stars Arc ending. What happens to Luna and the other? Or to Usagi 's parents ? The least she could have done is elaborated on their fates.
5/27/2014 #20
I wondered that too…but we should assume Luna, Artemis and Diana got brought back to life because they appeared in Crystal Tokyo. Dub or Sub? Dub or Sub? Anime or Manga? Torn into a billion billion pieces!
6/23/2014 #21
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