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Kusanagi Laevateinn

It has come to my attention that most stories with complex and descriptive (consequently, more words) fanfictions are getting less reviews and attention from the archive-goers.

Mostly, the reviews goes to reader-insert stories (both well and poorly written [we've discussed that before, remember?]). Oh, no, I'm not saying that liking reader-inserts are bad! Quite the contrary, keep liking what you like; it's not like it's a bad thing or something!

However, this initiative is to raise people's awareness on fanfics other than reader inserts and OC submissions. Those gets automatic reviews, unlike other types of fanfictions.

This initiative was inspired by Lunaescence's "The Review Initiative" and Lemmasoft's "Honest Critique".

So basically, this initiative is nothing big. It's quite simple, actually; I'd bet it wouldn't take like, an hour or something.

You just review any fanfiction you're reading in Inazuma Eleven Archive. That's about it, really! Don't you feel a bit disheartened when your fics are only getting favorites and alerts, yet no reviews? At least, I know I do!

You don't even have to write long, full-on reviews, like me (I'm sorry for that). Simple "Good luck!", "Do your best!", "This chapter was great!", or "I'll be rooting for you!" is fine. It's a message to the author; it alerts them that there are people out there in the world who's reading their writing, and waiting for more. It made them feel appreciated, it makes them feel all fuzzy and happy inside, yes?

BUT, remember, there are these things called 'constructive criticism'.

When giving constructive criticism, please be perfectly honest and objective. No matter who it is you're critiquing, do not add 'yeah he/she's my friend so...' into your list of criteria!

Flame is... well, everyone knows what it is; and obviously nobody would want to ever be given that (except a few people like me. Probably).

However, giving Constructive Criticism takes skills, too! Here are a few links to help you start!;

  1. (http://)writeitsideways(.)com/5-keys-to-giving-co nstructive-writing-critiques/
  2. (https://)louisville(.)edu/writingcenter/resources -for-writers/handouts/types-of-writing
  3. (http://)www(.)wikihow(.)com/Critique-Creative-Wri ting

Take note that if you authors ASK for critique, don't be a major ass when replying to reviews. You asked for it, and WE the readers give them to you. If anything, the author should be grateful instead. Please don't forget that, by joining this initiative, you're ready to accept any kinds of criticism thrown to you, despite them being a bit ridiculous in your opinion. These are how people view your stories, and it's up to you to take their perspective into account or not.

Also, I'd recommend authors to turn on guest reviews, since some of us are far too lazy to even log in ("orz) like me. However, if you have had bad experiences with guest reviews and doesn't want to repeat history, it's all up to you!

If you support this Initiative, please put "I SUPPORT THE INAZUMA REVIEW INITIATIVE" or any variation(s) of the said word into your FFN profile (or somewhere else, anywhere!) linked to this forum thread or the post in (http://)inazuma-ff-oc-help(.)tumblr(.)com.

Too bad you can't put image banners on FFN Profile. If you could, I'd ask someone to make one for us ("orz I will forever cannot art).

Thanks for reading, and maybe joining the initiative!

10/3/2013 #1
The one who rests in peace


I will try my best!

10/4/2013 #2

Oh this seems like an interesting challenge. I have to admit that OC submission and reader-centric stories age getting far more reviews than usual stories. Sadly that is ONE of the reasons I write OC's-centric stories, but not the ONLY one. The fact that IE lacks girl characters annoyes me and OC's are the best choice lessen that gap. But NEVER a reader-centric story. Actually they're forbidden by the guidelines, but not that anyone cares.

It's truly is sad since there are lots of interesting stories which have potential. I'm not so into GO stories yet, but I will try to leave a review to stories every now and then. deshii

10/6/2013 #3
Kusanagi Laevateinn
Yeah, though I really don't get why FFN forbids CYOAs and Reader-inserts;; it's actually quite weird since CYOAs are like. The funnest type of fanfic ever (for me at least ww) Also, thank you for replying to the thread!!
10/7/2013 #4
Children of Light
I'll try!
10/25/2013 #5

I'll do my best so others won't have to experience what I'm going through everytime I post something in the Inazuma category. Though properly written fanfics have gotten really rare, almost extinct in this archive, but the ones with interesting plots and good characterization will surely have a lengthy review from me.

10/28/2013 #6

Thank you very much for joining the initiative! It means a lot; for me, and for us in the archive!

10/29/2013 #7
Princess Of Flames

Wow, I had been following the challange of this forum with out even knowing it. I agree with you on this. We have to think back on the time we joined FFN and published our first story and checking for reviews every few minutes (at least I did) and simple Good job, update' would make our day and how heartbroken we would get without getting it.

I review every chapter of every story I read unless I'm in tight schedule but I would review one chapter. I may not be as active aONI once was but SYOCs do get way too many reviews. But then again I agree with Sakuchii that IE lacks girls, perhaps that is the result of so many yaoi stories.

I swear to review every story I read!

12/14/2013 #8

I will try...and i know, there some stories who doesn't get reviews (including me) and that makes me really sad.

And thank you!

1/15/2014 #9

I'll do the same! Incidentally, could people please review my new Inazuma Eleven fanfic, Mourning Wolf, or is that too much to ask? Sorry, but I really need reviews in order to improve.

1/16/2014 #10

Wow.. I give you a thumb up for this I'm a new author and sometime I feel too shy or just too scared that my review break someone heart. But, because of this maybe I be review more than before thank you for the great speach ;)

1/30/2014 #11

I'll try to review every story that I've read especially IE stories.

3/19/2014 #12

YOSH! I'll try my best! *determined look*

4/20/2014 #13

I'll try too.(Sorry this is late.)

6/17/2014 #14
Hinano Kinsuke

I agree.

7/14/2014 #15
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