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Rinoa Knightinggale

I started walking up to my room when i tripped and fell into someone i looked up in time to see a boy with red hair

7/12/2013 #1

sakura was scared wonding what it was going to be like in these and started walking to her room and seeing an boy with red hair and an girl on the ground.

10/6/2013 . Edited 10/6/2013 #2
Rinoa Knightinggale

(Can you play otoy)

"im so sorry" Said the girl

10/11/2013 #3

sakura wonder who they are?

10/12/2013 #4
(i can play it.)
10/30/2013 #5
Rinoa Knightinggale

(OK my girl just ran into him)

10/30/2013 #6
(yeah ohhhhh I used ok.') I walked around the hall to see an girl on the ground and an red haired boy standing in front of her I stopped and look at them.
10/30/2013 #7
Rinoa Knightinggale

"Im sorry" i told the boy

12/5/2013 #8

I stare and hummed a song i was making.

12/6/2013 #9
Rinoa Knightinggale

I looked at the floor

2/20/2014 #10

I blushes as I come to the hall as see you too.

3/26/2014 #11
Rinoa Knightinggale

I stard at the floor

6/21/2014 #12

I watch you

6/21/2014 #13

I just bought Uta no Plince-sama Otoya Ittoki cosplay costume, red hair, I love it.

7/7/2014 . Edited 7/7/2014 #14
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