Persona 34 RP: the Mysterious Kisuragi Murders
The Midnight Channel is back on the air! murders have occured within Yu Narukami's hometown of Kitsuragi, and the Investiagtion team is back in business! create your own OC or play as someone from Persona 4, or Persona 3.
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this is where you make your OC's. your OC's from the last RP by darkhaseo90 will carry over (if you've been in it before)





appearence: description or picture will do fine.

Social Link: Wildcard will not do. if you want the Fool, you must provide a good reason.

Persona: make sure it fits your Social Link!

Ultimate persona: same as above

Persona Skills:

Ultimate persona skills:



Nickname: as in what you would be called in persona 4 arena. Yu Narukami is "The Sister-Complex Kingpin of Steel", Labrys is "The Steel Council president" and Elizabeth is "The Lethal Elevator Attendant"

afflication: Velvet Room, Investiagation Team, SEES, or other (please elaborate)

other: anything else you wanna tell me?

7/19/2013 #1
Vengeance Knight

Name: Ryuu Sunohara

Age: 18

Gender: Male


Social Link: Judgement/Fool

Persona: Micheal

Ultimate persona: Metatron

Persona Skills: Agi, Bufu, Zio, Garu, Dia, Megido, Bash, Cleave, Double Fangs (They upgrade as he get stronger)

Ultimate persona skills: Agidyne/Ragnarok, Bufudyne/Nilfheim Ziodyne/Thunder Reign, Garudyne/ Paanta Rhei. Diarahan/Salvation, Megidolaon/Last Judgement,Primal Force,Akasha Arts/GodsHand, Heavenblade (Mind you he can't use the most powerful spells that much, seeing as they are very draining for him and take a certain trigger/Arcana combination to use them.)

Weapon: Longsword as start, depending on the Arcana he changes to his weapon changes.

Bio: Native of Kisaragi City, Ryuu has lived a pretty normal life although he is one to forget and get in trouble with his parents when he comes home late. He has a good relationship with his sister and friends with Yu Narukami. He is part of the cities Highschool Kendo team and recently joined the art club. When Yu returned from Inaba from his events of the the P1-GP, his life changed meeting a man named Philomon and gained the power of Persona, his Arcana Judgment, his job as the Judgment Person is to Judge those to bring upon the new age.

Nickname: The Judge to the new World, Philemon's Agent.

affiliation: Kisaragi Investigation Group(Pretty much what it sounds like)/ Team Kisaragi (With the amount of new OC from Kisaragi its could be its own group)

other: Nothing I can think of.

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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Sokichi Shirogane

Alias:the hardboiled man in white



Appearance: n_Vollfied_by_tugger_lotus.jpg /sven_vollfied_trench_coat_by_hazeldarkman-d4od7mt .jpg


Persona:Raguel The Angel of Justice llman_by_z3dd.jpg (Four shimmering white angel wings coming out of his back.

Weapon:Custom Magnum pistol:Skull-Magnum Noir

Skills:Master detective(In profiling,forensics and deductive reasoning),master marksmen,skilled interrigator,amatuer phillosipher,amateur psychiatrist,skilled martial artist,master level driver(In motocycle and car)

Persona abilities:Angelic Grace,Hama Boost,Mahameon,Lightheway(Ultimate non-instakill light skill),Megidolan,God's hand,golden arrow(Ultimate piercing damage attack),Diarahan

History:The father of Naoto Shirogane and the previous successor to the prominent Shirogane detective family. This young man was the embodiment of hardboiled detective having loved detective stories since he was young he followed in his fathers footsteps much like how Naoto currently is, however Sokichi was the ultimate embodiment of this he was truely very wise beyond his years and before his death had solved more then 300 cases. He was said to truely be a genius, the sort of genius that only appears once every few generations. Sokichi was also a persona user having unlocked the true purpose of the midnight channel to find those capable of using Persona.

Sokichi went on to delve further into the mysterious inceidents that have happened in Kisaragi over the years getting in to deep he payed with his life as he and his wife were murdered in what seemed to be nothing more then a car crash, leaving their daughter Naoto to live with her grandfather. Naoto wants to be just like her dad and regrets not knowing him as much as she wanted. His spirit is now wandering the Midnight channel along with the other Re-run spirits that are forced to serve the mysterious dark ones that rule the midnight channel.

Sokichi was a kind and mature man with a deep sense of fairness and justice, usually quiet and gentelmenry he refused to ever leave a case unsolved or a friend in peril which was sadly what brought about his downfall.

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both accepted.

7/20/2013 #4
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Kei Tono

Alias:the ghost child



Appearance: y____Anima_by_satanpetiteflore.jpg lo1_1280.jpg

Metaphorical: _out_of_sight__out_of_mind__by_soyasushi-d5jwymh.p ng

My truth(The angel of death): /The_fake_angel_by_HawaiianBabidoll.jpg

True form/Persona: 0128f9d57d77cdabc85fcd5079 9e3f.jpg


Persona: Nergal


Skills:Genius intellect,skilled psychoanalyst,,ability to read memories and feelings(a high empathy)

Persona abilities:Mudo, Die for Me!, Mudo boost, MaDakra, Dakdyne, reflect light, vorpal blade, Megido,Megidola, Vicious Strike, Diarama, Spellmaster

History:The living embodiment of the memories of death that exist in those who hold the Fool Arcana. This phantom like child appears to offer his opinions and get others to make contracts linking them to the unseen shadow world. his true goals and motivation ever the mystery he seems to be a truly sad and lonely child incapable of happiness. To those of the velvet room he is known as the god of death. It is unclear if just anyone can see this boy or just those with persona potential, he stays close to those who are close to those who hold the wildcard.

7/20/2013 . Edited 7/20/2013 #5
Mithos of the blue sky and sea




Appearance: anor_and_igor_by_kppcomics-d3c8viw.png (Lady on left)

Personality:Curious,naive and very precocious with a deep desire for knowledge and highly emotional though she rarely gets emotional responses current to the situation.


Persona: Pinocchio =Tulon


Skills:high learning rate, keen strategist,multi lingual,excellent pallet for sweets, ventriloquism,puppet control

Persona abilities:Pinocchio: Cruel attack, Recarm, Mediarama, Vile attack, Panic boost ,Tentrafuu, Mind slice, Hama /Tulon:Die for Me!, Mind Slice, Aragidyne, ziodyne, garudyne, Mediaharn, Hameon, Litradyne(high light based damage not insta-kill)

History:A young denizen of the Velvet room who has recently been appointed as the main assistant she is rather childish with a massive sweet tooth and a habit of adding Desu at the end of her sentences. Elenor is actually very smart and quick to learn most anything with a great desire to learn and a curiosity towards the human world much like Elizabeth, though she is much more innocent and very emotional and sensitive. In battle she controls puppets and strikes with razor wire, the puppets each have their own unique attacks and weapons and she heals them so taking her down is the best advice for battling her.

She can be rather devious and is often accompanied by her two favorite puppets Vincent and Catherine who she named after a favorite videogame of hers, she reads comics and games and actually thinks thats what the human world is really like.

(Vincent and Catherine: welcome_you____by_crystalstarspirit-d4f381v.png )

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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Zazie Harada



Appearance: uro___bible_by_jazzy_c_oaks-d47ps8f.png

At work: uro_as_a_waitress_by_princessofmeat-d46eigs.jpg

Phantom Thief(Her life's Work)(also her combat wear): ntom_by_zephyr03-d49djun.jpg

Personality:quiet,intelligent,hardworking,skilled, reserved,often times greedy and clever, usually thinking of ways to gain an advantage



Shadow:a crucified Lilith with a lance sticking into her and a twisted mask with no mouth on her face and most of her lower half having decayed away

Weapon:curved Cane(Staff based weaponry)

Abilites:Skilled cook,expert pickpocket,skilled skater(Roller-skates and Skate-boards),master manipulator,skilled tactician,master stick/cane fighter,excellent runner

Persona abilites:Lilim:Agi,Zio,Mazio,Marin-Karin,Mudo,Raku kaja,Shadi(Original skill it deals dark damage but does not instant kill), Lilith:Shadyne,Sexy-Dance,Absorb wind,MaZiodyne,Makarakarn,Mudoon,Megidola,teleport ation

History:a young woman who comes from a family of once wealthy people, she lost everything when her fathers company went bankrupt forcing her to squeeze out a living cleaning houses and waiting on tables at restaurants as a waitress, her parents divorcing soon after her fathers fall from grace.

She had everything yet for the last 6 years has had to claw her way up from nothing living in a very humble place, her father lecturing her constantly over hard work, her father having grown up poor and once again being that way,she values every yen she earns and everything she buys hoarding all she can now and even secretly stealing things from the peoples houses she cleans, during the recent times in which the mysterious fog has appeared she has taken on a new persona:a phantom thief sneaking into and robbing wealthy people and jewelry stores, almost out of impulse, driven by a desire to again become rich she is trapped my her material lust for more and more wealth.

she is a skilled actress and manipulator with tons of hidden talents she uses all of them in secret to further her own agenda and hopefully someday return to high society.

7/20/2013 #7
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Yoh Curtis


Appearance: lmetal_Alchemist__Wrath_by_Syani.png mechants/wrath.jpg

Rage: 141.jpg?0

Burned: rs/5173-1114124299.jpg

Facing the shadows: hin_dfvbv4pb.jpg

Personality:shy,quiet,timid,sweet,mature,convincin g,manipulating


Persona:Power(Inital),Samyaza(Final)(Samyaza: 51/megamitensei/images/8/81/Samyaza.jpg )

Shadow:a serpent like version of Samyaza with shark like teeth and a large open mouth with a forked snake tongue, and a scythe on the tip of its tail

Weapon:Shiv(eventually:athame of lament)

Abilites:Masterful actor, skilled sprinter, excellent stealth walker,excellent pallet for sweets,limber acrobatic body,high level of strength and muscle(given his size and age),skilled hand to hand fighter, masterful knife fighter, skilled marksmen(Knife throwing only)

Persona abilites:Power:Hama,Mahama,fear,Garu,Zio,Power-Sla sh,revolution,Survive Dark,

Samyaza:Absorb light,Zionaga,Garula,Agidyne,slice and dice,Hameon,Diarama,Rayon(OC skill,ultra powerful light damage that is non-fatal)

History:a young child who has gone through much, born with a skin condition that died his right arm and left leg darker colors then the rest of his pale body his father was abusive and drove off his and his elder sisters mother.

every day he would be beaten and has scars to this very day from it, nevertheless he stayed with his father hoping his mother would return and they could all become a family again. he was a rather reserved,kind and shy child. One day his father had been drinking more then usual and was laid off his job in rage he threw the boy against the wall and beat him severally, then threw him into a glass coffee table shattering it and cutting him all over, his arm then being broken.

Yoh laid on the ground in a pool of his own blood coughing it up, as his father stepped on his head declaring his hatred for his son with the entire intent to kill him this day and how he wished that Yoh was never born, just then his sister Emi returned seeing this she flew into a rage and grabbed a pair of large sharp scissors with the intent to save her brother and stab her father, he then shattered his liquor bottle and was going to stab her as she rushed him.

All the blood,all the pain and the sight of his father and beloved big sister about to stab each other he snapped awakening to his persona, a bright light flashed as when it faded their father was dead and Ami was in shock at what had happened.

Shortly after the police arrived and Ami was charged with murdering their father, to which she confessed and pleaded guilty, yoh was then sent to live with his Father best friend who was the man who introduced his parents,he had been like family to both of yoh's parents and was deeply saddened to see all of this happening he blamed himself and has been trying to bring yoh out of his shell and make the boy happy while trying to help Ami.

In secret though something in yoh twisted that day now he has become a killer with a strong desire to punish people like his father and children who take their kind parents for granted, he hates seeing people who have happy lives not appreciate it, he truly hates his life now and is at a crossroads using his persona for dark reasons now.

7/20/2013 . Edited 7/24/2013 #8

Name: Kris Gaia

Age: 17

gender: male

appearence: spiky brown hair, blue eyes, about 78kgs. wears a green t-shirt and khaki shorts with red flipflops. he wears a bloack fingerless cotton glove on his right hand and sports a pair of steampunk pilot goggles. his glasses are the same.

social link: the Devil/ The Fool (he has the fool because he can use Social Links to create new armor through new fusion.)

Persona: Succubus Meridiana

Meirdana's appearence: a teenager body, a sky blue version of Succubus' costume and pink hair styled like the character Catherine

Ultimate persona: Beezelbub.

Persona Skills: Agi, Media, Mondoom

Ultimate persona Skills: Agi, Media, Mundoom, Fatal End, Die for Me!, Salvation

weapon: Claw gauntlets (think Freddy Krugers finger razors, only wearing a armored gauntlet)

bio: a transfer student from Australia. he currently lives in Inaba. he was abused by his father who was an underground prize fighter. his mother was also abused by his father and committed suicide. he soon escaped and got to police and was sent to live with his aunt and uncle, who runs a bathhouse inn in Inaba, and has a partnership with the Amagi Inn. he was kidnapped by Shadow Labrys at the start of the P-1 Grand Prix but soon met his shadow, faced himself and became a surprise entrant in the tournament, thus becoming a member of the Investigation Team. he has feeling towards Rise. he joins this adventure on request of Yu Narukami.

other: theme song: One Night in Bangkok by Murry Head

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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Atsuki Saijo



Appearance: 0.jpg Uniform: gbar24/9 43267_20070921_screen008.jpg

Empowered: 01/3.jpg _S_I_G_M_A_by_Metalbeast114.jpg

Personality:Vengeful,serious,quiet,cool,deep down actually very kind and protective towards others, oddly very understanding with a deep love of life hidden beneath his cold exterior.

Arcana:Fool(Hanged-Man subtype)

Evoker:signit Ring

Persona:Gawain=Gilgamesh(Also multi-user due to being fool type)(Gawain is a large humanoid black with gold trimmed armored knight with two large cannons on his shoulders and wearing armor over his entire body: ain_by_haganef-d4nqz7p.jpg )(Gilgamesh:A very large muscular man with a mechanical vosor and shoulder armor scared on the chest and with aq gigantic futuristic battle axe: gamesh___the_destroyer_by_finchzero-d5zujax.jpg )

Weapon:Gun arm(His right arm is a prosthetic taken from an anti shadow unit)(As is his left eye)

Skills:Investigation,infiltration,reading,keen eye for details,excellent judge of character oddly enough,skilled marksmen

Persona abilities:Gawain:Hama,mudo,Agi, Piercing arrow,vengeful strike, invigorate 1,Sigma Scan(This also allows him to pick up residual emotions and thoughts when combined with his eye it shares aspects with all three of the major support skills used by tactical types, though because it is a jack of all trades skill it has less effectiveness in each area and Saijo is limited to short range use)/ Gilgamesh:Hameon,Null Dark,Agidyne,god hand,Regenerate 3,Invigorate 3,megido,Shinen's eye(A strange power that allows him to read into his enemies soul and see their intentions aswell as attack them spiritually devouring their SP instead of HP and absorbing it and pass through his enemies defense's)

Abilites:Skilled investigator,master profilers,powerful empath,master marksmen,skilled actor,skilled manipulator

History:Atsuki became an orphan when his mother was killed in a car accident, and his father died unknown causesinfection. Atsuki's younger sister was murdered, and he too was left for dead. What had occured was a man drowning in his own darkness possed by shadows attempted to absorb the counsiness of Atsuki,his sister and his father killing the father and sister. During the struggle Atsuki's eye was stabbed out and his arm was twisted out of place and partially ripped off after he jumped from his roof into a rive in an attempt to escape the maniac.

He was saved by Ray Patière when he was near death, Ray arriving and killing the mysterious man. Seeing the rage in Atsuki aswell as his inner potential he took Atsuki in and was one of the few people to survive recieving the"Σ" (Sigma) transplant operation; which is a form of cyberization replacing his missing eye and damaged arm with robotics taken from failed anti-shadow weapon proto-types developed by the Kirijo foundation and procured by the nanjo group aswell as a similar mental augmentation similar to the one done to STREGA only much more advanced and with fewer side effects. Since then, he has worked for FORT, hoping to avenge his family by eradicating Shadows and rouge persona users without descrimination he comes in scopes things out and carefully makies his deductions before striking without mercy then calling in FORT to wipe out his foes if need be.


Name:Liu-Yee Xang



Appearance: 20Render.png


Personality:Arrogant,hard working, tough, traditional cold blooded to his foes,taunting towards teammates

Arcana:Justice(I may change it to sun if anyone has any problems with him)

Evoker:Signit Earring

Persona:Lancelot=Melchizedek(May change to Horus is anyone has any problems with this)(Lancelot: e_Geass_Lancelot_by_Cerii1.jpg )


Skills:Master hand to hand fighter is over five different forms of Chinese martial arts,infiltration, interrogation,cover-ups,chess and other strategy based board games

Persona abilities:Lancelot:Tempest slash,Blades of fury,Hama,Light ray,High counter,Hameon,Sigma Devourer(A type of absorbation skill that takes HP and SP, also it is used to actually seize a persona will much like apathy syndrome does,though it also seizes a person's memories aswell which is why it is used)/ Melchizedek:Mediarhan,Repel Dark,Fist master,Vicious strike,Akhasha Arts,God hand,Auto-Mataru,Divine Devourer(Upgraded Sigma devourer)

History:Liu-Yee is a chinese man brought into FORT following a certain incident in his past which resulted in his mother being killed infront of him, aswell as him losing his left leg(Which has been replaced). Liu prefers to stick to himself and does not talk about things outside of his work. Liu actually enjoys the violence of FORT and releshi's in making his prey suffer and frightened much like a prize game hunter. A Sweeper, someone specializing in the eradication of Persona users. A master of Chinese kung fu, he is incredibly strong. Pessimistic personality. Paces himself and values experience over opinion. Uses an earring called Lancelot to channel his likenamed persona, to eat the minds of people infected by shadow or using Persona's with dark intentions.

Lieu-Yee seems to be a true lone wolf and seems to hate the other Persona users he has to work with and placing himself above all of the other mere mortals feeling that cowtowing to them is beneath his greatness.





Appearance: _Pain__Natsuki_by_Kokoruri.jpg v.png suki_Venefskuja_by_xEmoxRazorbladex.png

Personality:Hyper,sweet,clingy,childish,naive,high ly curious with a deep loyalty to her friends



Persona:Tristan=Scathatch(If thats unacceptable then: Tzitzimitl )(Tristanis another mechanaized looking persona that takes the appearance of a red and gold trimmed armored being with four pylon orange trimmed white wings and a large golden crest on the head helmet: -3f7.jpg )


Skills:Child genius, photographic memory,multilingual(Speaks 6 languages),excellent cook

Persona abilites:Tristan: Oracle, Escape Route, Medirama, Bufu, Mabufu, Zio, Divine Grace, Sigma dowsing(Mix of all basic scan powers aswell as a radar power that allows her to seek out people infected by shadows or persona users)

Scathatch:Healing wave, Amitra, Magarudyne, Mabufudyne, Myrid arrow,Power Charge, Invigorate 3, Sigma master's eye(Advanced version of Sigma eye)

History:A support specialist SIGMA Persona user who is under the control of the FORT, she is a very young and precocious girl with a wide enjoyment of romance and hyperactivity. When she was young her family was killed trying to protect her for she was viewed as a witch for her ability to see the other side. She fell in a river after her families villa was burned down, this girl now wandering the streets broken hearted she was about to be killed when Ray appeared and took her into fort bringing her in ana analyzing her her body badly damaged and frail he had her given the sigma project experience replacing her lungs and her rib-cage. She proved to be incredibly talented and was quickly promoted to the rank of head support spotter charged with finding any and all shadow activity in her assigned areas during cases.

Natsui especially loves being outside, but she cannot go out because she is needed to regularly locate shadows and people leaking Mentality energy, sometimes around the clock. She holds a very deep affection for Atsuki Saijo, even going to the point of embracing him in broad daylight on a street. However, she also has an urge to always make sure Atsuki is safe, proven when she has to stay over his house and stays up all night protecting him from anything she deems harmful to her "honey".

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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Rui Yamase


Appearance: /rui_yamase_fanart_colored_by_yuki_ryu_xiii-d3be1x j.jpg ase/Rui%20Yamase/939827-ss_007_super.jpg

Personality:Down to earth yet can be a bit cynical and devious at times she hides great pain within her and is more or less afraid to let anyone past her somewhat tomboyish and dominating personality, deep down she is just a lonely little girl who misses those that have left her, she sees her powers as more of a curse then a gift.


Persona:Fortuna Lady of the wheel=Wadjet Goddess of destiny(A tall well built woman with olive green skin and black scale markings on parts of her body wearing wrappings around her chest and long white loincloth like skirt tied with red thread all around it ,a red silk shawl on her shoulders, a tall egyptian queen headress holding two staff's and with snake like eyes surrounded by egyptian make up and wings like an eagle), (Her shadow is a large naga with a giant water wheel on its back and a large unhinged jaw with a serpents tongue hanging from it with wild swirly eyes and a giant third eye.)


Abilities:Skilled gamer,skilled marksmen,skilled motorcycle driver, talented food critic,fortune telling(Crystal ball and Tarot cards),Ability to predict an enemies next move by a few seconds.

Persona abilities:Fortuna: Zan(Non-fatal light attack),Media,Garu,Bufu,Dodge Wind,Magaru,Wind-Boost,Rakukaja,Dodge-Electric,Gar ula,Magarula / Wadjet:Mediarama,Negate electricity, Magrudyne, Garudyne, Recarm,Rakukaja,Sakukaja,Wind Boost,Zanei(Modified Zan), Crystal Clarity(allows her to read an enemies next move within a few seconds of itself, however taxes Rui alot)

History: Rui is one of Atsuki's classmates. She is a telepath and works as a fortune teller, assisted by her power to see a person's future. She refuses to tell her friends' fortunes because she fears that she will see their death like she did her father. When Rui was a child she fortold the death of her father and since then have kept people at arms length. When she was little she prayed and prayed to be with her dad always, to be his second set of eyes and when she got that wish the first thing she saw was his death she tried and tried to tell everyone about it but they did not listen and he died, with her father dead she felt that her new power was a curse, a curse for her selfishness.

Rui became a fortune teller due to her amazing 100% correct fortunetelling. She was scouted by the head of Company F which before that was called the Psy-Institute,Inside is very fashionable, and doesn't look like a fortuneteller's shop. At first, it appears to be a graphic design office, and the crystal ball on the table and strange pictures on the wall make it seem like an eccentric graphic designer's room, this is where Rui does her work and really makes a killing.

A junior at Kisaragi High School and classmate to Yu,Ryuu and Atsuki. Her smile and humorous acts make her adored by all her friends. She's delved into her friends mind very well. A very talented telepath. The Shadow Operatives or FORT may need to examine her. A very cute and stylish girl. A pretty moody person, but [she does] come off as pretty happy. A ploy to hide her true weakness. She must be careful not to let her gift consume her. When She's finally cheered up, she drinks too much Rosehip tea and way to much ice-creamn. A bit concerned about her fluid consumption but an all tea liquid rule isn't exactly a good idea.

Her tummy's probably puffy due to tea abuse. Seems to take Tai-Chi and Yoga as a hobby. Drinking that much tea and doing Tai-Chi does and Yoga makes sense. She gets stares when she goes with her sister to work for some reason maybe because of her Ko-Gal appearance? Maybe due to overworking, she sees the futures of her clients in her dreams lately and its not always pleasent infact lately its been nightmarish. It's okay to help people out, but she needs a break!

7/24/2013 #11
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Nöla Norton Döbereiner


Appearance: rs/4994-996620775.jpg x-Pain_Gallery_(12).png

Personality:Professional to a fault she rarely shows any emotion while on the job, however it is clear she is actually a very caring woman and would be out there in the field fighting if she could. Often playing the big sis or mother role she tries hard to guide the younger people around her and be their rock, a born caregiver or so it seems she is also highly intelligent and never seems to like taking breaks.


Persona:Percival=Atalanta(Percivel: /Atalanta: lanta_2_by_els3bas-d5k9vr6.jpg With gold visor over the eyes.)

Weapon:Arm shield

Abilities:Master class hacker,skilled investigator,skilled tactican,skilled spotter,skilled actress,technopathy(Ability to feel the emotions of machines)

Persona abilities:Zio,Garu,Dodge Physical,Arrow-Rain,Tempest screw,Regenerate 2,Mazio,Zionga/ Atalanta:Rampage,Ziodyne,Maziodyne,Cool Breeze,Null-Physical,Killer Impaler,Garula,Bufula

History: Nöla belongs to FORT and provides support for Atsuki. She mainly gives him information about the cases he undertakes, and assists in the investigation. Although she generally speaks with Atsuki in a buisnesslike manner, she can occasionally become fed up with his reckless behavior, as he takes unnecessary risks due to his hatred of shadows. She is calm and theoretical but can also be very nutuering. Her past is a sad one having been selected as a persona user at 8 and used as a guinniea pig for the cyberization process and due to the amount of injury she has taken in the field 60% of her body is cyberized. She has unwavering loyalty to Ray Pletier the one who took her in off the street and made her what she is going so far as to even die for him if need be.

She cares deeply for Atsuki nad Natsui as her younger siblings and only lecutres because she cares.

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that is a ton of OC's. :P

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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

And? Don't worry they will get used it needs to be done when building your own world or in this case city.XD

7/24/2013 #14

i know.

7/24/2013 #15

i want to do something so i'm announcing to play as any shadows and minor shadow enemies.

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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:akira Mido



Personality:Akira is a very secretive person who acts like he wears his heart on his shoulder, however deep down he is not as brave or self-assured as he seems he has a deep loyalty to his friends and family but he is also a major hot head. One of his best points is his unwavering sense of honor not overlooking even the slightest injustice without acting. Deep down he is insecure and hates his own loneliness and weakness feeling like all he does is fail no matter how strong he gets.


Persona:N/A(Shadow:A large six armed samurai in dark green armor with a black face plate and no actual joints with glowing red eyes inside the armor)


Abilities:Skilled martial artist, high strength,high endurance,talented swordsmen

Persona(Shadow) Abilities:Temporal slash,Akasha arts,Rain of fear(Damages and frightens all enemies),Iaido strike,Shiden blade(Strike with all six blades pushed together in a single strike)

History:Akira is a martial artist who holds the ideals of Bushido. His father, Kenichi, owns the restaurant called Sweet Ring, which is known for its low fat and delicious sweets. He is not on good terms with his father due to the fact he blames him for his mother's death due to him leaving them and going overseas in Paris to learn to make pastries from a famous French baker. A junior at Kisaragi's St.Wisteria High School and Ryuu and Yu's classmate. Really masculine. Looks really buff Good to have around when theres trouble.

He has a very rough personality. Open and honest, but a bit too honest he needs to think about other people's feelings more and thus needs to be more kind. He used to live with his mom and dad but his Mom died while dad was off at a baker training about three years ago. Has Hated his dad since then, Inside he knows he loves him. Akira Likes to play video games at TOYBOX to relieve stress. Doesn't play Nosferatu as he doesn't like to think when he can't get to the arcade he Goes to batting cages.

About a year ago there was an inceident in the city of Kisaragi in which several women were stabbed to death, his childhood friend and semi-Crush Mika Nozaki investigated into it and found a lead she contronted the killer along with a police officer and the officer was killed Mika herself nearly lost her life being stabbed near death however Akira appeared and fought the killer however he was defeated and left for dead, if it was not for Detective Mako Ando arriving and shooting the culprit then Akira and Mika would have both died, since then he has been overprotective of Mika and has grown distant from her at the same time afraid to let her or anyone else in seeing himself as cursed to be useless and unable to save the ones he loves.


Name:Mika Nozaki


Appearance: a_Nozaki_by_Iinsho.jpg

Personality:Very headstrong and tomboyish she never once gives up on a story no matter the cost, she is incredibly brave and somewhat careless she is also prone to not checking facts and thus apologies alot,I mean ALOT! she treats Akira somewhat like a servant and gets him to do alot, she also talks almost non-stop and is hard to follow when she talks, though she is also a very hard worker.


Persona:N/A(Shadow:A corpse like woman who looks like a shrivled Mika with her hair going down to her feet and with streaks of silver in her hair. She wears a long black gown as she floats in the air, the gown shredded all over with ultra-long finger nails that are knife length.)


Abilities:Skilled photographer,amatuer slueth,talented writer,skilled sprinter

Persona(Shadow)Abilities:Arm chopper,Evil touch,evil smile,Ghastly wail,Stagnent Air,Megido,Mamudoon,Foolish whisper,Galgalim Eyes,Debilitate

History: She is headstrong and independent, and she works as an Intern journalist for the local news station in which shows great potential, she also is the head of the school newspaper. She is childhood friends with Rui Yamase, Akira Mido, and Ryo Unami.

No matter what she does, Mika never gives up until she's satisfied. She is well-liked by everyone, despite her tendency to speak her mind frankly. She has a strong sense of justice, and despises dishonesty. Her aspiration is to become a journalist who uncovers the evils and injustice in society.

She seems a little loud and loves breaking news despite it being fact or not. Her active personality fits the job, but her inability to relax is a problem. She needs to keep a cooler head due to the fact her impulsiveness has made a target by the Silver-Screen serial Killer a year ago. She was injured badly but didn't give up journalism it only inspired her to become more hardcore. A truely gutsy young woman, however due to seeing Akira hurt in front of her she's [suffered] much mental strain feeling that she was responsible for what happened to herself and him she seems to have detatched herself from him emotionally.

She is a real munch mouth Seeing her eat countless candy ,then She eates three jell-O cups and THEN lunch. Maybe someone had better check her stomach… Although she runs around the city, if she's not careful she may end up being a bit plump. She also loves cake binge's at Sweet Ring which welcomes the danger of becoming someday being round. Mika's problems are mostly due to the tradgedy a year ago in which she was nearly killed since then she has kept in her terror and sorrow over what has happened.

7/29/2013 #17

Name:Jachin Chong



appearence: 1.9m tall chinese desent with long brown hair and brown eyes medium built has a pretual scowel on his face. Normaly wears a poliece hat and detctive robe.

Social Link: Inverted Sun

Persona: Pheaton

Ultimate persona: Sol

Persona Skills: Agi,margi bash, rampage,Fire amp fire break Argilio marargilio

Ultimate persona skills:Agydyine Fire amp mind change Maragidyine

Weapon:Monk spade

Bio: When Jachin was young, he had underwent a Special exprement that allowed him to trvael to the midnight Channel with out a Persona. there he met his shadow but instaded of deniying it he embrased it early claiming he had nothing to cover he than discovered he can communicete well with Persona and shadows more than humans and made more frequent trips there he made a few Persona friends and even developed a crush on one.However in 2011 Jachin lost all his 'friends' to a group of what he reffered too as Persona hunters he wanted to comfront them but due to the mysterios fog that shroud the midnight Channel he could not. He went a bit mad as he planns on find and destroying each of the shadow hunters 1 by 1 starting with the leader which he only knows as Yu.

Nickname: The fallen knight of a promiscuious Princess

afflication: Well its complicated but he really does not really answer to anyone he does help the shadow Opratives but thats about it

other:Nothing... yet

7/30/2013 . Edited 7/30/2013 #18


7/30/2013 #19

Wait are OC Personas allowed I need to ask firest

7/30/2013 #20

i'll have to run it by Mith, he designed this one originally, i'm just redoing it since the last one closed.

7/30/2013 #21
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

he would be an inverted sun if he is still the way he is also his powers could have come from a similar thing to the STREGA experiments also you cannot control a shadow because when you gain control over a shadow it becomes a persona. Also is he into Shadow Yukiko?

7/30/2013 #22
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Also OC persona's are fine.

7/30/2013 #23

He does not control a Shadow he basicly acepted his shadow with out denaying it firest so it is his Persona

and yea that is the idea

and what gave you that Idea?

7/30/2013 #24
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

I guess thats fine then tricky.XD

So write (Inverted) next to his arcana. ;3

The Permiscuious Princess part.XD

7/30/2013 #25

So if I say yes can you guess more of his backstory that I left ambeguious?

7/30/2013 #26
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

nope I can't guess.XD

7/30/2013 #27

Really ok than Yes and no

7/30/2013 #28
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Arthur Mays


Appearance: 33/lux-pain/images/5/5c/Arth.png

Personality:He is polite, but honest when critiquing the art of his students. He is a very talented artist with a deep love of innocence,beauty and life. He is a very skilled teacher when it comes to art and encourages others to paint what they are passionate about, he is sadly also very fragile with an ever conflicting world view.


Persona:N/A(Shadow:A sinister smiled man in a long white coat with his body made of multiple swirling rainbow colors and the colors oozing from his hands and feet but no actually face aside from the manic grin.)


Abilities:Amazing artist,gifted teacher,skilled sculptor,amazing eye for detail and mildly empathic.

Persona(Shadow abilities):Magaru,Mabufu,Maragi,Mazio,Mamuudo,Maha ma,Mazan,Madak,Magido,Envision(A type of summoning skill where he creates new minions out of pain),Perfect design(Creates a new giant body armor for himself to use)

History: Arthur is the art teacher at Kisaragi High School. He is polite, but honest when critiquing the art of his students. He is a very talented artist known for his skill in surrealism and modern art, but also for his amazing landscape paintings aswell. Arthur comes from a very wealthy family and is originally from America, though he moved to france when he was in his teens. Arthur became a painter after seeing Fumihiko Maki's work, as a young boy which showed him a bright new world beyond his imaginings which has captivated him ever since. Studying the methods and styles of frances's greatest artists aswell as the great artisits throughout history displyed in the Luvr'e he became very well known.

Arthur moved to Kisaragi three years ago after the Fumihiko Maki collection was brought together in the Civil Hall as a way to be close to his favorite artist who was from Kisaragi. Arthur was a former friend of Mayumi Yamano and Taro Namatame until the events of last year, following this he began a slippery slope of depression which has culminated as of one month ago where he holed himself up in his house and refused to leave his workshop until he has finished his new work.

He has also been proposed to by many women apparently. He turned them all down; maybe he's into…old ladies? Or has his sights set on someone already and just won't say?

8/6/2013 . Edited 8/6/2013 #29

Becasue Pheaton plays a small role as an OC more than a tool I will create him




appearence: His Persona form is a uyong man made of cooled Larva with chain blades that are attacked to his skin his face is readent as if still hot

Social Link: Sun


Ultimate persona: his evalution

Persona Skills:Read Jachin's Bio

Ultimate persona skills:read Jachin's Bio

Weapon:Chain blades

Bio: Jachin's Persona and closets friends he was the one who helped Jachin meet his other firends and was Jachins blood brother, he now has to try to drag Jachin away from the path he is taking becasue he feels that Jachin will fall to his shadow soon enough. Will be a test subjet of Jachin's exprement


afflication: As he is his Persona and friend he is only Loyal to Jachin

other: anything else you wanna tell me?

8/6/2013 #30
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