World of Warcraft: The Age of Mortals
With the fall of Deathwing, the discovery of Pandaria, and the mortality of the Dragon Aspects, Azeroth seems to have conquered almost anything that has been thrown at them. Except for one thing: the war between the Alliance and the Horde. All peace between them has been destroyed and now their hatred for each other is the only thing that remains. Take arms and fight! Whether it is in the name of the Alliance or the Horde, it is up to you.
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This is the only thing keep this forum from disaster and destruction caused by idiots , morons , trolls , and just generally stupid people.

no making fun of me if you see a typo -_-

Read and Accept before any form of Roleplay may begin. Only by accepting is Oc creation , Roleplaying , and advertising allowed.

1) - Content

Ah yes. The one thing that everyone is picky about. For those of you who pay attention, you will notice that all posts in Forums are required to be acceptable for teens. That means minors. Now I understand that some people where raised in different situations but keep everything T rated. Here is a list of the restrictions for content.

  • Swearing

Now I understand that language is used in World of Warcraft. Like how when your horde character runs through Shadowfang Keep and the final boss calls Sylvanas a bitch. But you don't see Tyrande Whisperwind dropping the f-bomb because she stubbed her toe on Malfurion's desk. Basically you may only use language that Bliizard has placed within their game. C**t , P***y, C**k , etc etc are not allowed. This isn't because I don't like those words but because Fanfiction will sacrifice us if we us them if we get reported .

  • Sex/Lemons

Now I will admit I have done a lemon before but it falls under the not acceptable by Fanfiction standards. IF you want to get freaky please do it over Private Message. Not everyone wants to see your Worgen dominating some night elf doggie style. Not everyone is in to that. So it isn't allowed on my forum. You can make dirty jokes but keep it to a limit.

  • Blood and Gore

Okay I will admit nothing is cool without some form of blood and gore but honestly I really don't want a graphic description about you tearing out the insides of a gnome and feasting upon them while bathing in a pool of the blood of virgins. Ew. Keep it down but it is acceptable to a limit.

2) Roleplaying

  • Character Creation

Mkay everyone wants to be the bad ass of every story , forum , whatever. There are only two bad asses in the game and Jaina and Sylvanas your Oc's are not.

No Mary Sues or Gary Stu

Everyone has flaws. Let's take my Oc for example. He is a large worgen rogue. Because he is large , he isn't as sneaky as say a gnome. Granted he will stab you harder then a gnome. You see what I am saying? Balance out your OC's powers with reasonable weaknesses.

Also, there is no way you can go from being a simple street rat who has no military understanding or magical abilities to being the Leader of the Kirin Tor and the world's most powerful sorceress over a span of two years. Jaina spent all her life studying and had the help of Dalaran's Archmages. Your Oc's can't be completely perfect. Howver they can't overcome every tragedy. My OC , Velthrick , lost his wife and kids during the forsaken invasion to Sylvanas's epic plague. He didn't pray to the Light and resurrected them. He will never get them back.

It has to be from the Warcraft series

I would of thought this rule pointless until I saw it happen. Just because Blizzard made Diabo 3 doesn't mean you can have blood elf demon hunters. No. Not just no oh hell no. However, if a warcraft race was wiped out that doesn't mean you can be the only survivors. Strat had no survivors. Everyone died and became a zombie.

  • In the Roleplay


This is a 'duh' rule. No god-modding. If a meteor falls from the sky and hits you, you are dead. End of story. However, you cant summon meteors to destroy the entire world.

You can't hit everything all the time. You must give the other oc's creator a chance to decided if whether or not they want their babies getting hurt. So instead of

Velthrick slammed the butt of his dagger against ______'s temple knocking em unconscious.


Velthrick aimed his dagger and attempted to slam _____ in the temple with enough force to make em unconscious.

However that doesn't mean you can dodge everything. I'm pretty sure a gnome rogue will move faster then a tauren warrior with a shield and plate armor. I mean seriously.

Play YOUR Oc's!

Unless I gave you permission to use Velthrick in my place , do not use my people. The same goes for anyone else. Unless you have recieved their permission and I made made aware of that.

  • Chatroom

No -ism

No Racism ( Don't judge a book by its cover but by the words it possesses)

Sexism ( We are both equal and are both just as a important in the balance of life )

Religious Discremination ( I don't care who you worship. Whether it is God, Hecate , Shiva , etc etc )

Sexual Orientation Discremination ( What you do in the bedroom doesn't bother me unless animals or children are involved. And i'm talking legit animals , Furries )

Just don't judge people! ( We all make mistakes )

Judgement is mine sayith the Lord - Christianity

What you do comes back three fold- Wicca

What goes around comes around- Hinduism

It all means the same things

( I may have quoted them wrong but it doesn't matter)

Do to others how you want done to you!

Now if you do something stupid I will tell you. ' Really... Really.. that is stupid.' but it will mainly be about something concerning your OC.


Rules will be added in the future should something occur


1st time is a warning/Pm

2nd Time is a Ban voted upon by your fellow roleplayers

Banned Members

N/A :)

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Zero The Grimm

I accept the rules.

8/21/2013 #2

I accept the rules

is this forum still alive?

9/4/2013 #3
Lady Loki of Asgard

I accept

1/26/2015 #4

I accept

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