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Am I the only person who dislikes anime homosexual pairings? If you are disgusting by a fic that has made one or many of your favorite anime characters gay, come here.
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Some people are like. Love is love, it doesn't matter what gender you are. Or that we should be open minded. Well, we don't like what we don't like. Its nasty.. But it does!! Man, it really does.. lol I"ve heard that crack before. some people get upset over it..
6/23/2007 #211
As my father just pointed out, another thing to add to the list of sins is religious pride. Non-homosexuals should not consider themselves any better then homosexuals. They sin and struggle with sinning, too. In my dad's words, "Homosexuality IS a sin, but it's also JUST a sin." He's not saying that it's okay. What he's saying is that no sin is lesser or greater than any other sin.
6/23/2007 #212
All in all, it's opinions. I mean, let them have their fling, but just don't kiss in front of us please. :P Yuck!
6/24/2007 #213
I absolutely agree. Personally, I don't dislike homosexuals but that doesn't mean that they should fling their stories at my face every second fanfic I search up! I think that the majority in this world should get what they want, after all, isn't that what a largely democratic world means? Shouldn't we be able to have peace of mind on this site?
6/28/2007 #214
by and large i have to search for my yaoi fanfics by using the search option. i don't think by having yaoi stories on the front page/in plain sight is flinging them in your face-i could say the same about het stories. they're everywhere too.
6/29/2007 #215
Maybe not on fanfiction, but a lot of other sites have them. There are quite a few on here though, it could be that the sections of fanfiction that you're searching in don't have them. On the sections of which I read, there are loads. Even when the manga's ended and there are clear pairings, people still write them as if the finale had never been published!
6/30/2007 #216
Purple Kunoichi
I hate it when people do that. But I guess yaoi lovers will be yaoi lovers. They just need a fanfiction site all their own.
6/30/2007 #217
Same here..they have invaded Adult Fan But I guess thats what its fictions.
6/30/2007 #218
i know there are a lot in the naruto section(not being a naruto fan i didn't know until i looked) and other shonen manga have quite a lot in general. probably because there are so few girls in them ha ha. the thing about fanfictions is that you can manipulate what you want. i mean, it never explictly says that in say...godchild by kaori yuki that the two characters are together. in fact the authour herself says she never intended for it but reader after reader continues to say " think they're in love!" just because of how close they are. the manga could end and there could be clear cut pairings but i find it hard to believe that people would accept other pairings in the long run! i know i wouldn't! plus some fanfics are set before the end of a manga has been published in a certain arc or they're AU(which really negates any canon fact except for the ones the authour chooses to keep XD) and, not to throw people's words off this board at you, but this is a democracy. people are allowed to publish whatever they want to "protest" their dislike of a certain pairing. :)
6/30/2007 #219
Fine. I'm going in search for a yaoi free fanfic site (or at least a site that filters out the yaoi and non-yaoi into sections). Bye-bye! (In case you were wondering where all the yaoi is: in Fruits basket there are tonnes of YukiKyo and in Pirates of the Caribbean there are way too many JackWill and not enought ElizabethWill to compensate. And then in Rurouni Kenshin there are quite a few SanoKenshin. This place is too weird for me.)
6/30/2007 #220
Kaykay, did you manage to find a yaoi free site??
6/30/2007 #221
Purple Kunoichi
I hope she does.
6/30/2007 #222
O_O If there is such a site, which I really don't think so....but maybe I'm just too pessimistic.
7/1/2007 #223
I found a site which separates the yaoi/yuri with the straight, but it's a Rurouni Kenshin site. (I'm such a die-hard fan of this) If you're wondering why I'm here, FF keeps sending me messages about more posts. It's irritating. Does anyone know how to turn it off somehow?
7/1/2007 #224
most fansites do that. if you want to stop recieving notification of new posts then click the little button above quote, story link, user link etc etc. it says "yes, email me when replies are added to this topic". just deselect it and there you go.
7/1/2007 #225
7/2/2007 #226
? Why don't you like the notifications?? You don't love this forum thing anymoree??? Ooh, but please give me that Rurouni Kenshin site. Thanks muchies!
7/2/2007 #227
:) I love the notifications. Cool, a Kenshin site. I'd like the link too.
7/2/2007 #228
There's just WAY too many of them blocking all of my real emails. Also, I can't be bothered enough to delete them or make fanfiction notifications trash mail. It's a good site for fanfics, but the fics don't have summaries so you have to open and see each one.
7/2/2007 #229
Well....I like Shonen-Shoujo-ai just as a fluff, nothing else. I like normal pairings more then yuri-yaoi.....
7/11/2007 #230
Purple Kunoichi
I totally know what you're talking about...those emails are so annoying! I have over 4000 in my What is fluff exactly? And nice Mistral avatar.
7/11/2007 #231
Fluff is just a lot of lovey-doveyness (and it's not explicit). Well, my version of it anyway. Kind of like when in an anime or manga and these pretty flowers and colours show up in the background and sparkling music can be heard...
7/11/2007 #232
sparkling music...cute with boyxgirl couples. disgusting with boyxboy and girlxgirl couples.....We don't need music in the background for those pairings!
7/17/2007 #233
Supreme Yaoi Hater
yes, it sickens me when that happens, but hey, it happens sometimes... --shudders--
8/13/2007 #234
Sadly...*sobs* I'm seeing more and more stories with no yaoi/yuri warnings (I might've complained of this already but still!!) I hate reading a story and getting a nasty surprise because the author was too forgetful or too lazy to even put warnings up!!
8/14/2007 #235
[q]Sadly...*sobs* I'm seeing more and more stories with no yaoi/yuri warnings (I might've complained of this already but still!!) I hate reading a story and getting a nasty surprise because the author was too forgetful or too lazy to even put warnings up!![/q] Tha't awful! well I seems to hate yaoi/yuri now.... Alright UekiSano fic made me sick....(I wonder what reaction [i]she[/i] says when seeing that pair...)
8/16/2007 #236
Oh Sasunaru(Naruto) Koukou(Digimon Frontier) also make me lotsa sick... I hate yaoi, likes frienships of girls (NOT pair)
8/16/2007 #237
The ever popular SasuNaru pairing...blech. I think it's the author's fault for making them kiss (accidentally but still disgusting) in the beginning. The other sickening pairing is SakuIno D: Where does UekiSano come from?_?
8/17/2007 #238
Don't people usually post the pairings in summaries? That's pretty much a warning in itself far as I'm concerned...
8/18/2007 #239
From The Law of Ueki. Since I'm a UekiAi supporter, I don't too like them....
8/19/2007 #240
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