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If you could ask Ranger one question what would it be?
3/30/2006 #1
will u marry me? lol no that wouldnt be my question, it would probly be something along the lines of would you marry steph? i rekoj i might be to wowed by his persence (not his body) to speak thou
4/5/2006 #2
I think I would ask....I'm not sure...how about..."Dude, what's up?"...Any attempt to get him into a conversation...of course it would take a ton of charm and innocence (not in the cliche sort of way)...and follow up questions but hey...we have to start somewhere...
4/26/2006 #3
i think, if i had ranger in front of me, and i could ask him one question.......i would just poke him. and then, if he was real, i would faint. and then, when he revived me and fell madly in love with me and forgot all about steph, i would ask him about his mysterious past. lol, o yeah, and i would want to know where exactly the batcave is.
5/16/2006 #4
Honey BeeMee
HAHAHAHA I'd probably end up just saying "Dude" too!!! Because he would scare me. It's frightening when everyone is taller than you, but really when they are two feet taller, wear black and carry a gun. Then again, I might end up asking something completly stupid like, "Why don't you wear any colors? Are you depressed?" I hate monochromatic closets, especially when it's all black. I just don't get it; I need color.
7/2/2006 #5
S. K. Steven
Well every guy on my dad's side is 6"" or taller and none of them way under 220. So big and tall is normal to me. Even my aunt is 5"7. So inimidation would not be an issue. Now how hott he is maybe.... I would probably ask what he ment when he wouldnt marry her or anything else n*** and if that ment he would marry her if she wanted to.
7/27/2006 #6
Silent Me
Now the question I would ask Ranger would be "What the hell do you mean with I love you in my own way?" Lol, I'll always be mad at him for that one :P How can a man be so stupid and say that? Really?
9/22/2006 #7
Honey BeeMee
You gotta hand it to Ranger though, about the whole consensual (is that right?) issue. He's big enough to force himself on women, even Steph if he really wanted to, but he's responsible and respectable enough to not be a brute. I suppose he 'rises above it' (litteraly) if I can be so cheezy and use that cliche. I respect him for that traight because he respects women. It's just hard to see sometimes through all the testosterone. Like when he made Steph stay in his apartment, or when he kisses her so much out of the blue, or when in book 12 he lied about the couch. Lol, look at us; these characters are so well developed in the books that we are discussing them as they are real people. Oh well, they're real in my mind. My friend at work and I do the same thing, and we annoy every else with this obsession. Lol, it's fun.
9/23/2006 #8
Janet's new book, How I Write just came out and I am loving it. In the beginning she talks about how the characters make the book. Having believable charaters makes the readers come back for more. I can say it totally worked on us. Though what good is it when people like to read your story but wont talk about it. My best friend and I always make jokes about the Sp book sin front of our other friends who are completely clueless. We've done it so much our friends just accept it and ignore us.
9/23/2006 #9
Honey BeeMee
Yeah, I'm the same way with my other friend who I got hooked on Plum, and my coworker. At work it was funny when the other people found out I was a fanatic too, because one of the other women (who isn't the fanatic) rolled her eyes and said "We've got another one." So We're dressing alike as Rangeman employees to anoyy everyone on halloween because we can dress up. Working in a library is cool that way.
9/23/2006 #10
What would I ask Ranger... Hmmm... How bout: Dude, wth's your problem? Just kidding. I dunno there are so many predictable question to ask eg: Who will you marry, Why are you silent etc etc etc. But I guess (talking from the viewpoint that he is a character and not a person when I asked) that would ruin the story. Those mysteries are there to keep us readers coming back for more, and I for one would prefer to see them played out in the books because its so much more exciting and interesting than having them ruined in a nanosecond because I asked. So nothing to do with ruining the future storyline. Probably.. I really have no idea. Ok this is a little weird but you know bear with me: Had he ever truly loved somebody. We as readers need to know if he is actually capable of human emotion, instead of masking it the entire time.
12/21/2007 #11
I would ask when was the last time he cried. Like really broke down and cried. Does this man have any emotions? or Did he just come up with the "Babe" thing or has he called other women that (i.e. Jeanne Ellen Burrows) or When exactly did he form an attraction towards Stephanie... yeah one of those.
1/21/2008 #12
I would ask "Are you really with Stephanie? And do you really love her? And and what the heck is up with the disappear/reappear stuff? AND would you leave her for me?
3/19/2008 #13

Oh, that's easy.

"Would you like some company tonight?" ;o)

7/21/2008 #14

I would ask.....

"my place or yours?"

I got some Bvlgari today and have Ranger firmly on my mind. I agree and think it is strange how so many of us are in love or lust with him like he is a real person.

Its nice to know that at 28 my imagination still works.

5/13/2009 #15

Where is the BatCave????

4/21/2010 #16
Mik N'jirnav

Ok, I've got my ONE question for Ranger: What's it gonna take to get you to 'someday' with Stephanie?


10/1/2010 #17

I'd ask one, and tell one- so two:

"Can I have your Porsche?"


"Suck it up and marry her already!"

2/6/2012 #18

My question to Ranger would simply be...."Ranger?" See how much he likes getting the word answers to everything. Poor Stephanie

7/1/2013 #19
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