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Just somewhere you can come to talk about all of your RWBY ships and OTPs. Give us the who and why and since when about your ship/s, and don't forget to read the rules before posting. Every ship is acceptable, don't forget.

8/12/2013 #1

Relevant rules in summary: Don't rip on people for their pairings or the pairings themselves. You can disagree with pairings and state your dislike and why if you want, I'm not telling you to like every pairing, but don't just spew mindless hatred. Shipping wars can get vicious, I would prefer if that did not happen here.

Examples of disagreeing with a pairing:


  • I dislike Person1/Person2.
  • Person1/Person2 doesn't really make any sense, they hate each other and will likely never get along better because ______.
  • I am not a fan of that ship.

Bad (Do not do this, or I will be quite cross at you)

  • Person1/Person2 as a pairing is retarded. And so are you.
  • That is a stupid ship.

Mmkay? Pretty simple right? Try not to drag out long arguments about why certain pairings will never happen either, quite frankly, I think the prospect of romance entirely is unlikely to be given a large focus in RWBY. Any yuri pairings are especially unlikely, despite my own liking of yuri pairings. No amount of arguing here is going to change what Monty and Roosterteeth are going to do.


Anyways, with all that out of the way, I think it's pretty obvious what my main RWBY OTP and ship is. Ruby/Weiss.

I first came across RWBY shortly after the White trailer was released, and I loved Weiss's character design. I quickly started obsessing about RWBY, and soon after started shipping her with the only other available person, Ruby. I started making up a bunch of headcanon, and then it started getting written down as fanfiction which just reinforced the ship in my head. I had no idea how they would actually turn out, but by the time the episodes came out, the ship was so cemented in my mind that it refuses to go away no matter how badly Ruby and Weiss's relationship is going in canon. I remain optimistic that they will at least become close friends.


SECOND EDIT: Somebody made a massive spreadsheet:

EDIT: Here's a list of all the ship names I know of:


Ruby/Weiss: White Rose, Reiss, Pink, Candycane.

Blake/Yang: Bumblebee, Bumbleby, Blang.

Weiss/Blake: Monochrome, Checkmating, Grey.

Ruby/Blake: Ladybug, Maroon, Black Rose.

Weiss/Yang: Freezerburn, White Gold, Dry Ice.

Ruby/Yang: Enabler, Orange.

Weiss/(A member of Team RWBY): (Colour) Snow.

Ruby/Weiss/Blake: Newspaper, Bloody Chess.

Ruby/Blake/Yang: Bumblebug.

Weiss/Blake/Yang: Bee's Schnees.

Ruby/Weiss/Blake/Yang: Pollination


Jaune/Pyrrha: Arkos.

Nora/Ren: Renora, Team Sloth, Pink Lotus.

Other Het

Adam/Blake: Tauradonna.

Jaune/Ruby: Rosy Arc, Lunar Rose.

Jaune/Weiss: White Knight.

Ren/Someone: (Colour) Lotus.

Ren/Blake: Ninjas of Love.

Ren/Yang: Sunflower*.

Sun/Someone: (Colour) Sun.

Sun/Blake: Solar Eclipse, Midnight Sun.

Sun/Yang: Solar Flame.

Sun/Penny: Optimus Primate.

Sun/Velvet: Bunanas.

Cardin/Weiss: Holy Ice.

Cardin/Nora: Whack-A-Mole.

Torchwick/Glynda: Torchwitch.

Other Yuri

Ruby/Pyrrha: Milk and Cereal.

Weiss/Pyrrha: Schneekos, North Pole.

Weiss/Nora: Crushed Ice.

Yang/Nora: Pink Lemonade, Collateral Damage.

Yang/Pyrrha: Chariots of Fire, Crimson Flame, Flameshipping.

Ruby/Penny: Nuts and Dolts.

Weiss/Penny: Cold Hard Cash.

Pyrrha/Penny: Target Practice, Gingersnaps*.

Nora/Penny: Nail Gun, Gingersnaps*.

Penny/Velvet: Small Change.

Velvet/(A member of Team RWBY): (Colour) Bunny, (Colour) Velvet.

Weiss/Velvet: Dust Bunny.

Yang/Velvet: Honey Bun.

Penny/Velvet: Energizer Bunny, Bunnydoll.

Glynda/Weiss: Glyphs.

Yang/Melanie: Kickboxing.

Ruby/Blake/Velvet: Cherry Leather.

Weiss/Blake/Velvet: Frappucino.

Other Yaoi

Torchwick/Ozpin: Torchpin.

Sun/Ren: Sunflower*.

*Same name may be used to refer to multiple ships.

8/12/2013 . Edited 4/20/2014 #2
AnimeGirl 144

Since Episode 2, I support Ruby/Jaune. Real original, I know However, given how Pyrrha seems to have taken a quick liking to Jaune, I foresee either a love triangle, or Ruby/Jaune will simply be a brother-sister relationship while Pyrrha/Jaune will be romantic.

Also, I support the idea of Adam/Blake. Again, real original

8/12/2013 #3

I think that Ruby and Jaune will remain friends while Pyrrha and Jaune will have a romantic relationship.

I mainly support Ruby/Blake.

8/12/2013 . Edited 8/12/2013 #4

I have heaps of ships already

Ruby/Weiss, just because why the heck not. I saw their trailers on the same day and I immediately thought "ship ship." Their first meeting was so terribly hilarious that I just had to dig deeper, and now I ship them like a sailor.

Jaune/Pyrrah, which is probably going to become canon (maybe) Pyrrah obviously like Jaune, Jaune is just a bit slow is all.

Nora/Lie because of the introduction. They're already best friends, and I think they're just destined to be together.

And Blake/Yang (???????????) I'm not actually sure about this one, I think maybe Blake/Adam might seem more likely at the moment, but I think it's a probability that Yang and Blake get paired in episode 5, so I guess I'm just jumping the gun on this one (trying to make another yuri pairing before my brain implodes).

8/13/2013 #5

As I've said, Ruby/Weiss is my OTP, but I don't mind a few others.

I'm about 2000 words into my Blake/Weiss one-shot right now. I saw a bunch of fanart on that which inspired it. I don't ship it particularly zealously, but it's okay.

I'm okay with Blake/Yang as well since it can coexist with Ruby/Weiss, and will probably write something for it after the Blake/Weiss.

As far as Jaune's team goes, I'm still waiting on seeing more before I decide on anything there.

I actually dislike Ruby/Blake. I'm not totally sure why. I can see them getting along well and being good friends, but I just dislike the thought of them together. I'm not totally sure why. Though come to think of it, I dislike Ruby being with anyone other than Weiss, yet I don't quite seem to have that problem when it comes to Weiss.

8/13/2013 #6
AnimeGirl 144

I can almost see Lie and Blake working, but Nora may go mental (may, since I haven't seen her past her intro episode so her personality is still up in the air) and I'm not sure if Adam will accept it (whether because he's in love with Blake or if he's simply defensive of the girl).

8/13/2013 #7

Adam and Blake, I can sorta see I guess. We really haven't seen much of Adam, so I dunno. Supposedly they're supposed to have some kind of mentor/student relationship. One which Blake ended on a rather bad note. Still, you could sort of feel the emotions involved when she left him behind, and though they don't seem to agree on things, they must have been somewhat close. I hope we see some more of Adam eventually, I liked his design.

I'm not sure how Nora feels about Lie. She was neither embarrassed nor averse to the idea of a relationship with him. It seems like they're childhood friends, and if that's where their relationship ends up going, she'd be fine with that, and if not, she'd be fine with that too.

We probably shouldn't read too much into Lie's personality from what we've seen of him so far. It just seems like he's not much of a morning person, and Nora's exuberance must have been grating on him as well, he's just simply learned to deal with it. Perhaps he's less apathetic when he's not so tired. Still, he seems like a fairly calm and quiet person, and that fits with Blake. If they were together, that might work, but I have a hard time seeing either of them actually approaching the topic.

8/13/2013 . Edited 8/13/2013 #8

I'm not sure about Nora/Lie. I enjoy their general interaction and don't actually care about whether or not they get together.

8/14/2013 #9

Nora/Ren? I find their relationship to be that of platonic, close friends, the kind you see with people that have known each other their whole life, which they practically do.

Ren/Blake? Well well, that's been quietly suggested here and there, especially with how initially similar their personalities appear. It could make for decent comic fodder, as I don't see them being a "talk it out" pair, and I actually find them (initially, remember that) too similar to be immediately compatible.

Blake/Adam? Ehh, seems weird. Their relationship is akin to that of an apprenticeship (student-master type thing), and, I dunno. It just seems odd.

I can see Pyrrah/Jaune being a better fit than Ruby/Jaune as well, at this point. Actually, now that I think about it, it could be turned into a Naruto type thing from early in that series, where Hinata was after Naruto and he was after Sakura....but I digress.

At this point, though, the only actual potentially canon pairing situation I can see would involve Pyrrah, Jaune, and Ruby (if there is a canon pairing situation at all). Take your own pick as to who forms the pair in that triangle. I just can't see any others working in canon, and we can't really know either, with the show still in infancy.

It's funny, the conclusions and speculations that people (myself included, sometimes) can throw around about a series which is four episodes in....

8/14/2013 #10

I desperately want there to be a Ruby/Jaune/Pyrrha love triangle! I don't really ship either Ruby/Jaune or Jaune/Pyrrha just yet, but to see that triangle develop would put a smile on my face. :)

Despite my mind screaming at me for Blake/Adam, there's something in the back of my mind that wants either Blake/Weiss or Blake/Yang. It's kinda obvious that Blake is my favourite of the four girls. I don't know why exactly, and there's not enough character development in any of these ships for the time being, but gut instinct desires at LEAST one of these three!

8/14/2013 #11

I lurk a few places and in one of them they discussed a crack triangle, Pyrrha/Jaune/Weiss. Pyrrha wants Jaune, but he's too stuck up on "snow angel", and Weiss wants Pyrrha, and is trying to get rid of Jaune to get to her. I don't think Weiss's interest is romantic, but it would be amusing to see.

8/14/2013 #12

Yeah, that is kinda how their interaction in Ep 4 worked, so it does make sense. And it sounds like it would be pretty funny.

8/14/2013 #13

Along those lines, I've also heard of Weiss/Pyrrha. I'm not sure if that would help with Weiss's ego much. Maybe Pyrrha would be able to make her more humble over time though, who knows?

8/14/2013 #14
A Pyrrha/Jaune/Weiss crack triangle? It's so evil, it's genius! Also, Weiss/Pyrrha sounds pretty legit, but I'm scared that Weiss' ego would inflate to the size of a zeppelin. Oh well! :D
8/14/2013 #15

Zeppelin would be an understatement, her ego would probably reach critical mass and implode forming a neutron star, crushing everybody who got anywhere near it in hyper gravity (sorry, just had to get that out of my system).

8/15/2013 #16
My fav pairings and then ones I believe make sense. Fav: Ruby x Weiss Blake x Ruby Weiss x Yang Jaune x Pyrrah Sense: Ruby x Weiss: The love/hate, opposites attract pairing. The metaphorical fire and ice of RWBY. Blake x Adam: This is due to them habing history together as partners. He might come back and try to be with her. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Ruby x Blake: They actually have common ground in books and reading. Their passion forreading may lead to them getting together. Jaune x Pyrrah: She acts SO nice to Jaune, even saving him from falling in ep.5. Eventually he'll notice this... I hope
8/15/2013 #17

Pyrrah/Jaune actually seems pretty cute now. If you listen to what she says when releasing his aura, some people have pointed out that it practically sounds like some kind of archaic marriage vow. Kinda amusing. Ren seemed pretty happy to see Nora, and the boop was perfect.

Still a Ruby/Weiss person, but damn, Weiss makes me sad every time she's being mean to Ruby. It's practically heartbreaking.

8/23/2013 #18

Ruby and Weiss are off to a really rough start, what with the whole burning forests and chopping down trees and general not goodness, but don't forget the hand wave. That is Ruby telling us (and Weiss) "We will be the best of friends, I will not rest until it is so. Maybe we could even be more than friends one day."

8/27/2013 #19

Ever since Blake and Yang got paired I shot my Blake/Adam ship in the "figurehead," Second smile (first one that anyone has seen) in the whole season and it was directly at Yang, that's what I call progress. I now ship ship them almost as much as Weiss/Ruby.

8/27/2013 #20

Arryn Zech, Blake's VA supports Bumblebee:

Umm…. I already know what the actual pairings are, so I don't think it's fair for me to answer this. BUT I do think that the Bumblebee ship is cute, only because it's a well balanced relationship if it was an actual thing.

It sounds unlikely for it to be one of these "actual pairings" though, but at least it wasn't an outright denial. I do wonder what the actual pairings are, but mostly I just dread them.

9/8/2013 #21

Yes there is a rather sinister air about official pairings. I may just have to sink some ships if all does not go according to plan *readies cannon* Jokes Jokes... No matter what RT tells me to think, I shall think what I think... oh... Why with all of the stupid puns you ask? I don't know!

9/9/2013 #22

Been seeing tons of RWBY puns on tumblr. Really groan worthy ones. Yours are nothing in comparison.

I think if they do the predictable Team JNPR pairings those would be mostly okay. But yeah, anything involving Team RWBY is going to have significant amounts of people unhappy.

9/9/2013 #23

Me personally

I cant wait to see which gets sunk. IMO the only relationships that make sense and can possibly be are:



Ruby/Jaune (only slightly, honestly only see them being friends in the end)

Weiss/Jaune (you can see he's trying)

Thats about it.

My personally fav even if it will get sunk:

Blake/Yang (I see this ship lasting the longest but its cute and it works, if monty decides to make it happen I wont be complaining, if not then make them close friend i like those two together idk why)

9/9/2013 #24

I doubt I'm the first one to know this, but I just found something interesting. At the very beginning of the RWBY pre-show live-stream, that was done prior to the series premiere, Arryn Zech (voice of Blake) offhandedly asked, "Can I mention that my character and another character are lesbian lovers?"

I don't know how much to read into this comment, but lets also remember that she's already hinted at the official pairings in the past. I also apologise if this has been raised beforehand, but I think it should go back on the table of discussion (in this thread, at least).

9/13/2013 #25

That was a joke. Here's Arryn's official explanation via her tumblr:

I had a constant joke before the characters were all fleshed out and personalities created that Pyhrra and Blake were lesbian lovers and no one except she and Blake knew it. I annoyed the guys endlessly with my lesbian lover jokes.

Jen Brown was all about it.

(I'm also really impressed that y'all found/actually heard me saying this. I was also not aware that the stream had began. Sorry Miles! 3 )

9/13/2013 #26

Yeah, I mean, I did find it a little sketchy that she'd just blurt that out and not have someone reprimand her or whatever.

Overall, though, I never really took the comment all that seriously in the first place, what with the actual likelihood of something like that happening. It would definitely make for interesting viewing though, if such a feature was to take place... (and basically turn it into a better version of "Buffy"...)

9/13/2013 #27
I'm pretty sure Miles said something along the lines of "God no!" after she made that comment.
9/13/2013 #28
AnimeGirl 144

I wouldn't mind a little Jaune/Weiss for a small bit, mostly because his face when he saw her falling was too much XD

9/13/2013 #29

Weiss's expression when he caught her wasn't bad either. When she looked down it looked for a moment like she felt bad about how she treated him. Pretty sure she was actually just looking at the ground rushing towards them though, lol. I don't think I'd every be able to take Jaune/Weiss seriously though, and it would make me feel kinda bad for Pyrrha. She really seems to like Jaune and Pyrrha is too awesome not to get what she wants eventually =P

9/13/2013 #30
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